#REACTION #MamySiebie #MusicAgainstWar Artists for Ukraine -Маєм один одного Ukraine Reaction Review

Congratulations to all! Congratulations dear subscribers!
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Good evening, we are from Ukraine!
My name is Roman Spivak. Many subscribers have asked me
to record my reaction to this song.
I will not tell the information that you can read in the description,
it is the support of Ukrainians from Polish artists.
Song “We have each other”.
So now I will demonstrate my reaction to this work.
Look for the lyrics and the link to the original video in the description.
I don’t know if YouTube will block this video due to copyright,
so I may have to spoil the sound of the song a bit.
So, this is the situation.
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And of course, from us Ukrainians, a huge thank you to our Polish brothers!
So, let’s go, we will not drag! We have each other!
Piano, stage.
Choir … mysterious choir.
I really like the choir. Super! Clean, beautiful.
Mysterious chord. Cool!
The piano is an orchestra instrument.
He sits alone on

stage, but he is not alone.
Good voice.
Gently here, beautiful. Super.
Yeah, a lot of artists, vocalists.
Many Polish artists.
Sounds so powerful.
And at the same time lyrically.
The orchestra accompanies well.
Good duet. Super!
The orchestra hugs the vocalists well, tenderly.
Optimistic music and lyrical at the same time.
Strongly. Wall of sound. Very nice!
Only together!
Super, incredible!
The pianist is not alone!
Great arrangement.
How much energy!
Lots of fire!
Just super!
Unbelievable! Dear Poles, we are sincerely grateful to you!
I, as a musician, know
how much work it is.
Create a song in this format.
It’s all to write, play, sing, record, mix,
make a chic arrangement.
It’s just incredible. Maximum!
If you take creativity – this kind of performance – is the maximum height.
Orchestra, choir, soloists.
Gorgeous! Elegantly arranged, maximum in the finale.
And the original ending with the lyre is
very emotional! Super!
Together we will overcome any fear and enemy!
Thank you to take the Poles for such support, it’s incredible!
I lack words – it’s just great!
I understand that we will win!
And we each, our country,
you Poland, we will make Ukraine even better!
And peace, tranquility and harmony will reign on earth!
Also, the lyrics are incredible and deep!
Together we will overcome fear!
Let the fire burn in your heart!
So that’s what I want to say – this is the music.
It combines strength, power, the
power of great support,
and lyrics and love.
and a slight sadness
over the tragic events that are happening today.
This song is optimistic, sublime, inspiring.
She is just incredible. I am grateful
that we Ukrainians have such brothers – Poles.
Thank you very much!
So, I invite you to comment, like
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Thank you all for your attention. Roman Spivak was with you.
Glory to Ukraine, and Glory to Poland!
See you in the next video!
Bye Bye! Come on!

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