REVIEW FARLIGHT 84 SOLO VS SQUAD GAMEPLAY NEW RECORD ? #farlight84 #battleroyale #mrkong

Anjir was destroyed cuy
wassalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh come back with
me on my channel providing information about exciting games Who else if not
and in this video we will discuss the new Battle Royale game guys, which
was just released on June 21, 2022, just a few days ago yes and there were also many who
went viral yesterday, this game is said to have gone viral, guys, so ouch, we have to try
, is it more exciting than social man, we don’t know Guys, let’s just try it and
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Kong dot photography, so let’s go straight to the video, let’s go , guys
, so as you can see, it’s already in the game and now guys, there’s an intro, right?
Oh , this
to have a theme like the future, guys
right? Let’s start the game, let’s have a cup of coffee, guys,
the program for newcomers to the Island. Okay, we can claim
it, because yesterday I played guys, so the bag guys are really good,

we get the character.
Oh, here’s the Battle pass
for season 3 This game is new, right, it was just released yesterday, June 21, you
got the SSR skin, guys
, now let’s see what’s going on, guys, what’s up Oh, here’s the Battle pass,
yes, yes , anyway, here are a lot of guys, look at the weapons.
The colors are the same pink or purple and light blue, guys, so
the colors are Saber punk, let’s just go ahead, Guys, what are we playing, let’s just go to Solo Squad
, let’s try it. Are the enemies or what, guys? So let’s just start
Solo Squad at far light 84 I hope I’m good at it because how many times did you have yesterday? Maybe
two or three
, guys, I’ve never played this game . There are baskets like that, guys, can we buy them or what,
it’s cool guys
, OK, let’s go to Nova bor Harbor
Anjir can’t see
there are only 60 people, there’s just a little bit
like energy and how to follow the sound
, what
‘s the dog, let’s mess around first guys, be
patient At first
was like porn, then
another one is
cool, dude,
at this point,
we’ve already killed 12, oh my,
this car is
really cool,
you’re stupid, what are
? Yes,
we have to pick it up like an attachment, it’s dead Victory guys, it’s really easy, it’s crazy, MVP guys, Solo Squad, yes,
we get Kill 15. Wow, the rating is 75. Why are you
clingy? recently guys,
what do you think, are we going to continue with this content or what,
guys or info about fadlight 84, or can you guys recommend it too, bro? try
playing this game, I’ll try this game later, OK, all of them, okay, this Guys, that’s all for
now, I’ll say goodbye. Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, I’m Mr Kong.

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