Ray Stevenson Said Something That We Should Have Caught at Star Wars Celebration! (A Tribute)

before I begin with today’s topic it is with a heavy heart that I give my condolences to the friends family and fans of Ray Stevenson coincidentally I was working on this video about Ray Stevenson when I heard the news of his passing I recently began really getting into his Works before I even knew he was in the Ahsoka series and my favorite character I’ve seen him play is Titus Polo in the early 2000 series Rome I had also been looking into Mr Stevenson and who he was as a person and from everything I’ve read he

is definitely a bright star in our own Galaxy thank you for everything you’ve given us this is a tragic loss of a good person and an amazing actor gar Saxon slash Balin skull you will dearly be missed with the heaviness that looms over this day let’s continue with the topic in honor of Ray Stevenson thank you I had a whole other way of introducing today’s topic but I felt I needed to change it after I found out about Grace Stevenson’s passing so getting right to it how the heck did we miss this subtle hint about

Valen’s skull in the Ahsoka series Ray Stevenson may have revealed a little more than expected about his character baylen’s skull in the Ahsoka

series at Star Wars celebration 2023 in London England the actor who portrayed the Roman soldier Titus pulo in the two season series Rome went on to voice the Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels character gar Saxon in those series gar Saxon was a member of death watch later transformed to the shadow Collective then later he became the Regent of Mandalore under the Empire a Mandalorian super Commander gar Saxon was nothing less than

a great character and Ray Stevenson really brought sex into life now Ray Stevenson has been taken from the world of Star Wars animation and recast as a live action force sensitive named Balin as most other people who know of Ray Stevenson’s work um has so excited to see him in the Ahsoka series during Star Wars celebration Ray Stevenson takes the hot seat along with thrawn actor Lars Mickelson then this will be the first time we get to see Grand Admiral thrawn in live action as well since the character’s Creation in 1992 in Star Wars Rebels

we got to see thrawn in animation form and voiced by the same man I really don’t see how anyone else could portray thrawn now before I go on with how revealing Ray Stevenson may have been during this interview at Star Wars celebration a quick word from our sponsor me hit the Subscribe button turn on notifications and give the video a big stupid thumbs up it really does help get my message across to the Star Wars fandom okay let’s get back to Ray Stevenson Lars Mickelson and the upcomings Ahsoka Tano series if you know me I

don’t just sit and watch Star Wars movies and shows with a child like wonderment I dig deeper deeper into the characters the settings behind the scenes and I eventually find time to dig deeper into the actors portraying different Star Wars characters of Interest with the Ahsoka series coming it’s almost like my inner and outer nerd is tweaking for more more Ahsoka Tano is my favorite Light Side character in Grand Admiral thrawn is my favorite Imperial officer I guess that second bit is not too hard to Fathom because other than Grand Moff Tarkin there aren’t many

Imperial officers that stay and out maybe agent kallus muff jar Jared or Jared Gerard or George or whatever his name is would have if one or two deleted scenes had been kept in so with grand Admiral thrawn and Ahsoka Tano being represented in live action in the Ahsoka series I can’t help but feel like I won the lottery how good will Rosario Dawson’s and Lars Mickelson portray their characters well I have High Hopes but we will have to wait and see but Rosario Dawson has already proved herself as Ahsoka in live action and Lars Mickelson

was brilliant in his voice acting of grand Admiral thrawn so yeah High Hopes then you add Ray Stevenson into it and yet really high hopes but what about him how good will he be well if you’ve seen his other works I don’t think we have to worry not at all the interview with the two actors Ray Stevenson and Lars Mickelson has gone largely unmentioned at least from anything I can find on YouTube other than the official from the Star Wars YouTube channel but both Ray Stevenson and Lars Mickelson were asked a series of questions about

their roles in the Ahsoka series I watched it live on YouTube and thought it was a really fun watch but something stuck out well a few things stuck out when Ray Stevenson was asked about his character Balon in the Ahsoka series he had this to say you know I know there was a you you’re not sure where he where exactly he’s from which part of the universe or the Galaxy but he has been part of it for you know he’s been there a present presence and then there’s this kind of nobility about him but is

he a bad guy is he a good guy there’s something else other going on whoa that adds a little something to this new character well a lot of something really the Star Wars characters I like the most are the ones who are ambiguous not just ambiguous as to which side they’re on but what is their motivation of course Ahsoka Tano Assad I’m pretty sure we are shown her character as straightforward but characters like Darth Vader and Boba Fett is Darth Vader really bad well in his eyes no is Boba Fett a villain well no nor

is he a hero but now we get this inside peek into the character of balance skull from the most inside person there is and he’s telling us there is more to this guy than just an antagonist and by the way being an antagonist doesn’t necessarily mean villain just thought I’d clarify that I can’t wait to see the performance Ray Stevenson puts on for us in the Ahsoka series I really hope we see his character wrapped up nicely not in a throwaway line in another season or show will this be an honor to the man and

give him an immortality that will bring tears to our eyes I had planned to say so much more about his Star Wars celebration interview but I just don’t feel this is the right time I’ll do another video on that later on in the Star Wars family we’ve lost many actors actors who have become as Immortal as Gods Carrie Fisher Peter Mayhew David prose Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee just to name some actors whose Star Wars characters had been arced throughout this existence of Star Wars now the Beyond is gaining another great before we got to

see his latest Star Wars character Edition I’m sure it’s going to be one for the records but thank you Ray Stevenson and may you have eternal peace this is Gerald a Star Wars fanatic signing off thank you all for hanging out with me today and remember be good to each other this is the way the only way and every Department cares so much it’s not just about their own departments they’re all part of it and somebody from the maker Department sees somebody in construction who’s maybe having a bit are you all right would you do

you need anything there’s no division as such they’re so United foreign

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