Review y Unboxing GK61 Switches GATERON BLUE 🔵 Teclado Compacto Gaming más rápido ⚡️

Hello friends, in today’s video we are going to do a small review, you already know a quick review of a
keyboard that the truth is that I was very surprised is a compact keyboard and sk 61 you already know
that we have a wide variety of manufacturers of the same keyboard is a customizable keyboard that
serves as an entrance to the world of keyboard customization and is not very expensive for what
customization keyboards are has graterón hot swap switches and in my case it came with
blue switches that are quite clicks has lighting to rgb and it has a software that is
very configurable to make an effect with the backlighting lights, make macro macros
with the keyboard as we do with the mouse also sometimes and the truth is that it is very good
the keyboard measurements are 60% of the format and it is 292 percent 4 x 40 millimeters it weighs 780
grams and the truth is that taking them in hand it seems quite premium, no you do
not notice that it is the typical plastic keyboard they talk since it broke For example,
the switches depend on the seller, as I say, the pipers of different colors will come to you,

there are 61 keys on the keyboard since it is 60% and it has anti-ghosting and roll-over technology,
as I say, the lighting, an RGB led and the connection with the Cable that comes is a usb that this is
compatible with windows mac and even with android the cable is one meter and a half and the highlight
of remarkable as I tell you is that there are also the clamps to remove the keys, the ones that are caps
and this It is very good to enter a little into the world of keyboard
customization here we can swap the switches and the keys
will give you many games then the islands you can find them in the express a lung
or any other store to customize it both the colors like the key format
now my personal opinion this is a keyboard for it is not for day to day to write it is a
gaming keyboard it is not a keyboard to customize if you like it but for day to day it is useful
because As you can see, we do not even have f1 keys, we have to continually give
the function key both for the f1 and for suppressing and for certain keys that we have on
a normal keyboard, the part to the right of the keyboard is not much of a problem,
but There are other more fundamental keys that are a bit of a hassle to be pressing the function
key to have it, as well as the cursors, the cursors will have it pressing the function key,
and then personally the small enter keys is a bit of a hassle but
good for the other thing. It is true that it is very good, it is highly recommended

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