REVIEW 🔥 Lora DiCarlo Tilt🔥【New 2021】- Your New Warming Anal Plug

Well, well, well!
You’ve chosen the Lora Dicarlo Tilt.
Known affectionately as the fun-loving corkscrew.
Lora DiCarlo Tilt is a double stimulator that
thanks to its unique design can be used to
simultaneously stimulate the G-spot and clitoris,
anus and perineum or the P-spot and perineum.
A real Swiss Army Knife of stimulation.
Tilt has two distinct parts: a plug designed
for vaginal or anal insertion for P or G spot
stimulation; and another part which boasts
two ends, each one having its own separately
controlled motor.
It can be used to stimulate the clitoris or
the perineum.
So it’s a really superb 2 in 1 a bit like
on of those reservable jackets.
but much better and much better at 
keeping you nice and warm inside.
To turn it on, press the button with the logo
on it for a couple of seconds or until it blinks.
Once it’s on, choose the end you’d like to
stimulate you and start pressing the button
next to it.
Both are quite capable of taking you to nirvana
in the same way: The first 7 different presses
allow you to sample 7 different intensities.
After that, there are 3 vibration patterns
that provide all the ‘tiltilating’ pleasure
you crave.

There’s a button with waves on it.
Hold it down until it flashes and then we’ll
tell you about that later.
Click above if you like to see the shared
features of this new Lora DiCarlo collection and
stay right here if you like to see what Sway
and Drift are all about.
Lora Dicarlo Sway combines all the phenomenal
functions of a Drift and a 
Tilt into one dazzling device.
delivering Clitoral, anal, 
G-spot and P-spot stimulation
to its lucky recipients.
It fuses the delicate curves and perfect geometry
of the Lora Dicarlo Drift bullet vibrating
plug with the lab-grade ergonomics of the
Lora Dicarlo Tilt anal plug.
Double ended for double the pleasure.
Turning it on is as simple as pressing the
logo button for a couple of seconds.
When it blinks, its time to choose the end
you wish to use —The one for vaginal or
the one for anal stimulation.
You and your partner can even enjoy each end
together and at the same time!
So, once your Sway is turned on and you have
chosen your preferred tip, press the corresponding
button and you’ll be able to enjoy the 7 different
vibration intensities.
Keep pressing and you”ll get to the 3 different
patterns that will send you 
in to a pleasure overdrive.
Click above if you like to see the shared
features of this new Lora DiCarlo collection and
stay right here if you like to see what Drift
is all about.
Drift is the vibrating bullet created by Lora
DiCarlo that has an ergonomic design that
adjusts to your body beautifully for both
external and internal stimulation.
Its compact body conceals a powerful motor that 
could just as well be found in a McClaren F1.
This bullet vibrator created by Lora DiCarlo
has an ergonomic design that will adjust to
your body beautifully to provide both external
and internal stimulation.
Its curved head is specifically designed to
stimulate the G-spot and has a small bump
at the end for massaging external areas such
as the clitoris, perineum or nipples.
To turn it on, just long-press the logo button
until it blinks and you’re ready to sample
the 7 different vibration intensities Keep
pressing and you’ll be rewarded with 3 different
patterns that’ll have you drifting down a
stream of pure bliss.
There’s one more little button to tell you
about, but if you don’t mind, we’ll do it later.
Just keep it pressed until you see it blink.
That’s right.
Finally, we’ve got to that famous three-wave
If you’ve seen the rest of the videos, you’ll
be burning with desire to know what it’s all
Which is really quite apt because all three
of these Lora DiCarlo products are capable
of transmitting a unique heating sensation
thanks to the thermally conductive polymers
they conceal within.
The Lora DiCarlo Drift, Tilt and Sway are
all made of high quality, latex and phthalate-free
medical silicone and are silky-smooth and
soft to the touch.
They are waterproof up to one metre deep,
so give your bath a new lease of life.
Not only are they compatible with water-based
lubricants, but it’s also compulsory to use them
for the best experience.
Finally, they’re all charged using the magnetic
USB cable which comes included.
Lora DiCarlo Drift, Tilt and Sway are part
of the American brand’s new 
squad of stimulating vibrators.
All these stimulators have the potential to
be first-teamers, but they’re all told the
same thing: get warmed up, it’s time to play.

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