(REVIEW) American Express Serve Prepaid Card // Best Prepaid Debit Card

American Express Serve is a reloadable prepaid
debit account.
It provides you with a standard set of Amex
cardholder benefits like purchase protection
and roadside assistance.
None of the known Prepaid cards has this feature.
So Amex Serve is definitely worth attention.
Hi, I am Slava.
Welcome back to my channel about money.
You probably saw this Amex Serve Prepaid Card
at retailers like Walmart, Walgreens, CVS,
and others.
It will cost you $4 to purchase the card.
If you sign up online – it will cost you nothing.
But, card replacement will cost you $5.
This prepaid card can be used everywhere American Express is accepted.
My advice for you is to be very careful when you
use it on pre-authorized transactions.
For example, if you use this card to pay for
gas – pay inside the gas station.
Paying at the pump will put a hold on around
You can receive your salary on this prepaid
debit card.
Set up a direct deposit, and you will receive
money up to 2 days earlier.
You can link your account at another bank
and transfer money.
You can use Mobile Check Deposit.
Just take a picture of the check you received,
and it will be deposited automatically.

/> The money will be available in 10 days.
Or you can use the feature “money in minutes”
and pay 1% of the amount.
1% is when you deposit checks with a pre-printed
If your mom gives you a check – “money in
minutes,” it will cost you 5%.
The minimum fee is $5.
Deposit of $50 with money in minutes
will not be the smartest decision.
Foreign Transaction will cost you 2.7% of
the amount.
Withdrawals at MoneyPass ATMs will cost you
You can also pick up using a feature called
Cash Pickup Powered by Ria.
It is available at over 4,500 Walmart, and
you will need to show your ID.
and using this feature will cost you a fee.
$3.50 fee for withdrawals up to $500
There are 3 plans:
Amex Serve
Amex Serve with Free Reloads
Amex Serve with Cashback
Amex Serve will cost you $7 per month.
But if you receive a direct deposit of more
than $500 – there will be no monthly fee.
The plan with Cash Reload or cash deposit will cost you
up to $4.
Just give your card and cash to the cashier.
The money will be available within minutes.
Amex Serve with Free Reloads will cost you
$7 anyway.
With these free reloads, you will have free
deposits at over 4500 retail locations.
Amex Serve CashBack will cost you $8.
It will give you 1% cashback on all purchases.
You will also have access to Amex 24 hours
And you will have access to all standard American
Express membership benefits.
Purchase Protection is a kind of insurance.
Usually, it is used to cover damaged electronics.
Roadside assistance helps when you have an
accident on the road.
There are many other benefits.
Now I have to tell you about the limits of
the American Express Serve account.
Your account cannot carry more than $100,000 at any given moment.
You cannot deposit more than $10,000 per month
in any combination.
You cannot spend or withdraw more than $15,000
per month.
As a next step, I would recommend you to watch
my video about another prepaid card – Bluebird
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Green Dot Debit Cards.
See you in my next video. Bye!

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