Real Disney Fan Reacts to "SPIRIT" Song by Beyoncé | Disney Music The Lion King 2019

What’s up everybody welcome back to my channel
So today we’re gonna go over the new song that is coming out in the live-action Lion King remake called
Spirit I got a text message from my friend James last night and I just could not believe that they’re putting another new song in
Another live-action remake from Disney because we just got speechless from Aladdin
it seems like just
Got speechless that was a month ago over a month ago and make and now we’re one week away from the live-action
Lion King remake which comes out next week, July 19th
the rest of us can have a little taste a little sneak peek at what they’re gonna offer us and it’s sung by Beyonce and
It’s four and a half minutes long which speech just was only like two or two-and-a-half minutes long. This is like a big song
It’s a hefty song. My predictions are this is going to be a slow song
I think it’s gonna sound kind of like and when a hero comes along
with the strength to carry
That’s what I think
The song is gonna sound like and then I started thinking where do I think this song is gonna play in the actual Lion King?
Movie and I was thinking about a place where would fit naturally and here’s what I came up with

I think that the spirit song sung by Beyonce is going to happen after Nala and Simba are reunited in the jungle
It had that little feud where he’s like
You wouldn’t understand I would if you just tell me forget it fine. And then he goes off and he like has that a
interaction with his father Mufasa and knowledge is left there as
Simba’s leaving weep and to Nala and she sings a song which might be hinted at earlier in the movie were like
Simba’s really self-conscious as a child where he’s like, I’ll never be like my dad
I’m so much smaller than him and she says it’s not about your size
It’s about your spirit Simba and I think later when they have this feud
He Simba was gonna walk away and she’s gonna look at him and then she’s going to sing the spirit song another place
I thought this could fit is when scar comes back to the lionesses to tell them that Mufasa is dead
Little do they know that he killed him
but we might see the lionesses talking about the spirit of the pride without the male figure there also because in
like actual life in reality lion prides operate
by a matrilineal system
so it doesn’t really matter that more faucet guys in reality because the
Lionesses are the ones who are in charge, but like we don’t let that slide
This is the song by Beyonce doesn’t seem like young. Nala would have been singing that song if it’s a fast song
I started thinking work at a fast song fit and I don’t think there’s room for a fast song because
Every like happy moment in this movie because there’s happy and sad moments
Every happy moment has like a fast song a circle of life in the beginning
We have I just can’t wait to be king when they’re kids
We have Hakuna Matata after Mufasa dies, and then we have circle
Can you feel the love tonight with like that whole theme?
but maybe maybe I thought the final place that it could have fit as a
Fast song is at the very end of the movie like after everyone has triumphed and the battle is over
There could be a song about the spirit of life instead of the circle of life
I like that
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I really want to I just don’t know when to pick because they’re all so awesome. Anyway enough talking
let’s come straight into it only gonna listen to snippets of it again because I don’t want to ruin the magic of watching it to
Next week. Did you buy your tickets yet? No, Disney did not pay me to say that. I wish they didn’t I’m
free Disney
I love this heart of knowledge face coming off of Beyonce’s
Sound slow
Is this gonna drop and be a fast one
Don’t you
The melody pulls you towards it they didn’t hate each other
Rise up to the light inside. Let’s lift
Very inflamed through the night
You know something the gospel I was gonna say the gospel but I didn’t wanna like misinterpret bench
It’s like mimics lone pairs
You know, this is definitely Nala at the symbol Park Oh
Or might be at the very end actually spirit with the heavens open yeah, maybe ending maybe over credits
Oh, maybe this is reckles for the scar battle stand up and fight
This is right before the scar battle where Mufasa Mufasa
Simba goes back to the pride lands and Timon and Pumbaa go to distract the hyenas
Simba’s looking for
Simba looking for scar and then Nala has to go to the lionesses and wake them up and be like get your spirit back
We’re here to fight. So this is like her power saw to invigorate all the lionesses for the war
they’re about to find out I’d be really cruel all they were just like down in defeat and she comes in like
What is your spirit and they all come in at the end Parral?
That’s my impersonation of Alliance
Dundun dundun
No, no more keychains, okay
Cool, I feel cheated because it says 437 seconds and this is literally 419. That’s 17 seconds 1218 seconds of
missed content
Anyway, I think
It sounds more like a credit song because of the change in
Tonality of it being like super soft and then like spunky and fast and then like softly at the end
It’s hard for songs, like that’s actually fit
Visually on-screen for them to like be super unless the ending now I’m starting to think if this is the scar scene like right before
the very end battle where she will come in softly and be like low and trying to wake them up and be like
Come on, get your spirits back and then like when they finally their spirits back
It’s big and then it becomes softer by the end of it when they finally see
Simba standoff against scar so that’s why it becomes softer again because they finally bring the
Camera and the audience to the fight and that’s why it’s softer
they’re just singing as we start the final battle for pride lands between the evil scar and
The wonderful Simba. Anyway, thank you all so much for watching. Let me know your thoughts down below if you enjoyed it
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