hello hello guys meet again with me Dinda Gerry in this video I’m going to TV local products, that’s
Hah on the reverse of avoskin the value of this refining toner shirt is one of the Skin Care I use this avoskin is
an exfoliating toner so its function is to exfoliate the skin with the ingredients there aha
This time I will divide it into five sections. The first one I will review
from the packaging and then the ingredients. The third is the texture and the fourth is
How to use. How to use it and what you guys are the result of my experience with using this
Avoskin product , so for those of you who are curious What is aha BH and PH later I will explain but later don’t
forget to click subscribe Mbak Use the first review packaging for its own price there are two types
for 100 milli the price is 169 thousand and there is 20 milli it costs 80 thousand Now for the packaging
itself it’s quite simple made of plastic, it only has avoskin written on it and it’s only
important for the color to make it look good I’m dark maroon but it’s transparent so we can still
see the contents, what I like when

you open the lid like this, there’s a circle like
this, I think it’s very useful because we can control the liquid that will come out of
it, but unfortunately for the packaging of avoskin miracles refining toner was the same like packaging
that avoskin retinol her So you have to be careful and meticulous if you want to buy avoskin
toner both of ingredientsnya avoskin toner it contains five percent aha in the form of
glycolic acid 1% bh in the form of salicylic acid 2% PH polyhydroxy acid and two percent
Smith this cement is really good for brightening further two percent Fitr with Hazel
rasberry and Aloevera which is lfra this is really good for all skin types OK for you
who do not know what the hell it aha BH and PH Now to hhbh and PH it is contains or
active substances that help overcome problems in our skin color regenerates the skin and lifts
dirt an on our face Now for its own difference, it’s for aha jiatuh to clean the outer part of
our skin and for a bra it also functions to clean our pores Now for its own ph it
functions to remove dead skin cells on our faces for this PH it’s
really suitable The ingredients for those of you who have acne-prone skin, this PH color is
lighter than ah and bras. From the texture, this evolutionary texture is super liquid, just
like toners in general, and underneath, it smells like its own ingredients, there’s no mixture
like roses or what does it smell like? it’s pure okay, let’s go to the how to use
Nyai is also very easy, just prepare avoskin toner and a cotton swab and then pour the tuner into the
cotton. After that, we rub it all over our face from bottom to top to make it more absorbent or
not because it’s an exfoliate toner so I don’t use
it every day I’m afraid if I use it every day I’ll experience over ost fold diet which can cause
irritation to our facial skin or not. That’s why I only use it twice a day. And my advice is to
use the exfoliator at night because when you’re exfoliating your skin is more
sensitive to sunlight, so we use it at night so it doesn’t work out exposed to direct
sunlight and after using an exfoliator at night, in the morning, it is absolutely mandatory to use sunscreen. Now
this is the last time I have used this Avoskin for a month and a half. I
feel the results are really slim on my face, the changes are really significant, I think
it’s the first My pores are cleaner Now and the second one is on my acne. I’m a
very acne-prone person. But as long as I use Avoskin, the acne has reduced. Even when I’m
spotty, at night, I use salty in the morning, it’s not dry. It’s really good for
my acne. the third one is on my acne scars. I used to have severe acne and there were a lot of
scars in the area here and here, here and here, while I’m using Avoskin, I
feel like my acne scars that used to be really red and brown this time were just spotty
yesterday, but after I used this, my acne scars became brighter, so it’s just
like brown. nice Hi and the last thing I feel is that I used it at night, I
‘m here in the morning My skin feels really moist, it feels clean and white, so
even though it’s not white, the plaque looks like white. It’s really natural, so I like
it. like a lizard on the face, it’s very natural, the name is also
evaluating if the skin is normal, which is not normal, if it feels too hot, then
you don’t have to use it, it means you are not compatible with this exfoliating toner product, so
from the beginning to the end we have discussed about Avoskin, they are the account Ono, actually this
product is worth giving the answer is really worth it because of what Because from the price of
169000, we have already got 100 products, and the results are over double, in my
opinion, it’s worth the price and this product is not really recommended for those of you who
have acne-prone skin problems and also texture gradations, especially blackheads and pores.
this is really helpful for dealing with your skin problems Okay, that’s enough for
today’s video, thank you very much for those of you who have watched, don’t forget to subscribe
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