Puff Bar Flow vs Bang Bar XL vs Bang Bar Review

We got the bang bar, we got the bang
bar xl and of course we got the mighty
puff bar flow.
Frenzy of banana sauce gummy bear
lychee ice.
What’s up my ducklings and welcome back
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my name is fumb duck. Thank you for tuning in
on this beautiful
day, jazz hands. Alright today we got
the bang bar, we got the bang bar xl
and of course we got the mighty puff bar
flow which i did a video on you can
check up
right there compared all the puff
bars. Puff bar flow, plus and the regular
puff bar
together. What we’re going to do is
compare the bang bar, the bang bar xl
and then the puff bar flow all for each
other or to each other and we’re going
to see who wins this battle. HEHHEHE!
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Since this is the only one that’s not
unboxed i’m going to unbox
the bang bar xl, i’ve heard some good
things about
this device. What i do like about this
it is very pretty look at that and like
a glass case.
Ripped off the plastic and now taking
off the
information i’m going to toss it out of
the way! Oh cool just pops off like that
you just put in your hand.
Yeah that happened as usual and this is
what it looks like
up close look how pretty that is i’m
gonna remove that silicone
right there. Alright now we got the
bang bar xl we got
the bang bar banana ice and by the way
the flavor of this xl is gummy bear so
that’s going to be kind of interesting
and of course we got the puff bar
flow which is lychee ice or liechee
ice however you want to pronounce it
people are saying pronouncing wrong but
i’m just open to new corrections if that
makes sense.
Alright let’s give the specs of each
one of these.
Okay so the bang bar has a 1.3
millimeter pod has 280 mil amps of
and is five percent nic with around 300
puffs. The bang xl has
450 milliamps of battery has a
two milliliter pod is around 600 puffs
and has about six percent nic so this
has much more nic than the other one so
that’s gonna be kind of interesting to
try out as well
and then we got the almighty mighty puff
flow one of the best disposables on the
right now. I’m gonna have to say it’s so
good i could just eat it.
Puff bar flow has a 600 milliamp battery,
has a four
milliliter pod, five percent nic it is
about a thousand
puffs imagine a disposable having all
these specs
and being so handheld and small that you
know you
you’re able to headbutt it, oww! But we
gotta still see which one’s better
between these two bang bars i’m sure the
bang bar xl
is gonna be the winner and then we’re
gonna try the finale
with the flow. So i’m gonna do is i’m
going to take a puff of the bang bar xl
first and we’re going to test out the
flavor in the clouds and remember this
is a gummy bear so i’m excited for that!
Oh yeah, oh yeah led indicator is
insane look how cool the bottom of this
device looks
it’s like it looks like a rock. The led
indicators at the bottom
the flavor of that was outstanding i
feel like i went to a grocery store
picked up some gummy bears and just tossed
them in my mouth.
It’s freaking awesome i love the
flavoring clouds.
It’s good look i took a puff for a
second and it did that so now we’re
going to try the bang
bar and see the flavor in clouds and
compare it to the xl
clouds are still outstan… clouds are
the flavor is stupendous, stupendous I say!
Anyhow the flavor and clouds are great
i’m getting too carried away you guys
definitely not better than the bang bar
xl has so much more specs and better
and it just feels better to puff. Here
are the mouthpieces in case you’re
wondering both the led indicators are at
the bottom this is a circular mouthpiece
which i like much better you get more
clouds. The heavyweight champion of them
the puff bar flow with adjustable airflow at
the bottom look how sweet this device is
it’s really really cool i’m gonna take a
puff of this here’s what the air hole
looks like and the led indicator of
course is
inside the airflow which is nice right
in there. I’m gonna take a puff of that
right now!
Okay clouds are great but the flavor
let’s talk about the flavor
let’s get some lychees or lychees put
them in a freaking bowl mash them up
baby, put some little ice cubes in there
and put it inside this vape because
that’s what i feel like i am vaping it
is so
good it is freaking awesome dude but
anyhow yes they are all great devices
the puff bar flow will be the most
disposal but will last you the longest
it’s around 20 plus dollars
the bang bar is around 10 to 15 and the
xl is between
15 and 20 again these are all depending
on where
you guys get these devices. All great
devices and of course
we can only test them out fully if we
max these
babies out so i’m gonna max all three of
these at once and then i’m gonna do the
last as well so let’s try maxing these
babies out!!
The flavors i’m tasting right now is
like a freaking cornucopia
halloween bonanza fruit fly frenzy of a
sauce gummy bear lychee ice bonanza. What?!
Oh yeah i’m crying right now i got a
mega head rush these devices are
hitting me hard with all these flavors
all the clouds are great still love it
and we’re gonna max out to bang bar xl
as well because
this video is dedicated to the beautiful
bang bar.
Okay let’s max out the bang bar xl, let’s
not get carried away here.
Don’t make fun of me, DON’T! All great
highly recommend them if you want to
quit smoking and try vaping.
I do not recommend trying nicotine
devices if you have never tried one
and please be of age if you are going to
purchase one of these please I beg you
Thank you my ducklings for tuning into
this week’s video
thank you to my new viewers and
for tuning in as well I appreciate you
guys so so much
i did a contest and a giveaway in my
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