Reacting to CBSE class 10th results 2024!! (PASS OR FAIL?) (Not satisfied?)

Class 12th results are out and I am predicting that 10th results will also be out in an hour or so Pls god just save me this time! I will work hard from next time Even god must be thinking.. what type of human are you? Dosen’t study during exams

and beg for good grades before results So just now CBSE just gave all 10th graders a heart attack in kidney They released that today on 13th May 2024 by 2 PM the results will be out Whereas before some time they released that results will be out after 20th

May and I was so happy But now I am scared So to anyone who is scared and disappointed with their results I have a special motivational video for you people You see the video and then you will be hihly motivated! Bro I’m having my lunch and dinner now

only because I don’t know whether my parents will give me food or not after seeing my results Let’s do one thing whosever’s parents are angry let’s run away together, Ok? Ok so this is the link from where we will get our results So now I’m going to find

my results.. and I’m feeling very scared BRO!! The website keeps lagging Someone hardly visits this website once a year and still it’s lagging OMG!! Results are out!

So if I calculate my best 5 subjects I get: Each subject marks are out of 100 And the subject in which

I got the least marks is Science and i won’t tell you my science scores and ironically I chose PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Maths) in 11th I don’t know if you can see or not but my eyes are now red because my mom scolded me for getting only 91.4% My

mom: Why did you get so less? Where are the rest marks? *Canon event* So basically I thought to ask for a Pizza party to mumma after my results Now if she even gives me rice and pulse to eat, I will think it is god’s grace and also I

was going to get a personal phone if I scored good marks (according to my parent’s standard) but now my mom cancelled it because my grades weren’t upto her expectations so- I hope the people who are watching this have fulfilled their expectations and if not fulfilled we’ll improve together,

that’s all what I have got to say A single sheet of paper cannot decide my future! Duh 💅🏻

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