(REVIEW) American Express Serve Prepaid Card // Best Prepaid Debit Card

American Express Serve is a reloadable prepaid
debit account.
It provides you with a standard set of Amex
cardholder benefits like purchase protection
and roadside assistance.
None of the known Prepaid cards has this feature.
So Amex Serve is definitely worth attention.
Hi, I am Slava.
Welcome back to my channel about money.
You probably saw this Amex Serve Prepaid Card
at retailers like Walmart, Walgreens, CVS,
and others.
It will cost you $4 to purchase the card.
If you sign up online – it will cost you nothing.
But, card replacement will cost you $5.
This prepaid card can be used everywhere American Express is accepted.
My advice for you is to be very careful when you
use it on pre-authorized transactions.
For example, if you use this card to pay for
gas – pay inside the gas station.
Paying at the pump will put a hold on around
You can receive your salary on this prepaid
debit card.
Set up a direct deposit, and you will receive
money up to 2 days earlier.
You can link your account at another bank
and transfer money.
You can use Mobile Check Deposit.
Just take a picture of the check you received,
and it will be deposited automatically.
The money will be available in 10 days.
Or you can use the feature “money in minutes”
and pay 1% of the amount.
1% is when you deposit checks with a pre-printed
If your mom gives you a check – “money in
minutes,” it will cost you 5%.
The minimum fee is $5.
Deposit of $50 with money in minutes
will not be the smartest decision.
Foreign Transaction will cost you 2.7% of
the amount.
Withdrawals at MoneyPass ATMs will cost you
You can also pick up using a feature called
Cash Pickup Powered by Ria.
It is available at over 4,500 Walmart, and
you will need to show your ID.
and using this feature will cost you a fee.
$3.50 fee for withdrawals up to $500
There are 3 plans:
Amex Serve
Amex Serve with Free Reloads
Amex Serve with Cashback
Amex Serve will cost you $7 per month.
But if you receive a direct deposit of more
than $500 – there will be no monthly fee.
The plan with Cash Reload or cash deposit will cost you
up to $4.
Just give your card and cash to the cashier.
The money will be available within minutes.
Amex Serve with Free Reloads will cost you
$7 anyway.
With these free reloads, you will have free
deposits at over 4500 retail locations.
Amex Serve CashBack will cost you $8.
It will give you 1% cashback on all purchases.
You will also have access to Amex 24 hours
And you will have access to all standard American
Express membership benefits.
Purchase Protection is a kind of insurance.
Usually, it is used to cover damaged electronics.
Roadside assistance helps when you have an
accident on the road.
There are many other benefits.
Now I have to tell you about the limits of
the American Express Serve account.
Your account cannot carry more than $100,000 at any given moment.
You cannot deposit more than $10,000 per month
in any combination.
You cannot spend or withdraw more than $15,000
per month.
As a next step, I would recommend you to watch
my video about another prepaid card – Bluebird
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Green Dot Debit Cards.
See you in my next video. Bye!

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