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Hello, welcome to Eingfha P channel. Today we will review iPhone 11 after 3 months of use.
If you are ready, let’s start listening.
1. What we get from buying iPhone 11
First of all, we bought iPhone 11 from Apple Store Online. Our wait time is about 1 week. The
price when we bought it is 24900 baht, but now the price is 21500. baht. Capacity is 128 GB.
What comes in the box is a USB-C charging cable that is Iightning,
but in the box, it doesn’t come with an adapter, so we have to buy an adapter separately.
we know this is a purchase price of , 690 baht me who can afford it. Or whoever has it and doesn’t need it?
2. Rough specifications of the iPhone 11,
starting with a 6.1-inch screen, then there is a dual camera, a wide lens and an Ultra Wide lens.
For us, I think that there are two lenses. It is enough to use it. This model is a13 Bionic chip,
which is a chip. Very fast and convert and can do You can do many activities,
whether it’s searching for information, watching movies, listening to music or that. You can play social media or play games. I can do without

because I ‘m happy like the iPhone has 3110 mAh
, Apple claims that we can play the video up to 17 hours with it,
so we will not have to worry about it. Watch movies, listen to music and use social media.
The battery is still stuck.
3. The use of various functions that we like. Whether it’s about iOS15 or about widgets,
let’s start from The front camera and the rear camera have a resolution of 12 megapixels.
take a photo It will be mostly yellow tones, which Take very nice photos.
You can take pictures in low light night mode by turning one
part of the video I can. Can shoot from HD 30 fps up to 4K 60 fps.
IOS 15 will like it as a camera because we You can scan text in English.
But it must be set to English first. In our machine, here we will have a button in the bottom right corner and then we press it.
It will be a text that comes out. We can press Copy or Select all, or select a specific point.
And we can press Copy and paste it in other apps like Notes app.
Like we want a job like this, so I put it or that in the app.
We will be able to do it just the same symbol here. It’s the rightmost corner right here and I picked it up.
Then press the word insert and it will come up.
Apple is very accurate. Then we were worried.
Later it will be the focus. What we really like and it has many categories, namely, Do Not Disturb mode, private mode, work is work and slip.
We can turn on the mode. Sleep and everything will be in our Settings.
that we will set it up and then can choose the time You can open it as follows.
Next, it’s the speaker mode, which is the shape of this ear, and then press it. You can turn on natural sounds too.
Whether it’s the sound of the rain, we’re open At this point, there will be other sounds. So many
Follow this and you will be able to listen to the sound to have a better taste.
and then you can use this sound You can listen to music too. We’ll try it. Let’s see. Okay
, now we’ll turn on the music. You can adjust the volume.
Whether it’s music or it’s the sound of the rain.
and all the loudness and lightness I’m right here. It’s right here. Okay.
Next, let’s talk about widgets. This one is like this or this app is widgetsmith.
And we can move our widget to the set on the phone. According to this
We can put it anywhere. Let’s just put it here.
Or is it a medium size or a large format like this?
4. Main advantages and disadvantages For us, from actual use,
first of all, the advantages are, as we said, fast and smooth sleep without any interruptions in use.
The subject of this type is very stubborn. Because most of us use it to watch YouTube,
watch movies, listen to music, teachers use it or play it. On various social networks, it takes 3-4 hours a day,
but this battery is still sluggish, it can be used smoothly
This will be played continuously for a long time. So we have to rest the device for 30 minutes and then continue playing,
but it’s a good idea to take a break Let’s take a break and rest ourselves.
Article 5 Why should we buy iPhone 11 in 2021 even though iPhone 12 and 13 are already available?
We have to preface that we bought the iPhone 11 before the iPhone 13 was released, so we would like to talk about it.
First of all, the price is in our budget. The price is not very strong.
2. The specification is still good and this iPhone 11 is not out of the model yet.
3. Functions or specifications match our use.
Because we will focus on playing videos and playing social in general. As for the usage, we will definitely use the younger 3-4 years
and we will wait to see the next new iPhone models.
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