Product Review: Did You Know Chinese Top Celebrity Fan Bingbing (范冰冰) Has a Skincare Brand?

hi guys I just
wake up finish my breakfast and then I’m
going to do my morning skincare routine
I have finished washing my face weirdly
I love putting
face masks in the morning not in the
so today I’m going to put a fake mask
this one
it’s Fan Beauty I already opened it
because I was thinking if I’m gonna put a face
marks on today I’m going to put one in
the fridge
it will get better effects so I bought
at around 138
yes 138 RMB and then I got like one two
three four
five five face masks in total
so each one is like 30 RMB
that’s not very expensive but it’s not
cheap either
I would say in the middle of the market
this brand
was founded by the same person Fan
Bingbing Fan Bingbing is a huge huge huge
celebrity in China was a huge
celebrity in China because
she got a massive tax invasion scandal
during 2018
and interestingly the brand was also
founded in 2018
like the same year the scandal
I would say even after the scandal the
brand still developed
very well so in 2019 Double 11
just after

an hour of the sale began
it reached 400 million sales surpassing
the total sales amount of the whole
so you can see it still performs very
well after the scandal
Fan Bingbing is very very well known
for her skincare routine
she once attended a reality tv show
and the hottest ask her what do you
usually do
when you stay at home and she said
I put face masks on all the time
that’s kind of true because she was like
36 or 40 like nearly 40 but her skin
condition still looks very well very
tight very white
flawless she also loves giving like
putting face masks on her
assistants and give skincare tips to
other people so she is very well known
for her skincare routine
so I’m going to try the product
this is the first time I use it before
I saw so many influences recommending it
and the advertisements also showed up in
my WeChat Moment so
I’m curious I can
feel that there are many many essence in
it I put it in the
fridge last night so it feels very very
cold in my hands and then I’m gonna put
it on my
it’s so cold
okay the mouth is a little bit small I
have a big mouth so I need to
open it up a little bit
it got a very very good smell
on the face mask
like some kind of flowers
okay I feel there are so many so many
here I’ll put the rest on my neck
the face mask is mainly for moisturizing
and the other things that it will do is
that it will
calm your skin so if if you have any
redness if
if you have any red spots you can put it
and it will kind of erase
let’s see what will happen in 15 minutes
so I’m back the noise is very loud
downstairs is in the reinnovation so
bear with me
I feel that it really can brighten my
skin color a little bit and
it’s very very moisturizing
some of the red spots it can erase a
little bit
but if it’s just a moisturizing mask I
don’t want anything else it’s
just it can moisture my skin so you can
see it’s very very bright
light right I kind of like it
at first when Fan Bingbing launched
this face masks I thought
oh yeah maybe it’s just a wanghong brand
the mash got
so popular just because of her fame or
her popularity but
right now I feel like yeah it’s kind of
something its
quality is good so I mentioned before
that even Fan Bingbing
got a very very massive tax invasion
scandal in 2018
the brand still performed very well in
2019 why she can achieve such great
one of the big reason is that she’s a
very smart
woman she distant herself from the brand
because she know that the majority of
her consumers will be
her followers her fans and then she
distance herself from the brand
and allow the brand to be more
so the consumers won’t be confined to
just her followers
for example me I’m not her followers
and she also worked with many big
including the mega mega
including the mega wanghong Cherrie
and then Dong Zichu Zhang Mofan we talked
we mentioned Zhang Mofan before in an
of Ximendasao visiting her house her
so that’s how she distanced herself from
the brand
she also got a brother his name is Fan
he attended a very very hot reality tv show
called Idol Producer was picked to join
a man group it’s called Nine Percent he
got so popular because he’s tall
he’s very good looking he’s a young
got like 20 million followers
on Weibo he’s kind of like a free
ambassador for sister’s brand so
there’s another benefits for her and
Fan Bingbing is very very well known for
her skincare routines
she joined the Xiaohongshu also very
early in 2018
and at that time not many celebrities
joined Xiaohongshu
but before her that was Lin Yun(林允)
and Lin Yun did get many many get
benefits from joining Xiaohongshu in the very first beginning
many brands
work with Lin Yun but that’s it people
doesn’t talk about it that much
but when Fan Bingbing joined Xiaohongshu it was
so crazy it creates such such big buzz
every time she recommends something
for example she said
oh I use this one for my shampoo I use
this one
to wash my face for my cleanser that
will be out of stork so at that time
Daigou was
so anxious because every time Fan
Bingbing recommended something that product
went out of store so joining Xiaohongshu
was just the first step
to show her skincare routines to the
wider audience
and then she naturally launched her
skincare brand Fan Beauty so that’s the
marketing strategy about Fan Beauty
I do recommend you guys to buy it it’s
really good
it’s very moisturizing I feel like it’s
not just a
wanghong brand it got quality in it
and yeah that’s the unboxing video
today and don’t forget to subscribe to
our YouTube channel and I’ll see you
next time bye

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