Revell Razor Crest 1/72 Unboxing / Kit review

Now I want to tell you my opinion about the kit.
I’m really excited from Revell.
This is a really good kit from Revell.
I was very happe that they launched the Razor Crest in 1/72.
The Instruction are typical for Revell.
The new Instructions are nicely printed and clearly laid out.

It’s nice that a pilot figure is included.
And a stand is included so the Razor Crest can fly.
Perhaps the stand can be modified to change the flight position of the Razor Crest a little.
The instructions are very neat.
Another highlight are the decals.
The decals are already chipping the color.
Of course, you can also paint the yellow stripes properly and then age them with a liquid mask.
I like the decals a lot and there is not to much carrier film.
My absolute highlight is the kit himself
The details on the surface and all the indentations.
The details here on the front are great.
There is very little flesh.
The details of the surface speak for themselves. Please have a look.
Respect Revell, this is a great kit.
That was the airframe.
The engine nacelles.
The details of the panels, rivets and cladding.
A well-made kit, without flesh

even at the smaller parts.
the connection to the sprue that are not too big.
A very nice cockpit with lots of details.
With the ball that Grogu always wants.
Now let’s take a look at the interior walls.
The bottom also has anti-slip details.
The side walls are also fully equipped.
Really great.
Mando’s toilet and bed.
I’m really excited, respect to Revell!
It’s a great kit and a very clear recommendation to anyone who is a Star Wars or The Mandalorian Fan.
Here is the upper Hull of the Razor Crest with the cockpit.
The openings are very clean, there is no flash.
This is the escape pod from Mando.
Where there is light, there is also shadow.
The clear parts are scratched, I don’t like that.

Even though they were in their own bag.
Here in the reflection you can see the scratches on the main window.
There are also scratches on this window.
You can remove the scratches with polish compound, but that shouldn’t happen at new kit.
The windows are very clear.
There are no problems with the transparens.
Only here with this curved window are there small problems.
The scratches on the transparent parts are one of the few points of criticism.
I still miss something.
Apart from Grogu, I really like the little guy.
There are no criminals frozen in carbonite. The Mando has hunted.
The Cargo Bay is then unfortunately a bit empty, with no criminals in carbonite.
Thank you very much for your attention.
And maybe we’ll see you again to build the Razor Crest.
Now I have more time again.
In an update video, I’ll tell you what’s going on in my life right now and why I haven’t made any videos.
See you soon, your Ben.

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