Realme Buds Q Review, Mic Test, Water Test, Unboxing, PUBG!

Today we’re going to check out the Realme
Buds Q, and these are actually pretty good,
except for some really odd choice that I don’t
understand why they went with.
Hey guys, I am Siddharth, and let’s get
In the box, you get the earbuds in their case
with instructions on how to turn them on for
the first time, then you get a micro USB cable,
some extra eartips of different sizes, and
finally a manual with warranty card.
Realme says that these earphones have been
designed by Jose Levi from france who gave
it this pebble like shape, and you can see
how incredibly difficult it must have been
to come up with this complex masterpiece in
It does feel pretty nice in hands though,
even if the plastics used here still feel
kind of cheap and it still uses a Micro USB
Opening the magnetic lid will take you to
the earbuds, which are actually well designed
and look better than other budget earbuds,
they do have a shape that feels like it’s
made to be inserted in your ears, and the
subtle yellow accents on the eartips are also
a nice addition.
The side surface of the Realme Bud Q is touch
sensitive plastic, and you

can touch it to
control the playback of your music, so you
can play/pause with a double tap, change tracks
with a triple tap, and you can actually change
these assignments with the Realme Link app,
so you can add the functionality for Voice
You can also hold both earbuds to enable game
mode, which we will talk about later, but
I have to say that this touch functionality
is a pretty hit or miss with these earbuds,
and about 25 to 50% time it just didn’t
I am not sure what the reason for that is,
as I did try to precisely touch the touch
area, but it still didn’t register it very
So I personally would’ve just preferred
buttons instead of this touch functionality
that doesn’t work properly.
Unlike most other earbuds on the market these
don’t have LEDs on the earbuds, so you won’t
know if they are turned on or not, or if they
have finished charging in the case or not,
and I really don’t know why they decided
to go with this approach.
The case also doesn’t clearly indicate what
the battery level is, and I am not sure if
it blinks red to indicate that the battery
is low, because I kept charging it because
one of the earbuds wasn’t working, and I
thought that was because it wasn’t charged,
but it actually was charged.
Then I had to touch and hold it for 5 seconds
like you have to do for the first time, and
then it was fixed.
So it isn’t a big issue, but this is the
kind of problem you have when you don’t
see any LEDs blinking on either the case or
the earbud, and for a company boasting about
how good their design is, this is a really
big oversight.
The battery life is good on these, the earbuds
offer a 4 hour playback time, which was accurate
in my test, and the case offers up to 20 hours,
which it should deliver, but I wasn’t able
to verify this as I charged it multiple times
as I thought it was not charged.
But the good news is that the frustrations
mostly end there, as the comfort on these
is pretty good.
They do fit well in my ears, and at first
I thought they were going to fall out of my
ears because of the way they fit, but that
didn’t happen, and I was able to comfortably
wear these for hours.
I still had to go with the bigger eartips
for proper sound, which weren’t as comfortable,
but I think most people should find the medium
tips to be the best for them.
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be comparing these realme buds with these,
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They also have an IPX4 water resistance rating,
which means that they are protected from splashes
of water and sweat, but you can’t immerse
them in water.
There’s a game mode on these, so when you
press and hold on both the earbuds you hear
a cheezy sound of a car engine starting, and
that is game mode.
It does make it better for watching videos,
as the videos get more in sync with audio,
and while it also does somewhat reduce the
sound delay while gaming, there’s still
a significant delay, so it’s definitely
not going to be as good as wired earphones,
but for games like PUBG, I don’t mind the
slight delay in gunshots.
This is what the microphone sounds like, and
it is not bad, but it is not that great either,
in my Redmi Earbuds S Review, you can see
that the microphone on those does sound a
little better, but this isn’t bad either,
and I didnt’ have problems during calls.
Finally coming to the sound quality, it is
also a complicated matter.
The good news is that they can sound really
good, but the not so good news is that you
will have to use equalizer to get that good
So I am going to talk about how they sound
without using equalizer first, and then I
will explain why using EQ is necessary.
So the bass on these is good for the price,
it is boosted, and it is punchy, but it is
done in a nice way, so it doesn’t sound
The mids on these are not bad, but the vocals
don’t sound great because of how the highs
are tuned.
The highs on these are what I found to be
too accentuated, and that keeps them from
achieving the cohesion that would have given
them an overall great sound.
The upper mid range of vocals, and some parts
of treble are boosted too much, so vocals
don’t sound natural, and then the treble
is also not very pleasant to listen to for
long periods, and it just sounds quite harsh.
But thankfully, most of this can be solved
easily with an equalizer, and you can use
these settings to tame the treble down, and
then it sounds pretty good.
Generally I use equalizer to enhance the sound
of audio gear, but with these earphones I
feel it’s kind of necessary.
The Soundstage on these is pretty good though,
which does make the music fun to listen to.
So overall, I do think that for the 2000 Rs.
price point, the Realme Buds Q do offer good
sound quality, and they could be the best
choice in this segment.
The design is actually good, and the battery
life is also great.
But the lack of proper indication of battery
levels, and a lack of controls that work properly
are the drawbacks that keep it from achieving
that class leading magic.
But if you are strictly limited to 2000 Rs.
range, I think you won’t be disappointed
with these, as they do deliver on the essentials
and don’t sound like a cheap earphone, and
if you use equalizer, they can sound really
So that was it for this video, I’ll have
links to buy these in the video description,
let me know what you think about these in
the comments section below, and give this
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and I’ll see you, in the next one.

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