REBEL MOON PART 2 MOVIE REACTION!! The Scargiver | Zack Snyder | Full Movie Review | Netflix 2024

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highlights and watch alongs included John I am so ready I can’t wait kind of sounded like she’s singing God Saves America

that’s what it’s about America Snider is a patriot if nothing else on the far edges of the mother world’s reach circling the gas giant Mara was the

small Moon of velt cool velt a village of humble Farmers lived a simple life born of the earth they were good Farmers until the shadow of a warship fell upon their field oh until a title card fell upon their feet the ship’s Commander demanded more than V’s people

could give so it was that a woman named Kora and a man named Guna set forth from the village to gather Warriors to stand against the dread Nord D he’s given us the recap we need yeah thank you Hopkins in the minds of dagas the fierce Nemesis in

the Coliseum of pollock the way with General Titus yes these are the characters Kora triumphed over Admiral Noble leaving his shattered body on the rocky Coastline but this is the whole last movie yep to collect their pay the threat of a dreadn extinguished okay ready or so they

believe oh no love a good transition like that he is alive he is but he’s far from recovered oh damn I do like the Aesthetics a lot Christ has risen this looks like some res an evil I would have just put my hand in his mouth yeah g

yes well he seems intact G listen to me she’s unfed who who the scar Giver the scar Giver oh did you write the movie I did she’s unfiled that goes for well we were worried he might not be himself but he is exactly himself say almost as if

nothing happened at all to him although this has to be a harsh trade from the tentacles we know my man enjoys on his free time the scar Giver is a cool name manag you mean labeled that oh my God I think it’s a cool name but is it

cooler than child of fire yeah agreed objective you encounter this person you’ll be scarred that’s cool God props to the production designs all around from the futuristic to the super rural can’t Overlook it man no it’s really great and I do love the music a lot mhm oh

yes I remember you princess is yes princess clone lookalike lady girl we have prepared food and drink for you in the long house damn that is an epic beard my man let’s bring these Uris to the stable yes let’s in the R-rated cut there’s a lot more violence

in that exchange how do they look strong like Warriors I guess how many of them six with cor and gunar we’re saved it won’t matter how strong they are will it oh Zach CER was like I don’t like a typical ring I want this Rhythm yeah we auditioned

thousands of ring patterns ensure that the Harvest is brought in his planned and ready for our arrival in 5 days time the countdown begins I read a whole breakdown about the logic of the Grain and how many soldiers that can feed I won’t get into that now I

feel like it would be very compelling it was compelling actually although not in the way I think that would help the movie oh sweet his face is a screen saver beautiful when’s Zach going to make a video game just make a video game now please eat we must

all be very hungry wow you guys prepare a feast but where is everyone oh oh the lot of you if you were not capable of standing to protect your own home if you had to ask others to lay down their lives for you they’ve all buried their heads

in the sand they should see there’s no shame in our being here just swallow their pride enough to even ask for help that is bravery itself I remember you me too definitely yeah you’re the one I remember the most Admiral no is dead really he doesn’t believe it

he’s dead we can still eat the food that right they will return I don’t you’re wrong I just received word they’ll be here in 5 days oh God can you imagine that feeling You’ Ste someone with so much Joy then immediately comes in hey you won the lottery

what oh oh wait never mind what the hell man this is worse than before I have a feeling of loss that I didn’t have before we failed but death is not always deterrent enough for the designs of the mother World there must be more in need of this

grain than we could have known are you like the only planet that makes grain call your villagers let me talk to them does this Army subsist on carbs alone Dark Days lie ahead of us all ain’t that the truth when the time comes we may all have to

stand together yes as Brothers of course the Brotherhood we will teach you how to fight but first you must show us your strength everybody get your plows how long does it take to bring in your prop half a cycle around Mara no it must be done in 3

days time okay so I guess half a cycle around Mar is longer than 3 days at least 4 days if we bring it in fast we can use it both as Barton tool and shield jaman hansu is such an underrated actor I know he brings so much to

everything even when his character is as slight as it’s been so far let look at him I don’t know that endeared me to him way more than the last movie right that’s more dialogue good leadership talk you got me I just hope they all have the courage to

stand and fight I had no idea what it would be like to fight but now I love it how much would scare me scarg giver I didn’t even think about dying in the moment if you would have asked me before how I feel I would have said I’d

be petrified and I was scared scared got to be crazy not to be scared the most afraid I’ve ever been in my life what was it you were so afraid of losing you if it wasn’t that it was you love powerful force in the universe this this happened

in the last movie um is this a first time kiss there was so much romantic chemistry last time okay oh that that is a beautiful last shot R holy that’s a great shot bam oh and the RR cut a 15minute scene between that shot and this one about

you being the most wanted criminal in the known universe so hot you remember how I told you I was raised by belisarius region of the Imperium oh that belisarius good recap that you are a decorated Warrior friend of the royal family good this is crazy this is actually

really helping me so torn there they God for the exposition heing in a of his daughter the king had begun to see many things in a different light oh let’s go you’re going to travel through another space portal in accordance with tradition the king would dedicate every ship

but not this time uh-oh this would be the princess’s first Royal Duty her first official act all right let’s go Christen that ship the ship would be named Peacemaker and bear a royal seal and you couldn’t see it I was the loyal daughter of my adopted father I

could not betray him or defy him that is a cool slow-mo shot mhm he had told me the princess must die and die she would woof oh that’s right Carrie Elis King Carrie my father said he would not stand by and watch this child dismantle the war machine

we sacrificed so much for but of course oh they’re actually playing music h that’s cool whoa Illuminati hoods over here it’s good thing this quartet’s playing the exact music to fit the dreary ominous suspicious mood some upbeat jig something’s wrong bosar where is the Carly why why aren’t

the furnaces lit what I am talking to you anomy man anom me man see all charged up this palosaari is not not have the greatest looking beard no makeup beards are hard man damn beware the Ides of March they’re even playing faster music what’s our queue how do

we see the que oh oh oh damn where this crown of thorns w d it what are you waiting for uh-oh what are you waiting for child to do it why don’t you just do it yeah dude I forgive you oh wow don’t don’t whoa something Divine destroyed

the light yo this quartet’s on point they even even wi to stop they’re the best in the Galaxy what have you done what I followed orders dog what the what there she is gentlemen the Assassin of the royal family wow you’re a wow there’s a lot of people

in on this m see no no matter how much you do for the space nazzis you’ll never be one of them she the only one with a gun I guess that is a cool ass gun though I will say there’s a lot more emotion yeah some good intensity

oh and I like how gooey their plasma blasts are I fought my way to the shuttle that coret should be in every scene they should always in the back backround they could be like good and improv yeah somehow the last words of the child her forgiveness I felt

the only way to honor her was to run and forgive everyone I met after that I don’t know if I was in bed with this one I’d be like she killed a child at least on first impact I’d be taking a back more than a weapon it’s what

we’re all trying to be what you are Sophia battell is a very strong actor I think yeah I think she photographs Wonder too I like her uh body language and demeanor a lot she’s a dancer let’s get to farming this is cool but can we get the quartet

back there should be a choir falling the morning I don’t understand why this the grain the grain don’t don’t do that you need that you need the grain planet Earth it’s the most badass farming sequence I have ever seen you know I I’m kind of here for it

I’m okay with that it does enhance that sort of like the grain is life kind of quality whoa got him overalls in a hat Commander I have the chief medical technician put him through I don’t understand why Ed screen would be worse than this guy yeah why do

you stand there staring at me cowards cuz you died technically so welcome back sir are you ready to assume your command gross now tell these idiots to release me idiots there are protocols before you can be cleared to resume command tests that need to be conducted to see

if you are mentally and physically strong wowe let me help you with your evaluation okay so that’s why he would be worse yeah’s got super strength he’s roed out not going to lie I don’t feel like you need the Gun N could crushed him with your bare hand

Admiral my apologies for the scar that was left he looks like that that drawing with the oh oh all the body you know what I’m saying what’s that the the The Da Vinci D Vinci’s perfect man or whatever yeah I’m Matt Anatomy yeah which I’m sure was an

inspiration here when I deliver her to belisarius and her body is displayed in the rotanda of the Senate I shall bear my chest and it will stand as a symbol that it is I who brought to Justice the scar Giver as it is I that stands before my

people as a savior he’s like kind of clothed like there’s been a lot of Jesus thing like he around head right now yeah yeah he fancies himself like a Jesus figure but he’s not yeah slowmo get it man yes this is this is required slow mo I want

all grain sequences in slow motion oh yeah this is kind of hilarious I’m so torn this Loki really funny it’s a meme but also like I like the vibe I I love the slow-mo usually yeah farming two sequences of slowmo Gra farming is a bit much the first

one was good enough lose that hand kid oh wipe out your lightsabers it’s great frame with the stock over her eye oh ah you’re a softy at heart kill spider lady is all you want you’re a softy J hansu is getting like so much more screen time I

know it’s as if they realized they had a world class actor underused him first time I mean I know we said this in the last first half hour but so far you know this is breathing more than I expect oh it’s breathing they’ve even slowed down the farming

sequence for us I mean this is true like unless you’re like super into farming it’s a rather boring tedious task yeah and Zack Snider’s doing the best he can to make it interesting as possible yeah cuz this is just regular farming yeah it’s not like not even high

tech fistic farming they don’t have like a laser shucker or something they just got and sights and if the villagers have held up their end maybe some Mercies in order these dogs deserve nothing but our boot is that right he questions everything we’ll see when the job is

done for the slay King for the slay King it is a really interesting piece of context it makes the the world of our Nazis much more interesting knowing the truth it does the skg is among them kind of feel like that context would have been really good for

the first movie honestly yes agree it’s like they have an actual cause Beyond just pure villainy but but the cause is like ingrained in the LIE yeah wow I want Zack Snider to do a a baking show oh you took your furiosa makeup off I could lead a

simple life here yeah you found your people I want to give you these small gifts I’ve made I know you all come from places much richer and more sophisticated than here so I hope my gifts don’t insult you with their Simplicity oh but I have made them with

gratitude it’s the thought that counts when I first saw you all into our village I felt like General Titus was like the mountains themselves thank you love his little cabby hat Tarak your spirit is untameable like that hipogriff but your nobility is undeniable like the snow elk hey

these are very thoughtful gifts I could steal this idea I drew you an elk you reminded me of it Magus who shines as the sun upon our faces warming us and bringing us Comfort steadfast and true a learning their character traits Nemesis Fierce as a storm with its

flashes of lightning but with its life-giving rain that is a source of life it’s little poetry damn she learned all this about their quality just by watching them shuck some grain gunar you are our heart you give us hope I like this scene a lot actually there’s a

subtle emotionality happening for everybody that I like a lot and by the the Gratitude on all of these guys and Kora you are our Guardian wolf with bare teeth oh you stand between us and Annihilation jeez no pressure oh that’s pleasant but no I mean if you did

get those gifts you would probably care a lot more to help these people out knowing the significance you they have now placed on you the meaning a like it makes it Purpose Driven at this moment yeah it solidifies the bond well that’s often my favorite part of these

kinds of sci-fi operas and stuff is like the cultural bits and pieces they make up then show us that move again ready oh I will say as much as Gunner and Kora did not think they had any chemistry to the last movie of this I think it works

better here yes to make them to get to put them together I actually think it helps Dan some investment they both have qualities that they could meet the Middle with cool love songs in a madeup language that’s cool did this in with Aquaman yeah g is this a

made of language it must be comment below linguists I don’t know I’m not cultural enough I like this stuff I’ll watch him sing for another hour and my man’s up here just observing join them there is something so compelling about this character yeah there’s like not much to

but you cut to you’re like I don’t know why I’m really drawn to you it doesn’t even like have to be talking or anything it’s just like a gravitas about his presence could feel there’s like a gentleness still too yeah and a thoughtful observant nature this feels like

it’s jaman anu’s movie I know so strange I mean I’m here for way prefer it yeah I’ll take it again now we’re in a territory where it’s like it’s it’s the movies game to lose you’re winning me back Rebel moon today we begin the preparation for our defense

we start by moving the grain into the village so that they can’t shoot us from orbit without risking it’s destruction that is smart that is a great strategy now the weapons left behind by the Imperium will help us hold our ground oh training montage gather an account for

every hunting rifle every knife that’s a KN every round of ammunition in the village this kid loves hanging out with her I know it’s going to be riding on her back by the end wait tuck your elbow both eyes open woo awful that’s what they teach you at

Tean tactical we have turned your harvesting tools into weapons so what we’re going to try and do is oo yeah let’s go gunar gunar live up to your name Dam everyone’s good and everyone’s good right away ooh SN knows where to place the Sun everyone’s good yeah everyone’s

natural wowe I mean it’s hard to miss with that yeah just vaporized that scarecrow yeah this badass music I I remember being on the farm part of the first movie and liking that the most yes so I feel like this is working for me yeah that might be

the key cuz if it’s it’s only part of this franchise that brings out humanity and you need an emotional connection in some way absolutely how long you that been here two seasons cuz yeah when you’re back in space it’s just all about like ah you know our conquest

and we’re mad now we sweat and working together we could pull it out it could be a power for us yeah sure here and so far they have yeah this guy photographs so well there’s something so compelling ever The Observer it’s like the first when we did the

mag it’s the Magnificent Seven plot right the S Samurai plot you recruit to help out the small town but that one like I got lost this is like yeah this is the simple part of the last half of so it feels like really focused absolutely it’s like I

don’t even miss that we’re not cutting away to the you know mother world every 5 minutes or whatever hang on cool although I do feel like these villagers are all really great at fighting they are great at fighting I mean you know it’s all just one swift motion

tuck your elbow in that’s all shooting is just tuck in your elbow we we did it why is that special what happened the the ship flies I guess listen some good hands for them I’ve never been one for making confessions uhoh so I’m not going to now resume

you’re all here because I want you to know who the hell you’re fighting with everyone must share the truth uhoh character development yes give us some core wounds baby I’ll go first say I will okay I’m on board are we going to see it yes good the region

bis serus has sent me in my Shipe as a shore of force to hover above the parliament of Sarah whoa so the choice of whether or not to vote for independence from the realm would be obvious okay brave people of that world defiantly voted for freedom and in

answer I was ordered to open fire on the capital Jesus I refused and my ship was shut down you can relate with Kora I knew my men would fight with me until the death so I struck a deal my men’s lies for the surrender of my own damn

that’s Noble begged for mercy from the Regent to spare them but Mercy is not known to the Regent bisar oh damn they killed all of them except me oh that’s my men were executed before my eyes the decision to defy bisar had been mine alone not a day

passes that I don’t think of those men that’s a horrifying shot yeah how my surrender betrayed their courage and condemned them to their fate never again love how it completely makes it different change in color palette yeah you should understand that today before you choose to follow me

tomorrow I mean that only gives me more reason to have confidence in you your loyalty I’ve uh ever fought in a battle like the one that’s coming but I was raised in a place that was much like this so she has found a new home MH the ships

appeared in the sky above my world I looked to my tribal Elders for how we would respond they cowered submitting and giving them everything because they were too scared to fight they said what can we do do against the might of the mother World question those who were

too weak or too old to work were killed I killed them the rest of us were scattered to labor camps families torn apart it was as if my people never existed Jesus she had hair character development first she had the furiosa makeup now she’s got the ortan Joe

mask yes yeah yeah yeah got to get her one more Mad Max motif to complete the trifecta wow nice is that in camera oh nice that’s really cool yeah the only light coming from violence Ray he’s back in a flashback that was a extremely beautiful shot Dam the

way they did that that is extremely beautiful fly over found a new family who showed me another way so when the time comes I’ll give my life to protect this Village if need be blood a COR I want you to share your entire story and I want to

see all the same visuals again yep that’s just saving money I had a life before long before it seems did she have a kid oh that’s a good call I have no idea them we were a little fishing Village the Imperium TR groups slaughtered everything and everyone look

they all have a Unity a common cause here so long and thanks for all the fish their tragedy gives them strength so she did have a kid we were peaceful people but we hadn’t always been once long ago we were a people of War I had never killed

before never spilled blood whoo until I spill my heart whoo that was a great cut yes it was that was a great cut damn just the right moment my pain became rage and my rage became Revenge rage venge but the blood lust of my ancestors they lived in

those ancient gaunlets my blood awakened themo they showed me how to fight and I was reborn hell yeah since that day I’ve been a creature of Revenge even though those are basically lightsabers I do like the super heated quality well it does just like like hot metal lightsabers

are laser swords and this those feel like actual blades yeah that are just super heated yeah yeah none of us geted to choose our parents uh I did and mine happened to be a king and queen you had a king and queen wow nepo baby my father the

King insisted on presenting our terms to the armies of the mother World himself he just comes from like a Harry Potter World with the promise of invasion oh no Gand off the white my mother told me then boy doesn’t become a man until his father died this looks

like out of the Fantastic Beast world yes it does a king oh Dumbledore no was the last time I cried the tear Giver soon after there ships dark in our skies I can’t not see it now if fantastic Beast was just in the future instead of the past

my mother for honor’s sake she would not run I wanted to stay to protect her but the queen knew to preserve the bloodline in the throat that’s crazy this is a version of running if she’s about to do what I think she’s going to do I lost my

mother and my world that day oh man wow wow that that is a nightmare the scope is is great went went down with her City I ran for Duty’s sake for the preservation of a kingdom and a bloodline that no longer exist you can carry it on impregnate

this Village yes repopulate your royalty cor we hav’t heard from you whoa what is your story I am a War Orphan oh my God they’re going to do it they’re going to tell the whole thing a waran the discipline of a military life suited me I served on

a ship very much like the king’s gays the king’s gays never having a family I believed I had father one that is until I arrived here on V this please talk me what a home and family could really be this is like the best place anything else you’d

like to add I feel like you left out a lot of the story we all got very specific Gunner would you like to fill in some blanks we painted a really good picture for you we had flashbacks and cutaways and everything for several days now Titus pretends to

drink cuz he doesn’t want us to know how much he cares about the coming battle no you son of a I thought this was alcohol old stories can be hard to give up yes they can to scar give up thank you for coming to this Village I don’t

know what will come of all of us by end of day tomorrow I can only pray that your pasts will burden you less all right you know what guys I’ll say it I’ll say it I think we’re an hour we in almost and this is so much better

than the last like I think everything else everything is so much better at the only thing that could definitely be improved is the dialogue the dialogue itself could use a lot of improvement but outside of the dialogue even the beats the outline the scenes they choose the acting

the mood the atmosphere everything is better this is so much more engaging now let’s see if it maintains this Goodwill it’s been a minute since we’ve cut back to space I don’t feel like we need to cut back to these guys I don’t either I feel like it

makes it more like scary if you you just keep them like the anticipation of them arriving yeah so that when they finally get there it is sort of out of nowhere you can take us by surprise yeah like I actually believe them as a group dynamic now yeah

I Bean have actual character and and the way they’ve built the the team bonds both in the core unit as well as the way they have to give their you know expertise to the people like yeah ties it all together really nicely oh my God cor found the

back cave she really did Michael Keaton’s in here somewhere you want to get nuts let’s go pick some nuts slowmo nut Montage yeah yeah yeah I’m here for it oh wendig go wendig go you know the last person who called me that was the old commander of the

mechanicus militarium as he died in my arm damn oh I’m sorry it’s all right I like the way it sounds does sound cool I was given memories of a world I will never see loyalty to a King I cannot serve huh and love for a child I could

not God save you are an orphan in the universe that’s awful but the sound of that name as you said it lets me feel even in the smallest way why I exist at all thank you for saying that name is that why you saved Sam I know only

that the thought of her being hurt or destroyed opened a part of me that had been closed you’re choosing a side James yeah you and I are alike designed to kill for them now we kill for ourselves their nightmar is you and I fighting together not because we’re

ordered or commanded but to defend something we love stand against tyranny boy you better join the ranks and probably do some like third act showing up in battle kind of yeah yeah yeah he’s running away so you cannot win I feel like the Trope with him will be

like oh he comes in in the finale yeah and he’s like the ultimate kick Asser yeah he come in right when think looks like All Is Lost and he’ll have an army of robots with him yeah all set right they’re here I want to see the suggestive space

portal again finish up finish up come on everybody act frantic find your positions these are the new formations it’s the grain we will go against the grain but they piled it against a building so we can’t destroy them clever H certainly not the plans of a farm seems

General Titus hasn’t drunk away his roots just yet I mean there’s definitely farming involved thermal imaging shows clusters of people in the long house at the top of the village no doubt they’re women and children damn this is a scary ass event they got yeah they just like

thermal scan the entire Place Jesus Christ every and cranny while I negotiate we’ll dispatch the C to capture the women and children well and a small contingent of armor won’t need it when they see blades at the throat of their most wonderful how does this have a worse

rating than the first one this is so much I think this is so much better we halfway through and I feel like if it was going to lose its Mojo it would have happened by now it would have happened by now yeah it’s like you can do a

lot in the first half hour then lose it but like I don’t know I think it moves along even better too it feels like a real movie not like some weird half-remembered Montage oh oh the hair cutting sequence wow they are really prepared to take on these Farmers

let’s go armored Core see this is good like I’m watching this going I don’t know how you would defeat these guys yeah yeah especially after you all you did was shoot scarecrows I get how you could make a statement and Rob them of a little brain but like

yeah how are you ever going to Triumph This is good yeah I got a little bit of tension in my in my chest okay run inside now let’s go come on no spooky dookie that’s what we used to call it when you make someone poop themselves in the

haunted house what are they like little crab Walkers crab battle he likes his crab Walkers yeah this movie while still derivative of lots of stuff is not making me think about that anywhere near as heavily as the first one did like the designs still feel kind of cool

and unique I think it’s a lot of points for just being an upgrade honestly sure yeah I think there a lot of points for being an upgrade it’s like uh what happens if you watch the Snider cut having never seen the Justice League if we had only watched

part two how would we feel my man oh oh she brought back her military do you know she wears all these haircuts quite well I still hope she was paid less than everyone else yeah as it should be the men specifically where’s my warm embrace never given that

cup of Ale you know a AR poor one out tell me what we’re trying to achieve here the same thing as the last time we met I kill you show the chest he is like sickly pale a scar from the scar Giver herself we do understand what the

Regent belisarius will give me when I bring you to your knees before him don’t you a seat in the Senate is what you seek I would imagine that’s what I deserve take the grain you need to feed your men on your Voyage back to the mother world no

more and no less you leave the villagers unharmed and report to belisarius that the Warriors you sought evaded capture I should take nothing yes you take your lives this is your choice live or die this grace and relegation or your head cleaved from your shoulders your families and

all of the mother world to know that you were slaughtered by The Peasants of belt you know I’ve been tasked with bringing honor to the mother world it’s a big responsibility I intend to see that task through to its end con you look bored he’s hardened by War

now you think I don’t know you’re hiding your women and children as you stand here talking to me your plan is already failing are those women and children different Arrangement could be made I could take the grain you offered I could do as you asked and leave the

village as their life would you there would be one cost to this concession however you that cost is you cuz every member of your band would be greatly treasured by the Imperium but there is no denying the one most sought after by The Honorable Regent is you AR

is herself cool name so here in lies your choice AR is surrender to me and I will permit the villagers to live you know he won’t yeah however if you refuse those this Village holds most dear currently sheltered up in that long house I’ll be slaughtered by my

men on the way to them now we’ll see about that has enough blood not been spilled in that beautiful building already yeah they did all that prepped for her to surrender are you truly prepared to allow this to continue in your name it’s time after ass I know

it drives some people nuts but I like Zack Snider’s weirdo lenses yeah me too cor oh boy oh that’s a turn what are you doing it’s a ruse you going and say goodbye to your friend your father awaits you co look at me oh no I’m sorry I

won’t allow this place to die for me I know what I’m doing he’s lying to you just let me go you’re lying oo I just got nipple chills did not expect to say that in this Reed nipple chills I honestly didn’t no oh Gunner that’s good that’s good

for his Arc that look on his face whoa do nice nice cool all right all right now that is good slowmo every frame of painting babe that well earned slowmo we need to get you up to that ship come on you’re our only chance did you make the

right choice spiritually oh my Super Evil Landing yes Jesus up go oh they got the Batman goggles hey a77 you need to get out of there immediately I like the grit to a lot of this feels like an actual like War yeah battle feels frantic and messy woooo

nice man jump on that ramp what a great throw imagine if he missed oh damn I’m glad they let him say oh damn instead of doing an O cutaway oo let’s go all let’s see what you’re made of nice nice they have blue ones yeah take that yeah

the people’s elbow hit and edit behind that pillar it’s the light and the dust and everything oh damn good Shoto that’s got to feel good after what happened you in the first movie taking him down yourself woo I like how ruthless he is get the shot no oh

damn just cold and Mer merciless and it just like stampedes his way through and it’s not like a full full transformation but something feels like even more Sinister now that he’s dead and back again let’s go no man this is a fight you can’t win smack him whoa

does any have super strength they must have Juiced him up dying and coming back is always a superpower oh oh just draw some blood man that’s all you need oh I really feel how hard his hits are thought I was about to kiss him no no that guy

where was his blood it’ll be in the director’s cut yeah it’s kind of hard to miss when I give the signal start the smoke holy oh man was so scared now start it now do it now she said start it now that was like 30 seconds ago come

on man nice Focus rack that ship was taking damage I have casualties and my instruments are not responding smart that’s actually really really smart so one giant bomb now cuz I was wondering like you can see the ship yeah like what’s the smoke doing this is some kind

of symbol trying to send a message down below time has come for all that you love for your home protect each other and show them no mercy cnre get it overalls guy I would just not reload out in the open you or at least duck are you ready

to fight and die let’s leave the dying to your enemies but let’s leave the dying to your enemies good excellent let’s Workshop that no more Dead Cops I did expect oh that’s right I got here oh come on kid uh-oh oh nice dude dude attach a a a

sword to your stump damn do a lot with a knife kid is he in the same room watching her where is that yeah he’s in the same room okay there’s a bunch of people that’s what it seems like but well I do like the look of blades and

I did expect that choreography to be significantly cooler it’s not good when this slow-mo of grain is more compelling than the slow-mo of lightsabers God he is like perfectly sculpted Jesus a true Adonis oh nice damn he’s right at the front and no one can land a shot

on him you know it’s a tribute to storm troopers oh oh it’s a lot of people going oh damn oh damn oh damn oh damn wow wow legs here we go oh she’s infiltrated she’s infiltrated come on oh no there you go kiddo oh in the hip not

bad not bad oh man was not expecting this for her a mirr her flashback it’s just like her core wound except this time she did help protect the village Village she saved the boy yeah no I’m actually a bit bummed we can fix her I like the unspoken

bond that the little boy in her had yeah it a nice little visual bit of Storytelling wow he did the Spartan Kick ah this is madness there’s no way you dudes aren’t making it to Valhalla I want to see hippogriff dude do some badass stuff like he’s been

here he’s been asking people I want like a good ass hero shot on my man and where’s the other lady where’s furiosa we did it team weren’t there more more ships there’s a lot more people right I thought so yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah they got these crawler

things with the tattered flag good shot ah damn it the hell you guys are destroying the grain damn now they just got to prove a point ready break strange I’m not seeing any wounds how about that one let’s get the B there’s a wound up here checking the

P oh my God elevator fight I wonder if they hired real EMTs it’s very low wait that’s not I’ll still keep the helmet on yeah dude like you’re the most notorious traitor to the mother World make your way back to our ship and have it running we won’t

have long to get off this thing before it blows okay what about you oh my God to have the girlfriend who would like fight your bone battles oh ah yeah right as long as you show up a little bit and help it’s all peachy should be an elevated

on this Hall I got it it’s my wife currently handles all my confrontations woke life not to RI anybody but I do like that there’s all kinds of people here and it’s not you know distracting at all there she is hey I’m just checking this thing and these

buttons they’re buttoning no yeah the more you take off the worse I think it is ah but you got to get that Ellen Ripley Vibe going love that it looks like a mouth drinking all this energy in guys all the grain I know the flow what are you

doing all that bread for your men it is mouth drinking come on is that screen going to show up right now bombs right on its third eye they’re just firing non-stop woof no this like feels like a real war zone battle totally I was watching a movie that

took place in like Afghanistan or some you know yeah it’s chaotic it’s a mess but with like space battle that was cool that was good good rocket launch shot yeah whoa you gave him zits are you going to pop those this guy got way down the panel before

realizing there was someone there yeah whoa nice damn he ain’t even holding on to nothing sending back up what is the nature and number of The Intruders there a shot fir there a Men down shots fired it’s a woman what’s going on a woman has infiltrated the ship

it’s bad luck man can’t have women on a ship the is the ship perfect she’s come to us all sectors I want I capture it with ones you may fire on the village screw the grain the grain there’s no need for the grain now the scar Giver has

come to us we can eat the principal but we have men on the ground a few less laugh to feed good business why aren’t you a CEO man main gun yes sir Target The Village charge the Cannons right away sir main gun the Forgotten gun brother tell me

what the hell is what’s going on all available security personel man she’s die Harding this ship yeah wow yeah nice ooo let’s go oh there you go there you go damn he’s doing this all with an axe not one gun yeah man blades you don’t got to reload

yeah you just got to sharpen him oh oh there he is there you go no he’s about to get shot no I wish I knew that character’s name she’s very cool someone’s got to get like on top of it stab it in the brain I feel dying in

battle it was all I wanted fighting for something I think I was wrong I’m going to get out of here I don’t think I want to die at all ready if I must together aw cuz of the big Bond they’ve had you know bonds are forged In the

Heat of battle sometimes give a Last Stand yeah my man excited oh he did the trop and I didn’t even see it coming well done it’s weird to call something and not even be thinking about it that was cool that’s good that’s what that was really cool that

made me happy oh come on oh he’s about to some up oh yeah do one of those crazy Iron Man like 360 lasers oh this is badass oh the rat oh righteous anger damn oh just fisted oh throwing hands go Anthony Hopkins and you know Hopkins did all

the map for this there you go yeah let’s go woo nice got the Hops too cool shot you really took your time coming in this battle yep superhero that just had to make sure all was really lost before he came in he came in exactly what we said

he would and we didn’t even think about good right at the all’s lost moment you can do the tropes as long as you’re doing them with gusto distract us with some good atmosphere and it works cor where are you oh no running I’m waiting for you a lot

of the visuals languages reminded me of what he did his camera work and stuff with like he did in Man of Steel oh yeah especially with all that like americ the wheat like the fields of grass and stuff and all the lens flares oh no he on the

ceiling I should have put a bowling pin sound effect there yes damn love a good profile shot yeah let’s go let’s do a one take profile hallway shot yes wa some the Black Widow thing owie huh that’s a good detail so you can turn it off of course

you can turn it off why do you think you can’t turn it off very inconvenient weapon D think it had like an on and off it just ignites with your own righteous Fury spooky it’s like a roller coaster I don’t want to drop is there still time to

get up can I grab the bar get my arm ripped off oh I get it cuz you would need like a big ass glove to operate one of these yeah yeah cuz it’s constant like little flickers of flame and that’s why she had to have the gauntlet too

is like we’re now finally understanding this point yes you know 4 hours into a movie is about the time I want things to start clicking together you know suppose I should say thanks for not accepting my offer of surrender arthas AAS make a better ballad when I slay

you in battle you’ve done well to get this far much better than I expected oh Are they like right out there much better than could be expected from a bunch of Farmers oh you got the one yeah really think we should just got into a new villain I

like Ed screen and I like his performance but there’s something about it just hasn’t fully been working for me that he’s back here I don’t feel like it’s really done anything for the movie doesn’t feel like it’s leveled up as much as you would think from the last

experience there’s not as much of like a transformation he’s kind of seems the same just sometimes he has more strength yeah the gun is charged and ready to fire oh no oh yeah buddy fire will perfect timing hor oh oh nice hey oh good they hit the village

over there we didn’t like them anyway I was going to say are there other Villages onv is it just this one Valley I guess there was that Port City wow it’s no that’s the ship take her oh my man leveling up oh noar whoa stuff like that freaks

me out just to imagine actually seeing that who whoa cool all right all right yeah I love that has it always been doing that I don’t think that trail not quite as cosmically yeah oh that’s a hard fight yeah nice it’s like etiquette and Obi-Wan get The High

Ground oh yeah whoa whoa Jesus flips that was cool so I’m going to assume we’re going to take care of belisarius in a different movie in one of the six planned sequels to this who I really like this sequence a lot D what an interesting environment like like

as the ship’s like falling you keep sliding that’s that’s really cool not anti-gravity but just changing gravity yeah woo whoa ouch they look so tiny you guys really got to get off the ship grab a parachute Open Your Eyes Open Your Eyes wow that is an ugly line

look at me look at me so many lines have been predicted yep oh no way he got the kill Gunner damn you could have easily stabbed cor oh interesting interesting framing oh ouch okay all right she got the kill yeah he’s definitely not coming back now and the

way they’ve handled the perspective does sell the idea that this small ramshackle crew of villagers could take down exactly ex I was thinking that like a couple I was waiting for a point to interject that I’m like i’ i’ believed it which could have easily not been the

case yeah this one is so much better it’s way better this like vastly superior to the first one yippe the irony is now our ship really does need maintenance oh yeah oh ouch ouch they really should install airbags in their spaceships right damn she is messed up that

has some actual blood in this movie at least here and there kind of it’s very pachy 13 blood it’s very aftermath blood yeah wow he is really bleeding that’s bad yeah you’re not even going to let us see it stay with me stay with me stay with me

have this one oh that’s a sad L yeah that got my heart right there yeah I actually felt that one damn we’re not quite at that stage yet we’ve only spent a handful of actual hours together oh no they don’t stop coming damn oh oh it’s our people

it’s reinforcements can’t I can’t tell the difference n on me the blood axes Target those drop ships yes commander I’m you this feels so Star Wars Star Wars thing super very much Star Wars yeah yeah they look like pod racers oh damn his antlers have been trimmed man

these two have been watching a lot of things happen you know they’re catching their breath damn damn well done VFX team oh you can have that I I’ll I’ll take it yes is he looking at us he is he’s got a whole host of emotions running through his

head and heart it’s really over it’s oh damn oh she Ain even going to say goodbye at least he died looking into Victory I love you a I love you did a tear just come out of his eye yeah tear came out of his eye when the shot

was on him I was my mind was going did they CGI that or did he really do that I was like caught up in the thought of that hold still man oh the tear we honor them now in the only way we can camera pans over the cortet

right there when next we bring in the Harvest couldn’t they just still come back I feel like they would come back there a whole empire back in this endeavor a the heart of us all the heartbreaker all of you honor the Fallen you honor my brother and his

bravery yes do not speak of me when you speak of honor and bravery I’ve lie to you to all of you Titus you know that I’m arthus adopted daughter of the region belisarius and the Assassin of the princess Issa oh I know your name yes yes I know

all that yes you’re pretty famous but you were not her assassin for the princess is still alive you thought she could be killed so easily she’s more than there what that tell you about death death ain’t you have a reason now do you not to find her and

to fight you have a franchise now I will stand with you and my axe you have my bow all of us and I as well I am sitting this one out if I could be of you Jimmy let’s go I do have this you have my antlers you

wish to fight with us robot help find this lost princess if what you say is true and the princess lives that’s his motive it’s my duty I have no choice it is my honor to fight hell yeah to fun and to fight I want to see that movie

will we get Rebel Moon 3 I mean they got more streams than Barbie so it’s likely oh but when we leave you guys prepare for them returning yes cuz they’re definitely coming back you guys deal with the mess that we’ve left you now this is a military planning

from now on I’m ready to leave now he said he got six more of these Mo he’s the James Cameron of this univer oh that’s right he is his own DP too Ed screen still live well and we got belisarius we got to deal with that guy and

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use as directed for relief of nasal congestion runny nose sneezing and itchy nose due to allergies thank you again aspro sincerely well well well if you guys are listening to us on Apple and Spotify we just watch Rebel Moon uh part dose the scar Giver the scar giver

and if you did not see the reaction you witnessed a journey there’s a real journey there and uh I I mentioned this on the patreon intro for the watch along that essentially didn’t really want to watch this movie and put it to put it as bluntly as possible

for filming with John I was like let’s just see if we can have fun with this and we we said like if if it ends up being something that happens you know open us up or win us over we’ll gladly be open to it but in right now

I have like exceedingly low expectations was not really a big fan of the first one and I thought this would just be uh I was like man I thought this would be a SLO yeah I really did yeah and um my Essential feeling is that I I think

that this movie and I feel like I feel like we’re pretty much on the same page is that the movie is marketly better than the first one oh by a lot uh what I saw was that it has day I don’t know if it has as many reviews

so that might factor in sure Two Rotten Tomatoes but I saw that it’s his lowest one so I was like you gota be you kidding me this one’s this one’s worst and part like you gotta be kidding me that’s was my attitude sure and uh I thought this

was so much better uh uh the the characters uh I actually felt like I I knew them yeah I knew them I found myself caring more as the plot kept going I thought it was exceptionally focused more I would say um I felt more of the aura and

I I felt the tension in the last hour I really grew a lot grew to like Sophia Bella’s character a lot and at the end of it I was like damn I I want to see far three and I did not expect that to to have that feeling

that is the biggest surprise absolutely abolutely cuz yeah I I didn’t like sure are there moments and if you watch the reaction there are totally moments where we were like taking the piss out of the film sure there there was but like I couldn’t even have fun like

that in the first one you know it was the first movie took effort and I thought that was going to be this where it’s like ah like I’m usually game for the fun of watching any new movie experience be it good or bad but I was expecting this

to be one where I’m like okay I gotta really like make sure I Focus the energy and it wasn’t and it yeah it it drew me in and I was able to just kind of vibe with it and it’s just it’s just so much more well-rounded and it

feels like a real movie yeah and so like it doesn’t reinvent the wheel and it is you know obviously as well Trot in from the first movie experience you know it’s borrowing from so many things but I think there is something to be said for the fact that

if you have a movie that you allow to breathe and you know you have some skill in terms of you know your tone and your scope and everything you know you can it’s not about Reinventing the wheel sometimes it’s just about rolling it with grace and the first

movie I didn’t think rolled it gracefully almost at all but this movie you know I wasn’t thinking about all the stuff that was either derivative or you know uh underdeveloped or whatever like this came out to something at least that felt of a piece and of itself and

like it wasn’t going to rely on some kind of other auxiliary cut or other Media or something like that like we I wonder you need all that context I suppose but part of me wonders how this would play if you just watched it on its own I think

you need some of the context as it was much easier to get on get on board uh right away and like the last movie didn’t leave me with any interest in the characters I had no interest in the characters the world itself I remember being like yeah it’s

pretty that that it felt like a very kind I felt like empty by the end of that first movie I didn’t do anything for me that left me with any strong feelings whatsoever felt like a bunch disjointed stuff yeah and it’s like if you look at Rebel Moon

part one and two it is essentially just telling that like Seven Samurai story right you recruit go to help save a small village against some big overlords and part one is the recruiting movie and then part two is the actual game plan with getting involved with the village

and weirdly the one that does not cut around to multiple planets and locations outside of flashbacks and but utilizing the flashbacks to develop your characters and give them some actual backstory where you can be actually interested in them I was like oh this is actually a lot more

intriguing and of course there were like we made jokes throughout a lot of it whenever the the one thing that I thought that really could have been improved to really just take this to a stronger level was the dialogue I I don’t I think the dialogue we predicted

so many lines yeah and because the dialogue was very generic and but that doesn’t mean the movie didn’t have personality you know well and sometimes you want like sometimes there’s a satisfaction to knowing to anticipating what the line will be it’s just you don’t want an excess of

that you know yeah yeah and the first chunk of this film was uh you know there was like funny stuff I I thought it was really funny with the string quartet who was who was it was violent and along to the exact way the scene was done I’m

like wow this is very kind of silly uh the farming sequences and taking just basic farming and then try to make it look super badass was funny one was enough two made it funny yeah like stuff that and it’s funny because it’s supposed to be really cool yeah

and so maybe we’re not supposed to be laughing but I would rather take laughing over boredom bored out of my mind being annoyed yeah or disoriented in aad way this is tedious or some I would rather take that but then it was also consistently mixed in with that

was actually that I personally thought uh was good I thought it got better as it went by the time baddy show I think like less time with the bad guys was a smarter call by the time baddy show up at the planet I felt the the tension of

how this is all going to go down we believed the because we were what we were commentating on was when they started showing up I was like this is good because I’m here watching this going I don’t know how these guys will beat them like this seems like

literally impossible you know and then they sold it they sold the hell out of it so they sold the struggle they sold the fight uh even cor get into the ship that was all I thought that worked MH uh the fight going down when the ship is crashing

I love the way that sequence looks and the idea of it where they have to sword fight while you’re sliding down is I was creative the orientation of the ship keeps changing yeah I it surprised me the movie surprised me and how I was actually keyword I was

entertained in spite of flaws kind of throughout a lot of it I was consistently entertained uh yeah I like sure Kora and Guy Gunner falling in love oh all right I guess I required to happen sure let it happen I don’t give a like let it happen I

thought it worked better for that to happen and his death scene as much as I made a couple of jokes there I was like this is actually a good death scene yeah yeah there are a lot of good Concepts and the acting goes a long way I think

they they have a truly you know capable Ensemble who can take the things that feel thinner or like they’re pulled out of like a comic book page and they can really sell the emotionality behind that and and in a Zack snd Universe you also have to be able

to sell like the badass gravit toss but yeah like that that line where she’s she’s crying over him and and she says that like why can’t I have this one thing like that actually it’s a good line actually that actually got to my heart and that’s about the

last thing I expected from a movie I got nipple chills with this movie yeah it actually Rose to some occasions it did Ed screen okay I made a comment during the reaction that I was like I’ll just save it for the the review this other comment was uh

I didn’t feel like Ed screen needed to come back uh we both did we don’t really feel like because I thought like oh he’s coming back and he’s like supercharged human or some I’m like not really there’s like a couple of scenes where he showed some display of

extra strength but I thought they were going to turn him into the guy from Alita battle angel or something yeah or I thought he might have been like I like okay uh way of water uh Steven Lang oh yeah I thought Steven Lang was more effective in we

of water than he was in the first one yes um and and more interes and yeah I thought I thought okay maybe we they could have they have an opportunity to maybe do something like that maybe not make him as like oh let’s show a more compassionate side

but maybe death has affected this guy somehow and changed him in some fundamental way but it really didn’t and and then the other part of me was going okay but if I don’t look at this as a sequel and as the second half of a longer movie does

it work better maybe in in if the theory being that yeah if you look at this as one whole experience it might seem odd to swap in just a new guy you know who have no association I thought they were going to make it so like oh belisarius

is coming for us himself which clearly they’re going to leave as a you know as fod to get a sequel another sequel going yeah um but yeah I feel like it is appropriate to have you know some kind of continued conflict with him and I like again his

presence you know and I think they sold just the fury of the confrontation but I mean I still feel like with all we’ve seen with him and they’ve got him like charged up on all these cables and we saw him in the other movie like with tentacle creatures

and like I don’t know I yeah I still think they could have like leveled him up but at the same time I wonder if that might have taken something away or or or stolen Focus from just the onslaught of the actual Skirmish happening on the ground I don’t

know there’s something that could be improved or or or better about that I’m kind of on the fence with it because it’s like I I liked watching him obviously um but I was sort of continually flip-flopping in terms of yeah his presence and what he’s adding to the

overall story like in terms of a story and a world uh other than like the aesthetically blending it the movie The World itself is nothing that unique that that is one of the flaws I think of the Rebel Moon universe as currently the reiv like I like I

like kind of the you know like like it’s like a buffet of sci-fi fantasy it just like it’s like an oblivion or one of those kinds of movies yeah where it’s like a Sci-Fi salad and the only thing I asked is can you be entertaining and and that

was the main thing was I was entertained and maybe it allowed for a more entertaining experience as I was able to watch it with you and we were able to like make jokes about certain moments that maybe I might have been checking out for if I was by

myself totally um so that helps but and I think one thing we have to own is that so much of I think the uplift in our spirit due to the fact to be miserable and yeah and just really feeling like this is so much better than the first

one yeah so I don’t I’m like I don’t I don’t you’re catching this in the honest immed moment of a reaction so I’m not going to try to like fantasize about what it would be like if on just on its own as a film versus you know not

having a dow experience being left with in the last one right so as it stands as a part two yeah I thought way better jaman hansu I thought brought a lot CU and that’s when I noticed the script was because I was like these lines are not great

but he is making me really enjoying yes yes um so I think uh jaman hansu was a much needed elevated presence for this like I felt like he was just in the background um I like how when you actually get backstory they would show flashbacks that was great

and it felt appropriate to give him the biggest boost because like the Ensemble as a whole the team they’ve assembled does feel more distinct and ingrained in this movie but he is clearly the sort of standout who is risen the of and as as there are times you’re

like I don’t even know all their names I don’t know any of their names still don’t know I know Kora and Gunner because I was like oh it’s Gunner yeah just because yeah because we don’t want to you know make it too on the nose with him not

being able to use guns and being called Gunner yeah yeah yeah I do think that is a missing beat with this film sure that the village like when they were training like if you’re going to the tropes movie like have your village have a little bit of a

struggle with learning how to get this down it just seemed like all the only missing piece was for them to be handed weapons yeah and that’s all they needed to become an army yeah cuz that was the one thing I mean it made it easier to buy into

okay yeah I guess they could put up a fight but you do want that that element of worry of like oh my God are they going to be able to they don’t look in good shape you know on the eve of battle what are we going to do

I mean uh and Sophia batella again I remember one of my criticisms was I don’t feel like she’s a star and this movie made me go she’s a star like she’s a star of this movie and I thought she was really good it’s amazing what happens when you

have a better rounded movie around you because I feel like this movie helped all of its elements just by virtue of the fact of being just a more breathable more you know gracefully paced event than the first one especially uh I feel like that that makes everything work

and makes it so that you’re not focusing as hard on the stuff that is wrote or that is familiar Zack Snider often will say something like I made I mean I I don’t know how this like did he make the movie he wanted to make he’s making the

PG-13 I still feel like this is a a resp I feel like the way this movie is paced and edited I’m very curious to know if when going through the editing Bay on this film cuz he obviously has like a ton of footage if that was was was

retooled in response to the way the first movie wased I was I was wondering that to because I don’t think he did any more photography on the film I can’t imagine he did because of the Gap here yeah um so I don’t think that was the case but

I do imagine that him behind the scenes maybe actually did some retooling because this is shorter than the last one right it’s shorter it’s Tighter and uh and it breathes more it has more breathing like you actual moments like that that bit where the villagers are giving them

the gifts it was like a beautiful little character culture moment that is I think one of the overlooked aspects of what makes a sci-fi movie like this and especially a derivative sci-fi movie like this work is when you build the cultures rather than just building cool machines agree

agree and uh Gunner was fine um was like I like more for what he did for Sophia batella uh the long hair hpog guy I I was more interested in his world that he was part of yeah I was like’s let’s go see that that him as a

character he just kind of feels like discount Jason Mamoa to me and I’m not I’m like it’s no slight against him as a performer but as a character still didn’t really I liked him more here than I did in the last one uh but the Ensemble is still

slight yes yeah the girl with furiosa makeup um again like a good performer I I I liked watching I didn’t really get invested in her character uh I was invested whenever she would show up and then when she was away I would be like I would forget yes

um and uh we were talked about at screen a lady who looks like princess on planet and and guy who defected from bad guys Asian guy whatever that was was still whatever to me like no no real impact um like that was elevated yeah Asian girl with swords

I really like her a lot like I think she is a great body language performer and the whole thing with bonding with a kid I I love how they chose to keep that very unspoken yeah um I think she’s strong as hell I do think that her fight

was a little lackluster in terms of sword playay and choreography I’m like it looks cool when you’re like slowing down or whatever did find that choreography a little lackluster yeah I to to give child of fire a little bit of a prop I think the spider fight with

her was probably more striking than this one was yeah I think like they in terms of both the choreography and even just the lensing of the whole thing might have been restraint on choreography because I mean I’m not expecting like full-blown like martial arts you know it has

to still be grounded because this is a War battle fight but I still think they could have done something knowing Zack Snider and knowing the hearing him talk I know how much he is motivated by what is cool I think he could have put a little more cool

there yes and I wouldn’t have batted an eye at that Zack Snider makes Zack Snider movies and that’s that’s one thing I was very much kind of aware of now as opposed to stuff before is like he has very much just like he’s like one of those bands

with his own sound and he just he’s just only going to do that if he knows how to capture enough of a character who through the through body language because he’s obviously obsessed with visual imagery and trying to communicate via that way uh he can really nail it

and it that really comes in the form of Anthony hopkins’s Jimmy there is something about that goddamn robot you know like I don’t know what it is exactly but you do get these like multitude of emotions when you respond to him and it’s a real Char like a

real guy I think big credit to the movie is when we like cuz I forget when it was I joked when he’s in the cave the back cave and and and I said he uh like he’s probably going to throw up in like the third show up in

the third act or something like that you’re like yeah probably at the real all his lost moment and he and he did he did but but we were so into it I was too caught up thinking like oh are these two about to die well I think that’s

indicative of the the strength of this movie especially versus the first he knows how to do like explosion reveals through the smoke really well yeah and he does that a lot in this movie Elemental transition yeah uh uh but but that’s one of those things too where where

in a movie that breeds and has an actual pce to it you can just be caught up in the moment and forget like it does make me fascinated to go back to your earlier question like you watch part one and it kind of gave me like the theatrical

bvs experience in a sense where I watched and I went I can’t imagine with the amount of skill Zack Snyder possesses that he released this cut thinking yeah this is like how this movie should be and this is like a good cut of a of a real film

just because it it after that first half hour it just becomes this weird Montage thing and it’s so Jagged and it’s so disjointed and here you know it’s like you couldn’t sell a moment like that I don’t think in the previous movie unless you relied on the disjointedness

which isn’t good to do I don’t or you know isn’t like an actual Choice whereas here yeah it’s again it’s not Reinventing the wheel but a moment like that I think is just indicative of how much stronger this is just as a watchable Movie experience and and an

experience that you actually can attach something to and get invested in somehow even if it’s just in the immediate moment and like a moment like that is super gratifying yeah and I don’t feel like the first movie had a moment like that kind of at all like it

had some of the atmospherics it had some of the momentary imagery um but like I was happy that this movie actually like got me invested and got me like you know whooping a little bit and got me you know at least like enjoying being here yeah and and

yeah like you know again you know Zack Snider at this point I don’t feel like he really has need to be CH you know I hope he finds means of challenging himself as a filmmaker moving forward but at the same time he seems like he’s got his Niche

and he likes to do that um and this got me interested in seeing what a director’s cut might look like whereas the first movie made me never want to watch a rebel movie ever again so uh I’m I’m really curious to see what this looks like when those

director’s Cuts come out and how different they might be uh because again like I I don’t I I would love to know if they recut this or they if they altered it in any way leading up to the release of the second movie Just because again this risk

this gamble of cutting these in half and making these PG-13 and there’s an art like it just seems like so much so much mess is created by that process when you could just be making a good movie sure sure you know and uh I don’t know I just

hope for the what if this does proceed as a franchise I hope they maybe drop that part and just commit to making one good movie yeah um because it is a little exasperating having you know this weird dance with Zack Snider stuff where you got to watch every

movie like five different times and there’s like no definitive cut until there’s finally like 10 cuts down the line you know it’s it’s wild but at the same time this at least didn’t leave me with the feeling of like man we’re putting all our resources into this yeah

yeah I mean overall uh Market Improvement uh we do got to get out of here I do think uh you know all the same carryover stuff from the technical side visuals I think visuals are really good here and the music by Tom Hulen Borg amazing as always uh

yeah great design work I was uh I I’m surprised I was I was surprised by how much more enjoyable of a film this was the joy Giver but what do you guys think leave your thoughts down below is it better is it worse do you still not give

a leave your thoughts would love to hear them especially on this one uh be sure to subscribe and leave a like and we will catch you soon reject Nation thank you for being here

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