Raztune Review – Earn $0.60+ Per Song You Listen To? (Full Details)

Is Raztune really a platform where you can easily earn more than 60 cents per song you listen to as it looks like when you first join? Or is it a complete waste of time? My name is Mikael and I love testing different ways to make money online. And

recently, quite a few viewers have asked me about this platform. So I decided to take a closer look. In this Raztune review, I’ll give you an inside look and show everything it has to offer. And let me just reveal right away there are some very important details you

need to consider before joining. So let’s start by going over who can join. And Raztune, as far as I’ve been able to find out, is a platform you can join from all countries and it is free to join. And as you can see here they say that they

have an average of 4.9 rating there. But there’s no links to where this rating comes from. It’s just like a random number you know um yeah. We’ll talk about that later why I do not think that this is actually true and why this seems like just a madeup

number like that they have given themselves. So anyways let me log in and then we’ll take a closer look at what it offers. And as you can

hear already I am a little bit skeptical and you will now find out why and what you need to consider before

joining. So I have now logged into Raztune and inside here there is these what’s called songs, and radios and hottest songs, and then sometimes here there will be songs where you can see a number. For example if I click here on hotter songs then there is here you

can see I would earn 64 cents just for listening to this. And usually it’s like even like just 20 seconds or so. You can see I have actually earned already supposedly almost $7 there. But it does seem like it’s a limited number. I don’t know if it resets

how often it resets or so. But I had like a few songs here in this section here, they’re not there. I’m assuming they will come back later there you know that they will reset once in a while there. But anyways, now I’ll just listen to a bit of

this song here. I’ll just come back once I’ve done that. So just keep an eye you can see $6.88. So I’ll just click here and then be right back once I’ve listened to it/ So here now after I listened to it you can see it was 22 seconds

I need to completed and then I just click that there and then I will have 64 cents added there you know. That seems amazing because if you could earn money this easily just by listening to 20 seconds of a song, 60 cents I would there if I could

just keep earning by doing that, listening over and over again. But this is not the only supposed way to earn. And before getting too excited please watch this full video. There’s some important things you need to understand. But supposedly you can also earn by inviting others. So let’s

talk about that next. So as you can see here you will get $1 per person you invite that registers. And there’s no more information about that. And you know I have tested hundreds of different ways to make money on online and I have seen a lot of referral

programs, and there is no platform without any further requirement that will give you just $1 dollar just to get a person to join. Because know that that wouldn’t make sense for them. They would lose money like that. So this is just not realistic. This is unrealistic earning claims

for a referral program like this especially when we then look at the supposed earnings you will get from listening you know. Of course I will not earn 64 cents just for listening to 20 seconds of a song. Like there’s no business model for them. You can say oh

they have advertisers that would like us to listen to their music. No. No advertisers would pay that much because if they had to pay both like us you know 50 to 60 cents to listen to 20 seconds of the song, first of all no artist would pay that

for 20 second listen like what would they get out of that. They wouldn’t get anything out of that even if it was to get more views or listens on YouTube or Spotify whatever it could be. And it’s not even because inside this platform here there’s no advertising, no

artist that would pay that much because they would not only need to pay us, but also Raztune supposedly would need to earn something. So it just doesn’t make sense that they could pay us this much. And what they claim to offer us for referral also it just doesn’t

make sense. And if the business model doesn’t make sense, and I have tested hundreds of sites, then that’s a huge red flag because if they don’t really have a way to make the money that they claim to pay us, then you can be sure that that they are

not going to pay us. And speaking of that let’s talk about how you supposedly will get paid. So I’ve now gone to the payment section and it looks like it has great payout options. But you can’t see how much you need to earn to actually get paid. But

for example, I just filled out some fake information in the PayPal section that because I’m definitely not going to give them my real information because I have no idea what they’re doing with it because they don’t even show us ads or anything like that, so you know I’m

not sure what they will do with our information. I just know that I’m not going to give anything to them. But you can see here when I click here, you see then not until then you will be told that you have to earn $90 to redeem. Any earning

platform like free earning platform where you have to earn this much to get paid, that’s another huge red flag. And I don’t know what other requirements will come. But I can say that I’ve tested many platforms like this before with exaggerated earning claims and all these things here

and extremely high payout threshold, and usually there will be further require that will start lowering the earnings you get. So when you get closer, you will earn less and less and less. And at the end it will take you like hundreds of days to just earn you know

enough to reach it. And then when you reach it oh by the way you have to invite a minimum of 15 people or something like that. I’m not going to test that because I know some people say oh but you didn’t try to reach. No I’m not going

to waste six months of my time trying to reach a payout threshold for a platform that I know where I won’t get paid. I’ve tested hundreds of sites. I learned from experience. I learned from logic and I recommend you do the same so you don’t end up wasting

your time. So if you’re planning to, write down below oh but you didn’t reach it why how can you say well because I can think and I can learn from experience. So if you think logically and if you’re new, I understand this can be confusing but then listen

to what I say. It doesn’t make sense. They don’t have a way to make this much money that they’re claiming to give us. The payout threshold is way too high. The earning claims are way too high and that means you should not expect to get paid. And that

means that you also don’t know what they will do information because who knows what they then make money from here or if they will require some kind of payment before paying you. What I can say is full of red flags and you should stay away from it. And

you might say well why do I then see some positive videos of it well that’s what I just explain next. Because they have a way to make sure they get positive videos about it also. So inside Raztune here you can see they have something called creative bonus. And

if you click that, then you can see here then supposedly you will earn $80 by creating a video from 4 to 10 minutes and then include your referral Link in the description. So again you know that’s just not realistic. Of course they would not pay you $80 just

for publishing a video. Well you might see it go into your account but you can be sure you cannot take it out because it wouldn’t make sense. They don’t know if you even have an audience. There’s no, you know, requirement. How many people should watch it? How many

views or anything like that. Of course they cannot pay that. But some people you know they don’t have much experience online. They think this might be true and then they will upload video say oh look how much I’ve earned because they think that they will get these $80.

So be careful if you see any positive videos like that. Now you know why that is. So just to sum it up, Raztune in my opinion is a complete waste of time. Many of you have asked me about it and this is my experience and opinion about it.

I’ve tested hundreds of sites and this is one that I strongly recommend to stay away from. And don’t start inviting other people because then you won’t only waste your own time but also other people’s time. And that’s definitely not fair. It is just full of red flags. If

you want to earn by listening to music, yes there are some platforms you can do that. Not this much and it’s in general not an effective way to earn. But I do have a list of ways you can do this on my website. I will leave a link

below. So you can check that out. But don’t expect to earn very much from listening to music because that’s just not an effective way to earn. But there how many other earning platforms you can use to do small tasks and earn more effectively. I also do have list

of my top recommended get-paid-to sites for that below. I will also leave a link there so you can find that on my website. But no matter what, I hope this video helped you so you won’t end up wasting your time. And if it helped you, make sure to

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