RARE BEAUTY SOFT PINCH TINTED LIP OIL | Review + first impressions

Hello, everyone. Welcome back. Thank you so, so much for joining me. Now, this is a very last minute video. I literally got these this morning, and I want to film it now and get the content out to you. So excuse the hair. I have a hair mask in. And I’ve just done this whole look using Rare Beauty, because we are looking at the Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Lip Oil. And if you haven’t already, check out my video I did with the Selena Gomez herself for Rare Beauty and the launch of Rare Beauty in the UK,

in SpaceNK. And she takes me through her signature look. We talk about all the products, her favorites, everything like that. So check it out. I’ll leave it linked down below for you. Now, straight up, a lot of you will know that I’m like, I’m so over lip oils. I’m just so over them. But when I saw the description of the texture of this, I was kind of excited that the lip oil was being taken to a different formula, different texture, and it wasn’t just some oil in a thing that you slap on. So these are

described as an inno… inno… So these are described as an inn’itovive… me. So these are described as an, “Innovative gel formula that transforms into a lightweight

nourishing oil, leaving lips hydrated with a soft pinch of color and shine.” These shades actually go harmoniously with the blush as well. That’s one thing I really like about Rare Beauty’s products is, if you want to do this whole monochromatic look and put shades together, you can actually just match up the names, and you have, like, a good selection. Okay, let’s take a look at the shades. So we have

Hope. We have Wonder. Serenity. Happy. Next up is Honesty. Delight. We have Joy, which actually is one of my favorite looking shades. And last but not least, we have this wonderfully deep looking Affection. That looks edible. So I want to try one on. I’m going to go in with Joy. Oh, excuse me. Actually, no, I kind of want to try Honesty, this brown shade, and I want to do first impressions and see how it sits. You know what, let me blank out my lips a little bit. Because, you know, me. I’m just blanking out my

lips because they’re so red. Honesty. There’s no smell, really. It’s kind of cold. This is Honesty. The texture straight up, it just feels like, I guess, a normal lip color. Is it getting deeper as it sits on my lip? So it looks quite red on my monitor here. I’m not sure how it’s showing on actual camera, but it is very much brown. What’s showing over on my monitor is definitely a deeper red than what I’m seeing here. Very brown. Nice and wearable. This is, to me, an everyday kind of color. I’m just gonna… It doesn’t

feel like oil. Lip oils to me, have this weird kind of like, we’re not on the lip. Do you know what I mean? When I say, sometimes you can put on a lip product and it has this warmth to it, and you’re like, oh, no, I don’t want that on my lip. But this doesn’t have… It doesn’t have that. It’s very comfortable. Feels watery, almost. What I’m going to do, because you can leave it like this, but I’m actually going to blot it away because it leaves a stain. So I want to see how that

stain works. So even for me, I would do a little… I’m just going to use a brush that I did my concealer with. Yeah, I like this. It’s it stained really, really, really well. It just feels really comfortable. I don’t know what else to say. It feels really comfortable. Feels really nice. Transfer wise, not really anything. It’s a bit shiny, but nothing’s really come off. Cute. I’m going to take this off really quickly so we can try another shade. I’m just going to use an oil based makeup remover to take it off. Okay, I really

wanted to try… where’s one that’s more orangey? Joy. Is it this one? Looks kind of like a little bit brighter. Let’s give that a go. Oh! So this definitely has more of a coral kind of color to it. There is like a coldness, like a menthol almost to it. It feels like it’s going to plump, but not painfully. It doesn’t feel like chili. It doesn’t feel like… what’s the other one? Whatever. I’m trying to figure out the texture because it goes on, and you can definitely feel it more watery. But the more it sits on

the lip, the less you notice it’s there. So I’m going to blot it again. I personally wouldn’t wear these colors bold because you know I don’t like any bold lip color. But I want to see how it looks like as a stain. So it’s more like an orangey red. Let me do my thing. It’s cute. I actually like the stain. Sometimes on me, personally, I find with some stains, that it feels dry on the lip. Just shaking this up. This doesn’t feel like that. I honestly feel like the name is a bit deceiving. It’s not

an oil in my mind. I mean, there’s probably oil in it. But it doesn’t feel like your regular lip oil. This is Hope. Oh, I like that a lot. Oh, yeah, I really like that. It’ll be interesting to see how this one stains. My lips are getting a little bit red around the edges. It is getting a little bit deeper as we go. But this, this is one I would consider wearing at its full color. Not what I’m seeing… This is so strange. In real life the one I’m seeing now is like, this neutral pink.

It’s really beautiful. Blot away that stain. I’ll tell you what, they don’t take long to stain at all, I think. I think, I don’t think I can try any more and give you, like, a good, what’s it called? Because my lips are being stained and stained and stained. They’re very comfortable on the lip. They’re very… There is, like, a slight tingling to it, but not in an uncomfortable way at all. I don’t like lip plumping products, but recently I’ve noticed a lot of people are doing more this mentholy kind of tingling rather than that stingy

tingling that is in my mind, like Lip Venom. This is so much more comfortable. Rounding it up. If you don’t like lip oils, I wouldn’t let the name of these deceive you. It’s not like that oil where it’s just like, oh, it looks like a really glossy lip balm. There’s definitely a lot more to it. It’s almost like a two product in one. You can have this beautiful, glossy looking finish that’s comfortable and not heavy feeling on the lip at all. Or you can have a little bit of stain. If I was to use these

personally, I would probably just do a little bit of stain in the middle, leave it for, like, a minute, blot it away, get on with my life. But they’re incredibly comfortable. Considering how many times I’ve just removed my lip product. My lips still feel really smooth. When I’ve done, like, lip trials or lipstick swatches in the past my lips start to get dry, and they get a little painful, but my lips feel great. These are really beautiful. I just want to try the really, really deep one, Affection. Just so we can get the full color

from it. Wow. I’m only going to do it on my bottom lip. Stunning. I’m going to take it off immediately, though, before it stains. I do not want red lips for the week. Okay. Amazing. That was just a quick little review there for you. Another nice product from Rare Beauty. Rare Beauty have yet to disappoint, I think, the world in general. I think everyone seems to like everything from Rare Beauty. Beautiful formula. Again, I love how the color combinations are always similar throughout, so you can really kind of mix and match or just stay in

that monochromatic look. A beautiful addition to their pre-existing lip products. Really nice. Again, my lips still feel fine. I’ve taken off my lip 1-2-3-4 times. It feels good, and I’ve just put loads of foundation on, and it doesn’t feel dry. Perfect I can’t remember if I mentioned these were gifted to me from SpaceNK. I’ll put it at the beginning of the video anyway. So I’ll leave a link to them down below in the description box. Thank you again for joining me, and I’ll see you very, very soon. Bye.

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