Review mini Video Game Consoles Gameboys รีวิวเครื่องเล่นวิดีโอเกมคอนโซลมินิ เกมบอยพกพา 400 เกมส์

SAWASDEE KUP (thai) Hello. Today I ordered Lazada.
I’m going to review the ordered item
Should appeal to people aged 30 and older huhuhuhu
Is a toy game
I have a big project
make To do
Better come to review first
Packing today is good
Shockproof bubble
Better to keep using
This is
sup or sup Don’t know
Is a game that people born in the 90s will know
Can connect to the TV to use
See what’s in the box
Audio and video extension cable
audio cable is probably mono
Picture extension cable
After a while, connect the cable to the TV
And then a short usb cable
Bl-5c battery
In the old days, Nokia wears phones
The body is ok
Reasonable price
The total price of shipping is 140 baht (4.48 dollars)
Let’s see if the item works or not
Will have joy sold separately
Can be further added
I will order online to do the project
Make a project about game machines
For everyone to watch
Try turning on the game first
Because see in
comment in lazada…….Felt that
delivered item cannot be used.
Nothing happened

Nothing happened
140 baht (4.48 dollars)
This is
neat……Nothing happened
I’ll charge the battery first
Try plugging in a usb cable first
If the machine works
Machine has no problem
Oh OK , the machine is working
machine has no problems. working
Available in language selection
Choose language … English
Press the start button
Ok …. have super mario
mario 14
Should be very stressful
I will try to find a way to play the game first
super mario
Okay, so let’s try connecting to TV
Considered ok with the price 140 baht (4.48 dollars)
I’ll try connecting to the TV first…….LET GO
The picture quality …. is OK
I would like to set up the camera for a moment
Quality suitable for price
Thinking of childhood
it OK
Today, just review this
Then met with the project … this game machine

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