¿Qué trae iOS 17.2 beta 3? Review completa y pruebas de rendimiento en iPhone

Very good friends, welcome to La Manzana Mordida. Yesterday Apple launched the third beta for developers from iOS 17.2, iPadOS 17.2, macOS 14.2, watchOS 10.2 and tvOS 17.2, some betas that are finally re-released in Tuesday, which used to be his usual day and not at the end of the week like we had a few ago days with beta 2 and 3 weeks ago with beta 1. Regarding the third public beta, predictably It’s coming out later today, so stay tuned. very attentive in case you have it installed to update to this third beta we are going to

analyze below. Before reviewing all the news that have included, let’s remember the changes most important that these two have incorporated first versions that we already have. The most notable novelties of the first beta were the new diary app that was announced at WWDC but not yet available seen the light, support for key verification iMessage contact, access to translator with the action button of the iPhone 15 Pro and the arrival of collaborative playlists to Apple Music. In the second beta, Apple added support for spatial video recording for the Vision Pro, a new menu in the settings

to see the warranty of our iPhone and the equipment we have linked to it and new covers for our playlists on Apple Music. Obviously

there are more news both in the first beta as in the second, but hey, I have summarized some of the most important, obviously I invite you to watch the two videos that already we have published in case you want know all the changes in more detail. Today it’s time to analyze everything new that we have found in this third beta of iOS 17.2 and of course We will analyze its performance on

my iPhone 15 Pro Max and on my iPhone 11, two devices that As I said, they are very different to be able to draw conclusions about how well you perform in teams current and older ones. I will also tell you how the battery has been. with beta 2 of iOS 17.2 during these days and be careful because I have things to tell you regarding to that. Are you ready? Come on, let’s get started. The update weighed 650 MB on my iPhone 15 Pro Max and about 500 MB on my iPhone 11, an update that remains

in line with what that we saw in the last beta, which also did not It was very heavy. The build number is 21C5046C. It is important to highlight the great progress that we have had from one week to the next. In the last video we told you that the number beta 2 compilation ended in the letter G, so right now we would meet about two betas away from the final release. For those who don’t know, when we get to the letter A, that means That is the final beta before the final version. And the firmware

of the modem is 1.2205. This has been updated from the beta 2, so that means that Apple has made relative adjustments and arrangements with network connections, which is good news since many people complains about Wi-Fi issues with iOS 17.1.1. Come on, let’s get started. One of the first novelties we found in this new beta of iOS 17.2 it is the return animated wallpaper with spheres of colors. This wallpaper was already in versions prior to iOS 17, but it disappeared and now They have brought him back. The wallpaper comes with the characteristic default color, but we

can also slide to adjust it with different shades. Furthermore, since it is an animated background, this It will respond to the movement we make of the phone. Visually it is very pretty, now, if you are having problems with the battery of your phone, perhaps it would not be the most advisable to use it. The Apple TV app has updated its player with iOS 17.2. I’m not 100% sure it was this one. third beta or the previous one, but hey, Since I haven’t mentioned it until now, I mention it. as another novelty. When we reproduce content

from the catalog, Now two new buttons will appear on the interface. Information, which summarizes the description of the episode or movie we are playing, as well as duration, genre and technologies image and sound. And another button called Next, which obviously What it does is suggest the next contents that we have pending series and movies that we have started playing previously. Let’s go now with a solution that really many people probably wouldn’t even know what was wrong, but it turns out that when in iOS 17.1 we chose that our Safari history was deleted in a certain

period of time, such as example today, the setting was not saved for future requests, but you had to select again the corresponding time slot again. For example, I’m going to mark that I want to delete today’s history. It deletes it perfectly, but if I already visit some page and I ask again to delete the history, you will see that automatically the period has returned at the last minute. Now, with this third beta of iOS 17.2 now this doesn’t happen. For example, If I mark that I want to delete today’s history, I visit a website and

review the options again to delete history, You will see that the option I used has been saved the last time. In this case today. Let’s see, it’s a minor adjustment, but hey, know that it is there. One of the new features of iOS 17 was the introduction of predictions in the text when we write in any application. What the iPhone does is suggest us on the screen what do you think we are going to finish writing and it is automatically completed by pressing the space bar. The bad thing is that this function is only available

with the English keyboard, at least for the moment. Well, now with this third beta, Apple has added a new keyboard setting that allows us to disable predictions in the text. If we deactivate this option, it will be activated By default, the iPhone will stop suggesting how our sentences could end. With iOS 17.2, Apple is working on adding functionalities to the music application. In addition to collaborative playlists, Apple continues to polish the functionality it released with iOS 17.1 related to songs that we mark as favorites. Now we have a new setting in the section music that

is activated by default and that we can deactivate in the event that we do not we want them added to our library the songs that we mark as favorites. I would particularly leave it activated since It goes without saying that if you like a song enough to bother marking it as a favorite, You will be interested in having it saved to listen to it. in the future. But in case that is not the case, let you know You have this option here ready to deactivate. When opening the photos app, after updating to iOS 17.2 beta

3, a message appears to allow photos Access your Apple Music library. This is done so that the photos app can use Apple Music songs to create the memories with the photos and videos we have in our library. Anyway, if we go to the settings privacy of the iPhone, we can also disable or enable these permissions within of the multimedia section and Apple Music at all times. In this third beta of iOS 17.2, Apple has updated welcome screen for when you open the diary app for the first time. In this new screen they highlight that with

the application you will be able to write about your day, add photos and more, that you will be able to lock your diary to keep it private and that you can define a time to write and thus make it a habit. Beyond this, they have not added functions new compared to what we saw in the previous beta. If we go to the Facetime settings, we will see who have added the name sharing option and photo, which what it does is allow us to adjust If we want to share the name and photo that use our

contact poster automatically always with our contacts or ask us before doing it every time, regardless of whether that person is a contact us or not. This same adjustment has also been added in phone app settings and It was already available in the application settings of messages. Let’s say that what they have done is make visible this option in the settings of the three applications iPhone default communication settings so that it is easier for the user to find it. And in the iOS 17.2 Beta 3 code there is also some curiosities that I would like to

highlight in this video and that have been shared by Aaron P613NX. The first is that Facetime will notify us if a blocked contact joins our call. And the second curiosity, which seems to me the most practice, is that we are going to be able to collaborate with Notes via AirDrop. At the moment it seems that this function is not active, but it will be very soon. And if we go to the Feedback app, we can see as it really hasn’t been updated at all compared to the previous beta. The bugs with AirDrop are still present,

which could fail when transferring files to devices with iOS 17 or iOS 17.1, They also report some related problems with Apple Music and favorite song lists, and well, they also mention some arrangements that have been carried out, but I already say that really the changes on this page have been minimal with this third beta. And before continuing, I also want to give you thanks to Alejandro, who is a subscriber from La Manzana Mordida Plus, and well, it has helped one more week to collect all the news about this beta on our channel Community Telegram. So

if you become subscribers in lamanzanamordida .com, in addition to enjoying our extra content that we have on the website, you will be able access our community with the rest of subscribers and also interact with us. Well, now let’s talk about performance, which at the end of the day is also one of the key aspects every time we install a update. The first beta of iOS 17.2 really worked pretty good in terms of performance having also take into account all the additions at the level of functionalities. And during these days that I have been using beta

2, really my feelings are not very different. The iPhone moves fluidly in any part of the system, I have not had any bugs annoying and the applications work perfectly. However, What do these sensations translate into when We perform the Givens Test that measures our score of the processor’s performance in tasks single core and multicore? Well let’s see it. My iPhone 15 Pro Max with iOS 17.2 beta 3 has obtained 2957 points in single core and 7297 points in multi core. I am now going to give you the comparative table for Let’s see the score that

both of them gave me. previous betas and with iOS 17.1 official version. You can see that these are very good results. and practically identical to those of the beta 2, which already represented an obvious improvement regarding iOS 17.1. And if we go to the iPhone 11, the test gave me the following results, 1750 points in single core and 3959 points in multi core. And this is great news, because yes We go to the comparative table we can see the next. With the first beta there was an obvious drop in multi-core tests, almost 300 minus points,

which is quite a performance that we lost compared to the last official version. With beta 2 there was a small improvement in the multi-core test performance and now with this third beta we have not only recovered everything we had lost with Regarding iOS 17.1, but we are already in one more beta optimized at the performance level than the version official. I insist, this is great news because it What worried me was that Apple wouldn’t remember optimization on older computers that in the end suffer more from the passing of updates than new ones. And as for

the battery, I don’t have such good news. Look at my consumption graph in the last few days. I installed beta 2 on Thursday and just From that day my consumption began to skyrocket. The days before the installation I was having an average consumption of 50% with the practically the same hours of activity and in change now consumption has practically skyrocketed at 80%. This with beta 2, we will see if with this third beta Apple controls consumption again because It seems that with the second one it has gotten out of control a little and obviously this

worries me. I’ll tell you in the next video. And here is the review of everything you have What to know about this third beta of iOS 17.2. A version that has not brought so many changes like the first two versions but they are more than welcome since they join the list of all those who have been incorporating. The most positive thing I see mainly is the optimization on older equipment and the worst thing is the worrying battery consumption that I have had with beta 2 and that I hope solve with this third beta that seems

to have worked on performance optimization. Anyway, We’ll see if Apple releases the fourth beta next week which would be the logical thing to do Keep in mind that there would be about two more betas left or less before the final planned release for the beginning of December, perhaps the first or second week of the month. And attention, I invite you to subscribe to the channel and be very attentive because in the video on Friday, which will be our news compilation, I am going to tell you important news regarding to sideloading or what is the same,

the possibility to install applications from outside the App Store on the iPhone and what is coming soon and also the latest news about iOS 18 that promises be one of the biggest updates of Apple in recent years. But as I say, that will be in a future video here in La Manzana Mordida because you already know, I am Fernando and I promise to do it. Ciao!

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