Rashmi Rocket Movie Review | Taapsee Pannu Priyanshu Painyuli Supriya Pathak | Rashmi Rocket Review

i have just finished watching a movie
which is inspired by the true events
rashmi rocket
is the story of a fairy sprinter whose
rise to the top is marred by a convert
gender test
will she resign to faith or fight the
prejudice and conspiracy against her for
a larger good of the women athletes of
growing up in a small town of kutch wood
rashmi who’s enacted by tabsi pannu is a
fireband from the world go
she gets into fights with the boys and
is a rebellion at heart
her dark skin and boyish mannerisms
instantly settle apart from the other
girls of her age
but beyond all of that the one thing
that makes her special is her ability to
like a cheetah
edged by family members especially her
equally headstrong mother bhanu ben
rashmi goes on to represent india in the
ancient games
all is well until a gender test abruptly
ends her career
breaking her spirit and morale
questioning her very identity as a woman
unlike other sports dramas rashmi rocket
isn’t just about the one make or break

in the climax
but still nanda perya sami’s reverting
aniruddha’s gohar sharp screenplay and
akash karana’s able direction holds your
attention right from the beginning until
the end
where the race for the justice is played
out in the court
rashmi rocket is more of a courtroom
with the intensely important and
relevant topic up for debate
yet the film’s execution never becomes
preachy or overly patriotic it does
become convenient at times and makes you
wonder the woman athletes who have
actually faced prejudice and identity
crisis because of their genetic makeup
and privilege like rashmi here
because in reality their lives are much
darker of course that is an ideal
scenario and the film makes a case for
how such women deserve a normal course
of life and a chance to be heard
especially after mere test not only ends
their career but also makes them a
subject of mockery and discrimination
tabsi pannu once agrees
proves her courage embodying rashmi’s
character physically and mentally
her efforts to celebrate rashmi’s
victories and endure her pain is as real
as it gets and the actress doesn’t miss
the beat when it comes to making us root
for her character
there are a host of character actors
each one performing their role to
priyanshu paint penuli is adorable as
the supportive husband who stands by the
love of his life
when the odds are firmly against her
abhishek banerjee does well as his
rashmi’s slightly goofy yet determined
supriya pillager is believable as the
judge and mantra is a wealth cast as
this pregnant ghost of rashmi’s team
amit privedi’s music and coaster muni’s
lyrics go seamlessly from inspiring to
emotion but the background score in the
courtroom scenes slammed a sound
slightly out of place
the film’s scale through not very grand
does justice to the demands of the
the all important race track scenes
depicting a stadium full of cheering
crowd in long shots come alive and
with powerful performances rashmi rocket
fires on all cylinders and stakes the
course of informing entertaining and
educating its audience about an
antiquated practice that should be left
far behind in the race against
inequality and bias
this is a really good movie which should
there’s no much of running in the movie
as the name suggests but it’s about her
the debate and how she fights her way
out of this
i really appreciate pandu’s hard work
she had undergone a hectic practice for
body transformation and what not her
acting was also amazing the only thing i
couldn’t find out is did she win or in
which place she had covered which place
she had covered when she had run her
race with the baby in a room
i would give this movie a 4 on 5.
thank you

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