Restaurant Review #1__ Đi Ăn Đồ Hàn Quốc ? (ENG-SUB)

This’s the restaurant we are going to try today!!!!
hmmm ><
Never try it before so let's see if it delicious?
It's Korean food
Hello everyoNe☺️
So I am back with a new hair style
?"kiểu tóc mới"
Today, Thu (me) and Cindy
Decided to go to this Korean place to try it out
It located in Federal Way (Kitchen Remix)
Give me a min, Ima record it for you all
This is the view of it
umm, at this time it's Covid time so not a lot of ppl here
The whole restaurant is pink ?
I want some soju ?
Go with this girl today
Cindy also has new hair color (màu tóc mới)
yeh yehhhh
You guys hear the Korean song ?
Excuses me?
Now I will take some pictures for her
It is hella big, I swear we both not gonna finish it
You guyssss, It is sooo yummy ?
Do you guys want some ??
The food looks amazing
It is frs delicious y'all
I am heaven ??
This is a chicken ? piece
ahhh, Its ? hottt
This Topokki is huge
I love this the most. It called

Corn cheese
corn cheese
Cindy: you can make it at home
good food
In this store they don't have a good lighting
Okay so this is too much
too big
we can't finish it
Right now, we decided that to share half/ half
Who couldn't finish will stay here to wash the dishes for them
Cindy: here bro
When we finished the chicken ?,
and the Topokki
Then they bring the
mixed fry rice out
yup, here iss……?
Okay, Cindy she ordered this fried rice
So now we gonna try this rice
We almost done, but I'm so full, I can't no more
She can still eating ?
After eating, my face look tired
And I don't even wanna look at my belly cuz it's too big now
I can't talk no more
I cannot eat more but I still wanna eat
There is still a lot so we might need to bring home
I should say bye to you now :((
I think I will try a different place so I can review it for you
Okay see you later ?

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