Review determines no charges to be filed against Darren Wilson in Michael Brown case

nearly a year after reopening the
michael brown shooting case st louis
county prosecutor wesley bell has
not to file charges against the former
ferguson police officer
who killed him good evening i’m anne
allred and i’m mike bush bell made his
announcement today during a news
which suddenly got heated our robert
was there it was a high profile case
that made headlines around the world on
august 9
2014. 18 year old michael brown died
after ferguson police officer darren
shot him the case sparked protests
violence and riots in the streets for
the question for this office was a
simple one
could we prove beyond a reasonable doubt
that when darren wilson shot michael
he committed murder or manslaughter now
five months after taking a second look
into the controversial case
county prosecutor wesley bell says he’s
not filing any charges
against wilson the former police officer
served six years on the ferguson police
wilson is no longer a police officer we
put the time in we we did a thorough
and detailed investigation bell says his
newly formed conviction and incident
unit poured over the case examining
thousands of pages of witness statements
forensic reports and other evidence out
of respect for michael brown and his and
for his family
i do not intend to relitigate the
evidence in this case
several agencies previously conducted
their own investigations
into michael brown’s death including st
louis county police
a grand jury under former county
bob mccullough and the department of
justice documented an 86 page
report all determined no charges
would be filed against darren wilson
because the evidence certainly hasn’t
wilson’s attorney jim towie so this case
has always been about evidence and the
clearly lands on darren wilson’s side of
the line
five months six years people on the
street nothing they killed the man
those outbursts repeatedly fired from a
man angry after he heard bell’s decision
county police officers escorted him out
of the courthouse
meantime next week marks the sixth
anniversary of michael brown’s death
we don’t believe that justice was served
in this case
but it’s understandable based upon what
mr bell said
robert townsend five on your side in a
statement just sent to five on your side
a spokesperson for brown’s father
michael brown senior and his wife says
the family is devastated by the
prosecutor’s decision
and respectfully and respectfully asks
the public and the media to give them
a moment

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