Project Power movie review

Hey guys this is Zue, and i am back with
a quick reaction to Project Power, a new
action movie on Netflix featuring
Dominique Fishback as Robin, Joseph
Gordon-Levitt as
Frank, and Jamie Foxx as Art in
leading roles. And yes, if there is one
thing that
many could want in their lifetime then
it could probably be some form of
superpower, be it creative, intellectual, or
merely monetary, but nonetheless the
power to
do things. So, what’s the Project
Power movie is all about? Well,
the film focuses on the rescue of Art’s
who is used by Teleios for what appears
genetic experimentation, this is due to
naturally developed superpower, something
hints in conversation with Robin was
passed on to his daughter
from him. A likely genetic mutation from
the time when he
was participating in experiments as a
And while the main story reveals itself
to revolve around Tracy’s
rescue there are also two other
characters intertwined
into the power pill situation. So, as a
whole, the plot embraces
three characters: Frank the NOPD
cop who wants to stop the distribution
of the pill,
Robin who is figuring out a better
future for herself, and her mother
while being intertwined with the pill
and assisting frank with

and three, Art whose primary objective
is to rescue his daughter Tracy from
Teleios’s people.
And while initially, the trio wasn’t
or even on a mission together, very soon
in the film
they do become a team. That’s not to say
that their introductions were smooth and
lovely, but
the characters work things out while
focusing on Art’s
needs to rescue Tracy and to see
the result of how the cooperation worked
out as well as how
everything worked out for the trio you’ll
have to watch the movie because I can’t
tell you everything.
So, what can I critically say about
Project Power. Well,
first, it’s nicely paced so there is no
room for boredom.
Action scenes are on point and present a
thrilling experience to watch.
On top of that the dialogues are pretty
each character has its brief backstory,
and the script
did not really leave me with some kind
of lingering questions. So, basically
if I finish a movie, and I have too many
then it means that the movie either
wasn’t all that great,
or was good but too confusing. So yeah,
in the case of Project Power, I did not
have many questions so …
Now, on the fun side, and in terms of some
scenes to
remember. I think the bathroom scene is
the one to remember,
and yes, it was pretty savage scene. Just
watch Frank
bust out of that bathroom, and do his
spiel in the towel. It was quite comical, but
serious, and tense scene because no one
expects some dude to
jump out from the bathroom to claim that
A.) shower works better there and B.)
to play ball because, well they are team
yeah weird so aside from that bathroom
and now regarding the score of the movie,
was i
getting Stranger Things/Blade
Runner and 80s vibes in there?
Because sometimes I feel like certain
scores are cycling in movies
of similar genres. So, I feel like I’ve
heard some notes that were kind of
Well, all in all, I recommend for you to
see the movie especially if you like
action adventures with a dose of sci-fi,
if you’ve already watched it what did
you think of these notions of some kind
of superpowers for
humans? Do you think we would actually
benefit from superpowers, or would all
these superpowers be restricted to
individuals, or limited few who already
have power? Something that the movie
kind of
actually implied. And, for myself
I don’t think superpowers would
necessarily make
things on earth more satisfying.
If anything I feel that we are human, and
pretty amazing as we are.
So, I don’t know if we really need some
special pills.
So, after all of these musings thank
you very much for watching this video
I hope you enjoyed the movie, and let
me know how you felt
about it, agree, disagree and I think this
is it for me for today,
and yeah take care and i’m out bye

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