Review of the famous skincare brand in Brazil (Simple Organic)

This morning I will use this soap Circulating softly Wow, very smooth and soft It has a bigger base than I thought Very refreshing Hello, I’m Korean Soyeon Today I bought some skincare products A super dear Brazilian skincare brand I will test for 1 week and review the products I will show my purchases at Simple Organic I bought this mini kit with 3 clay masks They said it was ideal for dry and sensitive skin so I bought It says it soothes rosacea and the appearance of vessels and it helps blood circulation Helps in skin firmness too

Therefore, you use diluting in water I’ll try And also~ Ta-da!! Oat soap Look~ Doesn’t have a specific smell It does a deep clean and a light one It is to be used day and night Since I apply makeup It seems to be super practical to use in the morning So I’ll use it in the morning! Ta-da~ This bag is so cute, isn’t it? What’s inside this bag? Eye balm I think this eye balm was very successful It was one of the best sellers in 2019 It’s great for dark circles and expression lines That’s why I

apply it in the eye area too But I’ll apply on the Chinese mustache region too Because it has the effect of improving the skin and preventing wrinkles This

balm contains Chamomile and lavender oil The effects would appear after 1 to 2 months of use I will use it continuously on eye wrinkles Beautiful color, right? That’s the vitamin C solution It improves skin plumpness and firmness And after cleansing Apply 3 to 4 droppers Curious, I want to use it soon! I will use tonight Now the last one! I think it’s micellar water Isn’t it beautiful! Micellar

water And now I’m going to use the products for a week And review my experience Before, like, subscribe, comment and activate the bell! This morning I will use this soap First wet the skin Bubbles ASMR and I make the foam Circulating softly I don’t know what fragrance it is Doesn’t have a super oatmeal smell either I will clean my face well Really gives a feeling of deep cleaning Makes the skin very dry But when it touches the eye, it burns very clean face I did the cleansing Now I will apply the vitamin C solution Wow,

very smooth and soft Hm~ Vitamin Smell I felt that it’s very smooth indeed Doesn’t seem to get stick at all I’ll apply it on the neck too It has a light consistency Soft fragrance And it absorbs fast! My first impression was good Ah, but it leaves a little sticky yes Leaves a slightly sticky finish More hydrated than sticky! And I’m going to apply this eye balm It’s like this It has a bigger base than I thought Helps to improve dark circles and wrinkles And on the nose too and on the neck Going through every possible

wrinkle lol Instead of just going under like that Best to apply in circular motions like this Really very practical for being a stick I feel that it leaves well hydrated Practical to apply and good fragrance! Today I’m going to use micellar water I’ll dump the micellar water And a foam comes out Bubbles Wow what a good smell Look how it cleans Cleaning makeup residue The rest too After that I would definitely need to wash with soap To make the face super clean Cleans the neck well too I feel that it removes a lot of dirt

from the neck I’m going to wash my face now with soap With this oat soap I’ll wet my face first And wash well making circular movements To remove even the last residue I feel like it cleans really well But every time I use it, my eyes sting a little And now I’m going to use this clay mask And put some of that essence this I use You can use water anyway but I will use my product It got very firm and dense I will apply Good to avoid clay in the eye area I’ll leave it

for 10 minutes and wash my face Very refreshing I put it all over my face And I’ll let it dry It’s very smooth, it doesn’t provoke my skin My skin feels very soft because of the clay mask Zero provocative to the skin I found it very peaceful for sensitive skin too They said I could use the mask 2-3 times a week I will apply the vitamin C Lightens skin tone And regains skin firmness This vitamin C solution is transparent, right? A stabilized form of vitamin C that prevents oxidation It’s made up of glycosides To show

that there is no change in the solution They put it in this transparent bottle It also restores skin damaged by the sun’s rays For me, the big benefit of vitamin C is lightening the skin tone I soak it like this under my eyes too Me for example, in my skincare When I feel that the skin is dull and without a glow, for example I apply vitamin products focused on skin tone When I feel that it’is lacking firmness, I focus on firming her up When I feel like I’m dehydrated Focus on skin hydration All products need

to be absorbed into the skin So I always whim in the absorption Eye balm! According to the effects of the 28-day test of this product The result showed 100% hydration and 94% smoothed dark circles 97% improvement in skin firmness 94% reduction in eye wrinkles I will use it for 1 month! Here in the wrinkles that appear when I smile And here in the region of the Chinese mustache I always apply eye cream at night I’m going to use this oatmeal soap tonight As the cleansing at night has 2 steps, I will use it at night

too! This soap makes a lot of foam In the evening I will make the mask This time, this beautiful lilac It goes by feeling Here it says ideal amount This time I will mix it with ampoule Instead of water I’m going to make the clay mask now Wow, how different I applied it all over my face very thoroughly And leave 10 minutes And then I wash my face Wow.. So strange You always need to wash well afterwards so there’s no clay left on your face!! After cleaning with my toner pad I will apply the vitamin

C solution Out of all, the one I like the most is the vitamin C solution It applies very well And vitamin C improves skin tone Then I apply 1 to 2 times And before going to the next step I apply well on the skin And when it absorbed enough I apply eye balm Hello~ Today I reviewed Simple Organic, a Brazilian skincare brand What did you think? What I particularly liked It was the vitamin C solution What I missed a little As my skin is dry and sensitive The soap left something to be desired! The oat

soap I felt like it burned my eyes every time I used it But other than that I thought it was great overall Review of Simple Organic products by the Korean What did you think? If you have suggestions for makeup, skincare or hair brands Leave it in the comments! I will rate and review Thank you for watching until the end Enjoy, subscribe, turn on the notifications, please! I hope you enjoyed the information~ Bye!

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