Restaurant Review #1__ Đi Ăn Đồ Hàn Quốc 🥘 (ENG-SUB)

This’s the restaurant we are going to try today!!!!
hmmm ><
Never try it before so let's see if it delicious😋
It's Korean food
Hello everyoNe☺️
So I am back with a new hair style
😛"kiểu tóc mới"
Today, Thu (me) and Cindy
Decided to go to this Korean place to try it out
It located in Federal Way (Kitchen Remix)
Give me a min, Ima record it for you all
This is the view of it
umm, at this time it's Covid time so not a lot of ppl here
The whole restaurant is pink 💕
I want some soju 🥺
Go with this girl today
Cindy also has new hair color (màu tóc mới)
yeh yehhhh
You guys hear the Korean song ?
Excuses me😩
Now I will take some pictures for her
It is hella big, I swear we both not gonna finish it
You guyssss, It is sooo yummy 😋
Do you guys want some ??
The food looks amazing
It is frs delicious y'all
I am heaven 🥴🤤
This is a chicken 🍗 piece
ahhh, Its 🥵 hottt
This Topokki is huge
I love this the most. It called

Corn cheese
corn cheese
Cindy: you can make it at home
good food
In this store they don't have a good lighting
Okay so this is too much
too big
we can't finish it
Right now, we decided that to share half/ half
Who couldn't finish will stay here to wash the dishes for them
Cindy: here bro
When we finished the chicken 🍗,
and the Topokki
Then they bring the
mixed fry rice out
yup, here iss……😑
Okay, Cindy she ordered this fried rice
So now we gonna try this rice
We almost done, but I'm so full, I can't no more
She can still eating 😂
After eating, my face look tired
And I don't even wanna look at my belly cuz it's too big now
I can't talk no more
I cannot eat more but I still wanna eat
There is still a lot so we might need to bring home
I should say bye to you now :((
I think I will try a different place so I can review it for you
Okay see you later 😋

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