Review on Mechamato Movie trailer & the release date

Assalamulaikum and hi everyone.
This time we will review the latest trailer of movie that all BoBoiboy fans are waiting for, namely Mechamato Movie.
As everyone knows, this official trailer of Mechamato Movie was released on 1.1.2021 by Animonsta Studio.
The film was originally scheduled for release in December 2020
and will be followed by its series on Cartoon Network,
but had to be postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak.
Although this movie trailer has been released, the actual release date
in 2021 has yet to be decided.
According to Nizam Razak, Managing Director of Animonsta in his Facebook post,
the release date will be announced when the market is ready & COVID-19 situation is under control.
With the postponement of the Mechamato Movie screening date,
this means that the BoBoiboy Movie 3 screening date has also been postponed
to 2022 after Mechamato Movie.
Mechamato Movie is the story of a young man named Amato
who accidentally became the owner of Mechabot,
a power sphere that can mechanize or merge with other objects.
As all of us know, after the end credit of BoBoiboy Movie 2,
this Amato is the father of BoBoiboy.
When Amato & Mechamato merge, they become the armored hero Mechamato.
Before we tell you more

about this Mechamato Movie,
let’s find out about what Mecha actually is.
Mecha is a Japanese term referring to giant man-made robots or machines (mechs).
Mechas are usually described as mobile robots or humanoids.
If you are used to watch Japanese Anime, you must be familiar with this mecha term.
From the trailer released, there are 3 definite things about this Mechamato Movie.
First. The evil character or antagonist in this movie is named Grakakus.
From my first observation about Grakakus, his character & body shape is like
Retakka in BoBoiboy Movie 2.
The second, Amato’s best friend’s name is Pian.
Amato never kept a secret about Mechabot from Pian.
Maybe Pian will be Amato’s sidekick in this movie.
The third, which Animonsta’ve inserted Silat
martial arts of the Malay
archipelago, which has been recognized by UNESCO as a cultural heritage belongs to Malaysia.
To me it is quite interesting to combine Silat with modern animation.
And worth to metion about Tok Aba in this movie.
Who agrees Tok Aba looks handsome when he was young ????
That’s all about the Mechamato Movie trailer that is trending right now.
Anyway I’m sure many out there are looking forward to watch this movie.
I’m sure this movie will be great! Together we look forward to it.
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