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Betty welcome youtube channel so on video this time I’m going to nge-review eyeshadow focus on my
on who you have tuh of series Karlen if only I going lihatin products to you Well
here’s a very beautiful packaging of its diesel hologram and I also direct look at
you guys so you can immediately see how good the pigmentation of this eyeshadow is,
here it is, all assets are 9C and five of the mas 4nia is May So you have seen
how boiled the pigmentation of this eyeshadow is so she has a good paint color really
and of course the color will be used all if there is a color like a bright orange,
but it will be used because it definitely wears the eye it’s really good So you don’t have to worry
like I’m afraid I use it And this is also single so you can adjust your taste because if pellets are
usually It’s like there are colors that you like but there are also those that don’t, so there are
colors that you don’t like I’ve used it once so that’s the advantage of single eyeshadow and also from these
9 eyeshadow sets you can produce different Luks, of course, from the natural look

/> to the immune one, you can use this eyeshadow so it’s really good for beginners and those who have already
used it. I’m going to love this product and this time I’m going to make Luluk
glued with the color of her creature because it’s really good, I saw it in the poem, I’ll see the tutorial
for you OK, so this is the one I’m going to use first from the site where the room
here is in very good color For use as a base, if I were to open it, the packaging
is really good, as you can see, the packaging is a hologram,
so it’s very colorful, according to the continuation, namely Colorland and the size is
also small, suitable for traveling. So you just have to choose the color you like. going
you do not have to carry the package big enough already bawa2 wrote it really him
this texture powder ring and this is also what I’m going to use for
tomorrow’s clothes all over the eyelid area Okay, here’s the result that was magical from the ROM, which is a really good color
like death and next time I’m going to use this focused paint, yo yo , I’m going to use the
rhyme for the edges so This is how it is brought to the corner of the eye to the inside of the eyelid
as well CY the eyes look sharper Okay I’m done I finished I used it I focused on using it
at the tip to go inside here a little then others will use the shimmer one
I’ll use from Z in GP read it Div Div or what I don’t know what it’s basically written like
this, so here’s the color. It’s really good. I’ll use it in this part full a bit in front of
here maybe I guess I’ll just use my hands because when applying shimmer eyeshadow it’s
better with my hands than using a brush The resulting color leaves also get
the Beekmans path, okay, here are the results, so this is really good, you can see this
It’s really glamorous, so it’s really good and suitable for parties, especially for events
like that. You can also make a natural Noah, for example, if you want to do it daily, you can use a
color that is rich in brown because it has a brown color, so you can use it like that, you can
combine it in Do it alone or just use one color It’s all good for natural
loops and perfect for my eye make up I’ll use eyeliner and mascara first
Okay so I’m done with mascara and inner but it turns out that the vulva for this bottom
smells like old times I’m going to add it first for the eyes, I’ll make sure the paint color
is the same room as usual, then apply it slowly so it
doesn’t hit other areas because it’s only at home Okay, I ‘m
done, then I’ll add more for the ends of the eye eyeshadow that doesn’t have a shimmer the sensory site
, the color is really good, it looks like you can use it as a hailtter and invites you to use an
oath it’s really good, this make up look is the eyeshadow that makes up the texture,
according to my account and this memory, the texture is creamier and the color is
very pigmented, and then I’ll try to make country, I’m using
Hey, Miles, this is May invite you to try the Gita or not and use it just a little bit
because this is really really good pigment, it’s been shaped first, I’m aligned with my eyebrows
OK, so the nose is done Hey, this is the edge for the contour, I’m using the
catmilk one similar and for the middle I use the shimmery one with Century paint Okay,
then I’m done with the eyes and the nose I’ll use a brush with the lipstick challens
Hi maybe for those of you who have watched my previous video you will know
because this is what I reviewed in the previous video What I just use your hands, just
tap and tap because it’s really easy to blend, okay, I’m done, so what I said earlier The
lipstick is from the Colorland Series as well and it has a very comfortable texture so it can
also be used as a dozen oils. This is really cool because the products are multifunctional. I will continue to
use lipstick from Way of Valor. The glue that has been PureView before in my
video, for example you are curious you live check aja I’m going to wear two
color ombre so it comes two chatnya only the peach that only the color pink
and peach color I’m going to use for dijadiin bestnya pink created therein
Deni Nice really do not dry at all subsequent I I’m going to add this
And lastly I forgot I wanted to use this for the highlighter, I used the
sensor set too, I wonder if I can make it a highlight,
I love it, I love it
Hi, That’s why I said that your Waino is not really multifunctional, isn’t it really beautiful? Now
you can see for yourself the results are really good Even though she’s not actually a hailtter but an
eyeshadow but k Alau if you do not have the budget more can you jadiin being sensory
is so multifunctional create dijadiin hailetter Okay so this wound finally tumpahin the Loop De beste
this year is really good and perfect for invitations do not make Eli yes if you like this is fitting
for the invitation is appropriate for I bought and the last review I made the whole thing I
really liked the first He’s this color from the pigmentation, there’s no need to doubt it, it’s really tupon, the
price is really double opor, it’s really cheap and he can get results like this this great
e-book and Earlier, I also said that it is proof that it is suitable for you beginners, even those who
have been doing this make-up for a long time, you can also experiment with using this and the most important thing is that you
have bought the slime. Some say it will last long. Di Maria’s eyes are
really good from the packaging. it’s already super really really wow with the hologram design
It looks really luxurious at the price which is over the bowl and yes I forgot to say that this is very
important so this product is inspired by macaroni so here it is for those of you who
may not know this macaroon. What is this food that looks like this but it’s
food but you can’t eat it, this is just an example of macaroon, it’s really funny right
so this product was inspired by this Okay for those of you who might also want to buy
the same product as me you can immediately check the description box Okay below because
I’ll include the link and If I suggest you guys gocap because Wooyu is doing
freestyle at the shopee If not wrong and many other price discounts
on the product So don’t miss it Okay maybe a video from me if you like it
don’t forget to like Comment and subscribe and if you have suggestions for another 2-tak u-boat contest
you can comment below Thank you for watching and see you on the next video bye bye

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