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The year 2021 is still a year of raging epidemics, negatively affecting and stalling many
aspects of the world. But for the Pokemon brand alone, in my opinion, 2021 can still be considered an
exciting and successful year for this global brand. As the 25th anniversary of its
establishment since 1996, the Pokemon world has had many events, many activities, many combinations
with the most famous people on Earth during the past year. And in particular, it can be said that there has never been
a year where Pokemon has launched as many new and interesting games as in 2021. Specifically,
there are 3 very remarkable new Pokemon games that have been released in the list. Over the past year have been New
Pokemon Snap, Pokemon Unite, and 2 versions of the Gen 4 Remake: Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl.
So why not look back, review, and give a little bit of your thoughts about those 3 games. Is launching
3 new games in just 1 year the right move for Pokemon Company?
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The first shot of the Pokemon game in 2021 is the New Pokemon Snap game that launches worldwide
on April 30 and is compatible with the Nintendo Switch system. New Pokemon Snap is an
upgraded version of the Pokemon Snap game from the years 1999, 2000 running on the Nintendo 64 system.
When playing New Pokemon Snap, players will be taken to a whole new land called the Lental Region
to receive missions. from Dr. Mirror. Players will take on the role of a photographer and have
to take pictures of all the Pokemon present in the land of Lental to report back to Dr.
Mirror. This is essentially a form of completing the Pokedex like on the main game versions,
except that we will not catch Pokemon but just take pictures of them.
The game has many rounds, many maps, many terrains, many weathers, both day and
night, and each place has many levels for us to explore. When starting to explore a map,
players will be able to sit on the NEO-ONE vehicle and it will automatically follow a predetermined
path . Players just need to try to interact with Pokemon and the surrounding environment
to be able to take the best pictures, catch the most interesting moments and bring it
back to Dr. Mirror for grading. A gameplay that can be said to be easy for all ages.
Of course, New Pokemon Snap isn’t just that simple. In the process of exploring the land of Lental,
we will discover many more interesting things about this land,
especially the phenomenon of Illumina Phenomenon – the phenomenon that makes Pokemon become bigger and glow
extremely beautiful. . Up to this point, the Illumina Phenomenon is still an exclusive phenomenon
of the land of Lental, helping the New Pokemon Snap increase its attraction significantly.
To comment on New Pokemon Snap, I can only use 1 word “BEAUTIFUL”. This game owns
an extremely beautiful image, the graphics are definitely the top of all the Pokemon games available on
the market today. The way Pokemon move, the way the player interacts with the surroundings, the
way the weather changes, everything is very natural and extremely vivid. When playing the game,
many of you probably feel like you are living in the Pokemon world,
feeling like the Pokemon species are surrounding and being able to touch them. In general,
for a longtime Pokemon fan, New Pokemon Snap has pushed my emotions up a lot every time I play.
The gameplay is simple, but to complete all the Pokedex of this game is sometimes even more difficult than in the
games of the main series. According to a live statistic, if only diligently completing the plot,
the player will take about 8 to 11 hours of gameplay. An average number. But if you want to complete
100% of everything in New Pokemon Snap, 58 to 80 hours is the number of hours that gamers will have to sit in
front of the screen. Not stopping there, on August 3, a DLC expansion of this game
was released to increase the experience and playtime for those who have completed
the game before. In particular, the expansion for New Pokemon Snap is completely free.
With all of the above, the $60 price tag can be considered a good price and worth the money players spend
to own. The clearest proof is that even though it has not been released for a year, New Pokemon Snap has
sold 2.2 million copies, bringing the publisher more than 130 million USD. So is New Pokemon Snap
a successful game? If compared with the main series games, of course, the number of 2.2
million copies sold is not yet absorbed. But if in the group of spin-offs, New Pokemon
Snap is definitely the most successful and most worthwhile
Pokemon spin- off game. Next will be a rather infamous game: Pokemon Unite. During Pokemon Presents on
June 24, 2020, the first Pokemon MOBA game called Pokemon Unite was introduced and
received mixed reviews even though the game has not been released. The reason may be because the gameplay is
more novel than other MOBA titles and is not familiar to longtime Pokemon fans. Additionally,
Pokemon Unite is not directly developed by the Pokemon Company. Specifically, TiMi Studio Group,
a subsidiary of Tencent Games from China, is the main developer of
the first Pokemon MOBA game . A product that carries a big Japanese brand name but
is developed by a company from another country, sounds bad.
Waiting time until the game’s official launch is also an inhibitory problem. It took
more than 1 year after the introduction date, July 21, 2021, Pokemon Unite was officially released
but only on the Nintendo Switch system. As a cross-platform game, it will not be until September 22 that
Pokemon Unite will appear on mobile devices. To put it bluntly, the
game has made players wait a long time to be able to experience it.
There are so many mixed opinions, so much drama, but it must be admitted that, when Pokemon Unite
was released, this game created an extremely strong wave in the Pokemon community in particular and
the gaming community in particular. shared. It makes me feel like in 2016, the year that Pokemon GO was released and
caused a global fever. Of course not as much as Pokemon GO in previous years, but because it
is easily accessible through mobile devices such as phones or tablets, and is still free,
in only about half a year, Pokemon Unite has recorded more than 50 million downloads on all platforms and
was included in the top nominations for Mobile Game of the Year 2021. Although completely defeated by Genshin Impact,
in comparison, Genshin Impact was released in September 2020 and ran almost. on all platforms,
but by the end of 2021, this hit game currently has more than 85 million downloads,
30 million more than Pokemon Unite but released 1 year before. This proves that
Pokemon Unite is really a game that has stepped on drama to win everyone’s recognition.
So why such a 180-degree spin from players with Pokemon’s first MOBA title?
The gameplay of Pokemon Unite is similar to that of many MOBA games available today. Only
matches in Pokemon Unite will have a time limit. The longest is 10 minutes. In those 10 minutes,
instead of trying to destroy your team’s last turret, players will have to score as many points
as possible. Such a scoring method plus the feature of doubling the number of points scored in the
last minutes of the game makes this game possess a lot of extremely epic rafters. A
10-minute match, the first 8 minutes your team destroys the opponent, you kill 20 30 lives,
you think you won for sure, you crow very loudly, the last 2 minutes you lose Zapdos, you eat …
Summary of Pokemon Unite, a game with a lot of drama, gameplay is not too new, but with a special way of
determining victory and defeat, plus carrying the Pokemon brand, Pokemon Unite has achieved
certain success and will certainly survive well in time. long coming.
And the last game to be released in 2021, also the latest game in the main series
of Pokemon games: 2 versions of the Gen 4 Remake game – Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl launched globally
on November 19 and compatible. with the Nintendo Switch system. Since they are 2 upgraded versions of the
Gen 4 games released in 2006, 2007, Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl will take
players back to a journey in the land of Sinnoh and eventually will be flooded with onions.
Champion Cynthia. The story sounds old right? That’s right, guys. Pokemon Brilliant
Diamond & Shining Pearl owns a plot that is almost unchanged compared to the old Diamond and Pearl
. Plus the upgraded graphics are very half- baked, and then there is no Mega evolution, no Dynamax
or Gigantamax, many Pokemon fans did not hesitate to call these 2 versions of Gen 4 Remake games a disaster.
In my opinion, that opinion of most players is also somewhat reasonable. But for me,
the disaster of BDSP does not necessarily come from gameplay and graphics because I am still satisfied with the
new cute chibi-style graphics . The game also has many exciting new features and even
Ramanas Park – where players will freely hunt for Legendary Pokemon. However,
the disaster of these two games to me comes from the fact that Pokemon fans have waited too long
for the remake of Sinnoh. Fans have been calling and waiting for the epic return
of the most beloved land of Pokemon. With all those hopes,
Pokemon lovers have received a game that even Game Freak didn’t develop on its own.
If you don’t know, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl are the
first mainline games that Game Freak did not directly develop. Instead,
Game Freak left that job to a smaller studio, ILCA. Although this Japanese studio is also
a famous game development studio, it is clear that these two versions of the game have partly failed to keep
the essence of Pokemon. I don’t know if any of you who have experienced the game feel the same as me,
but when I play the game, I feel a bit weird and confused in a few places. Especially when Pokemon
launched moves that look so wrong. Although the game is recognized as having a certain difficulty
, less than 20 hours of gameplay is more than enough for players to complete the game and it is not necessary
to return to play again because Pokemon Sword and Shield is still the main
game and hits the mark. solution at this point. The feature to transfer Pokemon from BDSP to Pokemon Home or
to Sword and Shield is still not available, so there is almost no reason for us to continue to plow.
Despite being labeled a disaster, according to records, in the first week of sale,
Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl sold 6 million copies worldwide. 6 million copies
is also the number sold in the first week of Pokemon Sword and Shield. But keep in mind that
Gen 8 games were something new at the time, and nearly every Pokemon fan with a Nintendo Switch
must own one. That proves BDSP also has a great influence on the Pokemon community around the
world. Not successful in terms of reputation, but economically, Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl
high percentage still brings developers a steady profit figure. If asked, should you spend
about 60 USD to bring back one of the 2 Gen 4 remakes? My answer is probably
no. If you want to experience the adventure in the land of Sinnoh, new players can completely download the
emulator and play Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, but the quality of the experience will still be guaranteed.
Okay! So we’ve finished reviewing 3 Pokemon games that were released in 2021. Now it’s
time to answer the question I posed at the beginning of the video. Is this the right move for
Pokemon Company? Economically it is certainly a success. The more games released ,
the more profit the publisher will make. But in terms of quality, Pokemon
Company and Game Freak themselves can’t handle such a terrible game density. 2 of the 3
games mentioned above are not directly developed by Pokemon Company and Game Freak.
Even when they divide the work, Brilliant Diamond & Pearl Shining also can not run on
schedule to launch date, 2 copies of this game still released patches attached. The released Pokemon
game versions still have a great response and reception from the fans. But in the long run,
I think Pokemon Company should rethink about giving the main series games to another
company Game Freak to develop. And well, 1 game a year but the quality is good
, not 1 year 3 games and in the end only MOBA games are still alive.
Ranking lightly in terms of quality, I will give Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl the lowest quality
game in the past year. Hopefully the game will have DLC expansions to somewhat remove the
gauze, but I find this difficult to happen. Significantly better quality would be Pokemon Unite.
And the best game in 2021 of the Pokemon brand is New Pokemon Snap.
So what about you guys? Which Pokemon game released in 2021 do you feel like the
most? Do you agree or have suggestions for us? Let us know in the comments
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