review of joker game

hi guys welcome to this video this is a new 
session for our channel in this session we are  
going to review different games to know how good 
they are and what can perform in our mobile phone
how good it is
let’s select this at first
obviously level one hey love once again
oh quite the beginning so 
this is my character right  
what’s he saying you are caught by 
the police and well being transported  
you broke three halfway and now it’s time to 
have some fun first let’s take care of this car
such a nice
let’s check what you see and then please
once that is enough for 
two cops it’s amazing right
i think it’s the running option so run my boy
faster faster you have retract here you 
can now use your hammer to destroy this one  
okay use the switch button this is your phone 
okay now hammer is good then hand right one
this love is too much greater than the first 
one when i say it is lost one more time
no don’t lock too much
basically this can get more than 
4 or 4.4 rating on playstore  
it is a gift for joker lover that there 
is a

game especially made for joker fan  
so that’s why i make this video 
now go and wait for another level
okay we don’t have enough money to purchase 
other weapons so we are going to try level 2.
oh it’s screaming or laugh confused huh
this looks like a good spot to 
cut charles killed two people  
standing in the parking lot and steal that 
money so it is going to make me a thief right
okay bye-bye
rest in peace
how is it isn’t it good oh my 
boy hold on no not now next  
okay shall we try level three okay let’s 
go for it and see how good it is in actual
same sound again select this character
time for some destruction destroy three 
car in this parking lot okay here is a car  
i think this is so most powerful 
okay this one is most powerful
one more sword
okay okay we have tried to level  
but it is too fast just kill two people 
and the level is over hopefully it did not
it is not a good game at all in average
okay let’s try level four and this 
will be the thank last for this video
okay i will do it oh so there 
is an arrow first of all
this once more once more
so for now they saw your laptop
okay boom
now turn for this one right
okay now this vehicle
is more once more
see he’s coming up
no we don’t want okay let’s go in the main menu  
and see what else is remain 
this isn’t privacy policy
alright guys this is for today 
how much you like this game  
drop a comment below i would like 
to give six out of ten for this camp  
but i’m a bit disappointed by this camp i think 
it should be a freestyle game like do everything
today bye

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