(REVIEW) Chime Credit Builder Account // Chime Visa Credit Card

Chime Bank offers Credit Builder Visa Credit
It has unique features like 0% interest.
It makes no credit score check and there is
no need for minimum security deposit.
Hi, I am Slava.
Welcome to my channel about money.
For this Chime Credit Builder Card you have
to set up a “Safer Credit Building” account
that will pay off your credit card balance
The Chime Credit Build Card is similar to
a debit card, but it is Green.
You have to add money before you spend them.
Simply transfer money from your Chime Spending
account to your Credit Builder secured account
and then you can spend an amount equal to
your deposit.
It means, your spending is limited to the
amount you added.
Chime Bank reports how you use the credit
card to 3 major credit bureaus.
You obviously will make payments on time – because
you make payments before you make a purchase.
It will help you to build your credit score.
Because your card is always reported as paid
in full.
The pros of this visa credit card are:
No fees.
No credit score check.
No interest.
Your credit is limited to what you transferred
from your spending account.
So you can

make even very large purchases.
To be eligible for this card you have to have
a Chime Bank account with $200 direct deposit.
Next watch my video about Chime Bank or watch
my video about this credit card for building
your credit score.

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