hello guys welcome back to my youtube
channel today I have a very special baby
with me in the video and it’s pure and
raw beauty Chris tickle laughs I am so
excited to try it out with you guys here
with me now let’s get started but before
that don’t forget to like this video and
subscribe okay so here’s the palette the
pure involved Christie double-sided
pigment palette it’s here and as a name
says it has two sides
it has a colorful side and a neutral
side which is like perfection clearly
there’s a pilot for everyone here and I
love how small and compact it is which
means that it’s very travel friendly you
can take it everywhere but yet you have
so many colors you have 18 shades here
and Nepali retails for $34 and I think
there’s great value on that price
especially because you can shift any
look with this palette and I love the
packaging as robbery decreases said
every single drawing mode I come here
has a meaning for her like you can see
her cats here you can see her husband
I think he’s so smart that that
this I haven’t sent this before like
having to in one pile like you have so
many same thing again you don’t have
such a big pile I think that’s very
smart and I am very happy for her I’ve
been watching her video since her
beginning so I’m very proud of her even
though I don’t know where she is
in person we’re gonna give you a swatch
moment guys so you can see how all the
shapes look like let’s see the swatches
Garden State tribute and my orange Cafe
disco side effect dandelion hurtful and
Camelot it just does my whole part
copper boxes golden ticket no point we
told you you’re not my real dad so
really primal it so I’m gonna start with
the I said a lot they collection also
consists of two eyelashes as well I
couldn’t get them because it were out of
stock but probably I’ll get them in the
future with a restock I want to store
play with the colorful side first and
I’m gonna do that neutral side move
maybe not seen because I love colors I
love how the palette has all the same
names inside and I love how it feels
like such a high quality palette and it
has a huge mirror on both sides which is
good yeah I think they’ve really killed
it with this palette
we’ll see how it performs but I think
overall looks very nice first show you
that I’m gonna use is gonna be hurtful
and I’m gonna pack it on the lid
then I’m going to take the shade Garden
it’s funny very nicely here I just felt
like I had to do blow because in her
campaign pictures she was wearing blue
and I just felt so beautiful then I’m
gonna take some concealer to clean it up
then I’m just taking this shade tribute
and I’m gonna leave it out on the other
then I’m gonna take this shade side
and I’m gonna take this shade illness
okay guys so now I’m gonna do the other
eye off-camera and I’ll be back voila
I’m gonna do my face as well and I’ll be
right back okay guys I’m back as you can
see every day the rest of my face so the
only thing that is left to do it’s the
lower lashline with the palette so I’m
gonna play with a little neutral colors
on the lower lash line now first I’m
gonna take this shade he just does
then I’m gonna go in to shake em off I’m
gonna blend it out on my lower lash line
with the it just does of shame
I’m gonna take some of their dandelion
my gosh Oh right guys I better finish
the low and lash line so weird finish
with the log think we are so this is how
they robbed you decreased TM pure
eyeshadow palette or in other words
press pigment palette looks like
I hope you like the tutorial and the
video that we did with this palette and
I am very happy to have you here with me
I thank you so much for watching this
video and as always I’ll see you on the
next video bye thank you for watching

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