Realme Gt Neo 3t 5G Phone Review // Realme Gt Neo 3t // Realme Gt Neo 3t Price In India

realme gt neo 3t 5g friends very big real meaning 350 friends
are going to remove its full flower, its price and friends tell you how long the car is going to be launched in india life hello
friends welcome to your youtube channel technical chery friends if If you like the video, then you will definitely like
it because if you watch the video, then the video gets lost in the follow and you forget
to like , friends, first of all, let me tell you about 6GB RAM and 128GB internal storage space in the school,
then 128GB Friends are going to live in this film, if we talk about the same battery in this film, then there is a
5000 mAh battery in it and friends to charge this battery in 5,000, you will have to face
a mutual dispute with the CBI to charge this phone. You are going to get friends
, if you talk about a lot of travel in this, then it is going to come processor from protein 870 devices, friends, the
fan has been given to a very beautiful one, but friends, if we talk about this male and Capricorn game, then you can play it
smoothly for

smooth. He can play the probe anywhere It will be a problem because friends octa-core and friends
, after you snaptube dance east, many friends can play it on smooth side for daily also you gaming it
is not going to be any problem anywhere friends talk about spoon kewda display then 6 point
6 inch You are going to get all this on a full HD ambulance and he talked about its camera i.e. talking about the second
rear camera, you are going to get 50 megapixels plus eight megapixels plus two total 3
cameras in this pistol and that is its front camera these two Talking about the selfie camera, the
total selfie camera is about to come to the test of the picture, friends, let me tell you, 4K
video recording system was given to you in this phone, that is, friends, if we talked about the camera and battery on the phone,
then there was a lot of ruckus about the battery . It is the same camera and friends who live in a lot of rain,
but if it is a matter of name, then its name is very big and it is a matter of its price, it is
going to spread very expensive, friends, I am Koi Brahm, this funny Indian is almost probably lunch on 7th June. Friends
can not be updated officially It is telling but friends, I am telling according to my friends
, according to, this phone is going to be launched in June with cruise friends and in
India, this phone is going to be launched in June together in the Indian market. Talking about the reply
, its price is going to be 200 total at 27 999, let me tell you this photo
can prove to be the best from the real side, but friends will now know that after entering the Indian market, I
will give you the goddess and its boxing . I am going to give friends a quick subscribe to this channel,
let’s see friends in the next video with new full for good bye take care Jai Hind Jai Bharat

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