Ram Setu Movie REVIEW | The Most BASED Film Of 2022?

Akshay Kumar’s movie qualities is as volatile as Arvind Kejriwal’s Hindu love Akshay kumar makes movies so quickly that while you were celebrating Diwali holiday, he shot and finished the sequal to main Khiladi tu anaadi So i approached the film Ram Setu with a lot of nervousness. Were we going to get another Bacchan pandey? And the film is not perfect. But i kinda liked it Hello and Welcome to The Show! So Ram Setu is Akshay Kumar’s 365th film this year The story of the film is actually quite interesting where an atheist sent to disprove Ram Setu

ends up finding evidence of it and has to question his own convictions Its an interesting direction for a big Bollywood movie because we know if it was Aamir Khan the story would have been reversed Its does create an interesting debate between itihasa and belief Like bollywood often does, this debate has been handled as properly as Rahul gandhi’s pronunciation of South Indians’ names The film attacks fake activists who after going into a Coma like Anand Bhai from Munna MBBS on Eid suddenly awaken from their coma on Holi and Diwali The film asks that In the name

of militant rationalism, should we encroach on certain beliefs that are not harmful? If a religious belief prevents lower casts from praying it discriminates and is a harmful belief,

we must reject it If a cultural belief doesn’t hurt anyone, why do we have to attack it: like bursting crackers one one night, or voluntarily performed Karwa chauth Often progressives make the case that India needs progress, not religion Why can’t they both happen together? and they would argue that if It means India could progress, we should destroy Ram Setu and a ship route there but the film asks,

is it necessary to destroy an important cultural landmark to develop the economy? Like we do not need a factory to be built on Mount Kailash or Ayappan Sabarimala will they destroy Jama Masjid to make a new SEZ? the film raises this issue in an interesting way There is something in the beginning of the film that I didn’t quite like. For Instance: Akshay Kumar is physically attacked for questioning the historicity of the Ramayana It does paint the pro-Ram people as backward, Extremists who believe in blasphemy violence. Akshay Kumar literally says he is being attacked for blasphemy.

Oh yeah of course death of Kamlesh Tiwari and the threat on Nupur Sharma is because of blasphemy against Sri Ram No that’s someone else One person literally says, “Someone who doesn’t believe in Sri Ram Deserves to be assaulted” YEah we have all heard Gustakhe Sri Ram ki eik Saza – No wait it was a different chant When were the historians who questioned the existence of the Ram temple and asked the Muslims not to compromise physically attacked? No Ram Bhakt is forcing someone else to believe in Ram. They are angry at trying to undermine Ayodhya and

Hindu beliefs and you are trying to stop hindu from getting justice And the movie has some of the most based lines I think I have ever heard in a Bollywood film and towards the end, it really made up for the things I didn’t like Movie starts with Indian, Afghan and Pak scientists trying to fix Hindu/Buddhist sites in Afghanistan Yeah and Salman Bhai is raising money for Blackbuck preservation orOwaisi is raising money for Ram Mandir they found Raja Dahir’s coins , and Kumar Makes a point to say Raja Dahir was kIng of Pakistani Sindh as well

and he is Pakistan’s cultural heritage too Climax was just a Gatling gun barrage of based line after based line The hero also says in the climax that Sri Ram’s name has been used hundreds of times in Guru Granth Sahib News has broken that Khalistani ass burning has caused a record heatwave in Canada the opposing lawyer asks that Hindus find God in everything. So no industrial development will happen in India he responds that qutub Minar is a symbol of Indian subjugation. It should be preserved but lets not pretend that its some amazing symbol of Ganga jamuni

Tehzeeb. Its literally next to the Quwwatul Islam Mosque, and was built over 26 destroyed Jain temples If our Islamic heritage is preserved, why not Hindu heritage He bluntly asks judges why Taliban destroyed idols – to build their homes with the broken stones? Bamiyan buddha is a symbol of Afghanistan’s Hindu heritage and Taliban wanted to destroy that evidence How Historians have made Indian history Eurocentric instead of India centric Development shouldn’t happen at the cost of the destruction of a culture Like I was enjoying the movie just fine but the climax was like watching a UFC fighter

swarm his opponent when the finish is close Not the most complicated one but it has a national treasure/Indiana Jones feel to it. Interesting enough to keep you focused Guy who played AP is quite funny But the CGI does lower the quality of the film Some dialogues and some scenes are Cringe, but he climax has such lines, that i never thought a mainstream Bollywood film will have the balls to say these things. think such concepts have only just started in Bollywood Now I know Akshay Kumar and Kejriwal is having a competition about who will flip on

Hindutva the most, but if we can get based movies like this, Im all for it

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