realme BOOK Review – Everything You Need To Know!

Hi Brollies, Marvin here from
where we do unboxings, reviews, and sexy brolls,
and today, I’m finally ready to give you guys
my Full Review of the NEW realme Book.
For the most part, I am really impressed with
this laptop considering it is the first from
the brand offering a good set of features
backed by some decent performance that you
otherwise will only get from a much more expensive
price point.
Starting with a very clean, sleek, and premium
design and construction down to the hardware
under the hood, the realme Book is probably
the most affordable premium looking, and performing
thin and light laptop out in the market right
Of course, it is not perfect so in this video,
I’ll give you pretty much everything that
you need to know.
With that being said, let’s get into it.
I’ve already released a dedicated unboxing
and first impressions of the realme book,
which you can check out here but essentially,
inside the box, we have the realme book, a
couple of paperwork, the 65W super-fast charger,
and the USB type C charging cable.
Now, let’s get straight into the review starting
with the design and construction.
the realme book features sleek aluminum construction
with a very clean and minimal

look that absolutely
speaks premium quality.
I also appreciate the subtle realme logo that
perfectly matches the design language of this
Looking on the front side, as you can tell,
it is definitely thin with a thickness of
just around 14.9mm and it also weighs only
around 1.38kg which is relatively lightweight
and comparable if not lighter than most thin
and light laptops out in the market.
Flipping it on the left side, again as you
can see, it is definitely one of the thinnest
out there, we also have here the thunderbolt
4 port a small LED indicator, and a USB 3.2
Gen2 Type C port.
Here’s how it looks on the side when the lid
is open.
Moving towards the other side, we have a 3.5mm
headphone jack and a USB 3.1 Gen1 Type-A port.
And here’s how it looks on this side when
the lid is open.
Now, turning it on the backside which is the
thicker side of this laptop, is basically
clean here.
No ventilation, no additional design whatsoever.
Just pure clean aesthetic.
Lastly, before we crack the lid open and check
the rest of its features, turning it all over
at the bottom, the chassis has this nice curvature
around the edges that makes the illusion that
this laptop is thinner than it actually is.
So we have two speakers on both sides and
the curved edges actually give the speakers
some space to breathe out.
We also have two small rubber feet and a larger
rubber strip right here to keep this thing
stay in place.
In terms of ventilation, we have a single
ventilation strip right here which as per
my testing, is just enough to keep this laptop
And lastly, we have some brand stickers here
which I appreciate rather than placing them
on the surface of the laptop which most people
will remove anyways.
now, we have a nice chamfered edge here at
the center that makes opening the lid much
opening the lid requires two hands which means
the hinge is quite strong which may be a pro
or con depending on your preference.
Opening the lid reveals the equally minimal
design of the surface with just the keyboard,
trackpad, and the power button.
the surface is, of course, also made out of
aluminum which is cold to the touch.
We also have a substantially large trackpad
with a smooth surface and clicky buttons.
In terms of the keyboard, we basically have
a 60% layout with dedicated arrow keys, rather
small function rows up top, and the alphanumeric
keys, unfortunately, we lack some useful nav
cluster keys on this keyboard.
And lastly for the surface of the laptop,
what I appreciate here is the dedicated power
button that also doubles as a fingerprint
Now, moving on to the display panel.
for starters, we have a subtle realme logo
at the bottom center as you can see here.
And then in terms of the display itself, we
have a 14inch IPS panel with 1440 resolution
which is quite unusual for this price point,
we usually see this in more expensive laptops
so that’s definitely a plus.
And what’s even better at least for my personal
opinion and preference is that this display
features a taller 3:2 aspect ratio which means
you will see more than usual.
As per specifications, it covers 100% sRGB
but later on the performance part of this
review, will definitely test that out.
It also has a 90% screen-to-body ratio and
I can definitely see that with these thin
bezels all around with just a thicker chin
at the bottom.
What’s good about this is that they were able
to cram in the webcam as well as the microphones
with this very thin bezel up top.
Alright, guys, with the unboxing, design and
construction, and parts overview out of the
way, let’s finally discuss the performance
of the realme Book.
But before that, under the hood, the realme
book features the 11th gen intel core processor
and what we have here is the i5-1135G7 variant,
we also have 512GB NVME SSD and 8GB of RAM.
Now, Let’s start with the display.
Again the display features an IPS 1440p resolution
display with a 3:2 aspect ratio and a peak
brightness of up to 400 nits.
As per my testing using the Datacolor SpyderX
Pro Display calibration tool, the realme book
covers 95% sRGB, 67% NTSC, 72% Adobe RGB,
and 72% P3 color gamut.
Unfortunately, at least for my review sample,
the sRGB coverage is not 100% as advertised.
Nevertheless, looking at the display and as
per my experience, it still produces vibrant
colors, with good contrast levels and decent
viewing angles.
However, another downside is the glossy finish
of the panel resulting in the unwanted glare
as you can see here which I find distracting
depending on the lighting situation around
my environment.
On the other side of things, another good
thing about this display is the 3:2 aspect
ratio, again at least for my personal preference
because this essentially gives me more real
estate to work with especially for browsing
websites, working on spreadsheets, and even
for video editing.
So as you can see, productivity should be
a better experience with this aspect ratio.
However, media consumption is another story,
since most videos are still in widescreen
16:9 aspect ratio, expectt black bars on the
top and bottom part.
Personally, it doesn’t bother me at all.
But of course, you’re mileage may vary.
Speaking of media consumption, again the colors
are vibrant with good contrast levels and
details, and partner with the higher 1440p
resolution and decent stereo speakers, media
consumption is pretty good with the realme
So at this point, media consumption and productivity
boxes are checked, how about gaming?
well, gaming is really not the strong point
of the realme book or any thin and light laptop
for that matter but as per my testing, the
realme book is still quite capable of pushing
decent framerates though the experience is
not that ideal especially for fast-paced FPS
games with 60hz panel, a low profile keyboard
and one of the downsides of this laptop, a
quite limited 8GB memory that unfortunately,
is not expandable.
And though Valorant and CSGO are playable
with decent FPS on our benchmarks, I’ve experienced
some frame drops or stuttering that ultimately
affect the overall gaming experience.
Again like I said, this wasn’t built for gaming
and I just wanted to test that out as part
of this full review.
As per my testing, 4k video editing is also
possible even with only 8GB of RAM and while
it took 30 minutes to finish exporting our
standard 13.92 minute 4k project, it’s still
nice to know that I have a backup machine
to rely upon in case I encounter a problem
with my main workstation.
In terms of the battery life, the realme book
features a 54wh battery and as per specifications,
can last up to 8.5 hours for office tasks
and 11 hours for 1080p video playback.
As per my own testing using PCMark10’s battery
life benchmark, at maximum brightness, the
realme book lasted around 5 hours and 26 minutes,
and at 50% brightness, lasted around 7 hours
and 29 minutes which is right around the specified
numbers give or take.
It also lasted 7 hours and 55 minutes on the
video test at 50% brightness.
So it is safe to say that you’ll get around
5-10 hours depending on your usage.
now, before we move on, Here’s the rest of
the benchmarks that I did with the realme
Wrapping up my thoughts about the realme book’s
Let’s go back real quick to the peripherals
starting with a webcam and a speaker test.
The speaker can definitely output loud volume
levels and while it’s nowhere near a dedicated
pair of speakers, it is decent enough for
casual media consumption and gaming.
And since we still have a 3.5mm headphone
jack, you can always plug in your favorite
IEM and headphones.
Ports availability wise, obviously, for a
thin and light form factor like this, there
will be some compromises so a decent USB hub
like this Ugreen USB C multifunction HUB should
always be around.
Now, in terms of my experience with the keyboard,
the keys have decent travel distance and tactile
feedback for such a thin form factor which,
to be honest, I was able to get used to in
just a short amount of time.
However, there’s one thing that annoys me
the most, and that is the unfortunate flex
on the surface resulting in some annoying
rattling sound while typing on the keyboard.
Here’s a quick sound test so that you can
have a better understanding of what I am talking
By the way, the keyboard has a white backlight
with up to two levels of brightness.
As for the trackpad, it is accurate and the
left and mouse clickers are tactile and responsive.
I also appreciate the dedicated power button
that also doubles as a fingerprint reader
which as you can see here is quite snappy
and works almost instantly.
So I guess that wraps up all my thoughts and
experiences when it comes to the new realme
book and for the most part, my feedback is
quite positive with some cons here and there
but ultimately, I still feel, the realme book
is one of the most affordable premium looking
and performing thin and light laptop out in
the market right now.
All its cons I feel like I can live with except
maybe the non-expandable 8GB of memory.
But even with that, I am still going to use
this as my main laptop since I’ll be using
this mostly for office tasks like emails,
web browsing, meetings, probably NFT games
and casual games, and media consumption, and
as a backup for my main workstation.
And there you have it guys, thank you for
watching, huge thanks to realme for letting
me experience the NEW realme book.
you can get this from the link below.
Thank you for watching, subscribe if you like
this, and see you next time, have a great
day guys, you’re awesome.

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