Review for Potento Pod

Hello, this is Lay from ADVKEN
Nice to meet you
It’s a hard time now
The epidemic is very serious
So I hope you stay safe
And please keep distance with each other
By the way
Don’t forget to wear your mask when you go outside
OK, back to our subject
Today I’m going to introduce you
Our latest product
It’s a tiny pod This pod can use both
6mg e-juice and nic salt
This pod call Potento Pod
Some friends might mistake Potento for “Potato”
It’s Potento and it means
Powerful and potential
It’s named by one of our company friend
OK, now let’s start to unbox it
To see what’s inside
Here we can see the appearance of our potento
It’s in slate gray color
Here is our company logo
Let’s see the other side
Here is our official website
You can see our latest product
Here is our official social media account
You can follow us in ↓
This is our production date
Here is our standard configuration
You can see what’s inside
Here is our security code
You can check if it’s fake in our official website
Now let’s open it to see what’s inside
Here is all we have in the packing
A user manual
A warning card
A potento device
Two cartridge
And a USB-C cable
That’s all
Now I’m going to fill my pod
I would like to use this two different e-liquid
This one is a 6mg watermelon flavor e-juice
And this one is blueberry and it might contain some mint inside
A nic salt
Let’s start to fill it
Now we finished filling
We need to wait at least
3 minutes to make sure the coil is fully soaked
to avoid burning our coil
Now I am going to introduce you
Our potento pod, the device
Here is our type-c charging port
With the type-C design, we can
finish charging it within an hour or even lesser
Here is our indicate light (and power button)
When we press 5 times
The indicate light flash one time
That means power is on
We press another 5 times
Now the power is off
See the bottom
>Here we have a voltage knob
When we adjust it to level “I”
The output voltage is 3.2 V and the output power is 8.5 W
When we adjust it to level “II”
Output power is 10.5 W, and the voltage is 3.5 V
When we adjust it to level “III”
The output voltage is 3.8 V and the power is 12.5 W
Then we will adjust it to the max level
Level “IV”, the output voltage is 4.2 V and the power is 15 W
And you can see the appearance
There are many spots
In our potento device
It just like a starry sky
We adopt a magnetic design
When we insert our pod
It’s very tight
We don’t need to worry about it would get out
Maybe you will feel confused that why potento pod can use 6 mg e-juice
Now I will show you the inner construction of our cartridge
Here is a new cartridge
Pull it out
There are 3 large holes in the coil
The hole is large enough
So when we use 50/50 VG/PG
Or even 70/30 VG/PG e-juice
We don’t need to worry about burning our coil
Besides, we can see here
The coil and the cotton are fully touched
So when you use it
You can get effortless vapor and flawless flavor
We can use both 6 mg e-juice and nic salt
The flavor and vapor are all great!
Time’s up! I can’t wait to try them
I would like to this
6 mg watermelon flavor e-juice first
For first use, don’t forget to turn level to level”I”
So you won’t burn your coil
Let’s try it
You see, the vapor is very light
We can try to turn it to level “III”
When we use level “III”
We can vape by DTL
You know watermelon is my favorite fruit
The watermelon flavor is very rich
Wow that’s good
We can try level “IV“
Maybe level “IV”
We can get huger cloudy and
And better flavor
The flavor is richer
Than level “III”<
I really this
The sweet flavor is very good
If you like the sweet flavor
You must try this

Now we can try this
The blueberry one
Still level "I" don't forget
I prefer vaping it by MTL
The throat hit is not very strong
Let's turn it to level
Turn it between level "II" and level "III"
The sweet flavor came out
The throat hit you know
It's strong
I want to try level "III"
You can get a stronger throat hit
I think it's enough for me
If you can bear a stronger throat hit
I think you can try level "IV" but
Using nic salt you know
I don't recommend it
Level "III" is enough for me
As for using the
6 mg e-juice
Level "IV" is OK
You can get huge cloudy and vapor
and good flavor
The flavor is onpoint
For now, potento only has one color
this one, the slate gray one
I think the new color is coming soon
Besides, the most unique design the voltage knob
you can get your suitable flavor
By this knob, it's a very unique design
I really like it
The throat hit, the flavor
of potento is excellent
If you have any suggestion
for us, you can leave it to comment area
Or leave a message in our social media account
That's all, thank you for watching!

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