Rimmel London Wonder Extension Mascara Review – @TheSassyWay

Get the last extension
effect with the Wonder’Extension
Mascara by Rimmel London.
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Now this mascara comes
in two different shades,
and I got the shade extreme black.
Due to its watery consistency,
I strongly suggest
wiping off the excess product
on the side of the mascara
bottle before applying a thin coat
off the mascara on your eyes.
And this is what one coat looks like
without curling my lashes
and nothing on this eye.
For this side, I’ll curl my lashes
before applying the mascara.
And this is what one coat of the mascara
looks like after curling
and before curling my lashes.
The Wonder’Extension
Mascara brush helps
with separating the lashes,
and then the new stretchy
formula helps with
lengthening the lashes.
I just don’t think that
there is much difference
if I curl or don’t curl
my lashes, because
honestly, both the sides
look the same to me.
It does say that it is

So I’ll apply a second coat.
And this is what two coats look like vs.
one coat of the mascara
and apply another coat
on this side as well.
And this is two coats
after curling my lashes
and before curling them.
To prevent my lashes from clumping,
I let the first coat
of the mascara dry down by like 90%
before applying the second coat,
because since this mascara
has a watery formula,
if I applied the second coat
right after applying the first coat
it would just make my lashes clumpy.
And honestly,
I don’t think any of us want that.
Now, it also claims
it is smudge proof, flake proof
and long-lasting.
So I’ll check back in
after a couple of hours
and then at the end of the day,
just to see how well
the mascara is holding up.
It’s been two and a half
hours since I applied the
Rimmel London Wonder’Extension Mascara,
and so far it looks good.
It’s not irritating my eyes.
And if you look up close,
you can see it hasn’t smudged or flaked.
Eleven hours later,
the mascara still looks good,
feels light weight,
and it’s not irritating my eyes,
and then looking up close,
I am noticing the tiniest
bit of the mascara flaking
but no smudging.
My final thoughts on the Rimmel
London Wonder’Extension Mascara
is that for ten ninety nine
Canadian dollars plus tax.
I think it’s worth it.
And in terms of ratings,
I’ll give it four
and a half stars
only because it did flake the tiniest bit
and it has a watery formula,
so I highly recommend
wiping off the excess product
before applying it to your lashes
just to prevent any smudging or clumping.
But other than that,
it is an amazing mascara,
because even after 11 plus hours, it
didn’t irritate my eyes,
it still feels lightweight
and it separated
and lengthened my lashes.
Now, if you want to add
some volume to your lashes as well,
I highly recommend
the drugstore ELF Cosmetics,
Big Mood Mascara,
and you can click here
to watch that video,
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