ROAD HOUSE (2024) MOVIE REACTION! Jake Gyllenhaal | Conor McGregor | Full Movie Review

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without hyperbole without exaggerating without even pretending to have any inclination of untruth this is the most excited I’ve been to do a reaction on this channel right now this right here cuz we do a lot of TV shows and I love them but I’m a movie guy and

this movie was something I couldn’t see in theater so I was like you know what the best possible way to see this since I can’t see the is with Greg yeah for you Roadhouse Road House Road so excited I did two bicep girls before filming prepared complete Jake

gyen Hall Conor McGregor two of my favorite hyper masculine dudes brawling it out in Roadhouse guys Doug Lyman he made the born movies there’s so much to about exit movie he made the born movie made jumper he made jumper Edge of Tomorrow Mr Mrs Smith I know his

movie three of four of those I love think he made swingers did he make swingers I think he did I think he was director by great

philography anyway we’re going to talk about roadh house after CU we’re about to get into it but before we do I want

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rejects and without further Ado in three two one Ro house oh that’s a that’s an opening damn oh cool post Malone oh A POV post Malone opening not what I expected yeah I I’m looking for Carter forward do you mind pointing him out to me oh she going

around recruiting is she the recruiter I hope he’s not the bald one with the he’s taking all coverage oh my God this one’s grittier so gritty south paw Jake chillen hole I like how it went to his fist on it oh I’m very happy with the Vibes damn

those bare knuckle punches sound effects pack a punch in the most literal way oh who like the little camera Jitters whenever he hits fantastic oh my god oh the like spray yeah added VFX shots there a little back of the envelope says that’s six in a row for

lustrious Carter Ford who wants to get in there make it seven it’s winner take all tonight y’all it’s just a bunch of money and a bucket oh my God is post bone going to have a cameo to get his ass kicked this is of man Cameo right here

have you ever done this before all right we got a superhero here close it up come on he’s always taking on the Eminem had cool reveal shredded like post milone actually looking a little afraid in that moment you know who that is the legend n nope I’m not

fighting that guy no way no way there’s got that smile I don’t give a I’m not he’s that fight that guy get out of here I don’t want you so the exact opposite direction of the first movie not stopping fights but but willing to fight but still the

legend is oh my God a man’s ABS have abs how easy for him to win the vascularity and obliques is really hard to get that is impressive body fat percentage commendable don’t where you going you just lost me 500 bucks whoa whoa he got the stab on you

sure you thought this all the way through hey where you going yall going to take your knife mmer what a moment oh his car’s all scuzzy and dirty this is the Modern Day remake not going to take your knife it’s a nice little scam you got going on

in there all you need is for the opponent to know who you are know your history and then they’ll be too afraid to fight exactly brilliant man well it’s working you know it actually took me a second to to recognize you oh oh God do you need an

ambulance or something nope you know you got a big ass knife sticking out of you old this Stitch himself up it’s going to bleed when I take it out oh yeah oh so listen I I own a roadh house out in the Florida Keys Hemingway used to drink

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there you know Ernest Hemingway good for you it’s always been a Rowdy place people come to blow off steam but lately it’s been attrac in the wrong clientele coming every night they trash the place the cops are noing help all my bounces have ran off like so many

more efforts this is today modern I can pay you good money 5K a week just for a month and I can put you up damn 20K okay that’s got to be more than you’re making for whatever the hell you call this do that the work here 500 bucks

to do nothing I don’t that pretty good buddy I’m Frankie think about it my Drifter look at him Coy he’s a dead beat has been he’s just like that end of the tape there hanging by an edge God he tempted to drive his car no over those tracks

how far is he follow no he just shows he doesn’t care oh maybe not he’s got a choice to make he’s haunted by his pass koi it’s a real Martin rigs move right here it’s got to find a higher purpose to live koi maybe not 20 grand wait

a minute take the paper wa I didn’t expect it to hit him wow that was unexpected that was a completely different way of handling that moment than I’m used to I like how many movies have that Trope but I don’t think I’ve ever seen the rare end get

hit time to make a call what a cool way to convince him I like that that was beautiful look at them Whit sand lot of whites I like the shirt double Deuce it’s a restaurant did you see Fred on your way in what’s that that’s Fred the tree

got a book on him you’re interested I’m Charlie by the way hey Charlie what brings you to Glass key I’m here work at a bar the owner’s having a little trouble I guess and I’m here to clean it up that kind of sounds like the pl to Western

why to become so self-work for hero to help clean up the rowy balloon you know that crap Char leave this PO man alone H that guy’s a great actor he’s in Walking Dead he’s here to work at the road house uh really great way to World build told

me it was a roadh house but she never told me the name it’s just the roadh house oh so no no name it’s just up the highway past M Mar 77 huh I’m going to have to accept this movie on its own merits double Deuce is kind of

a gray title I like that there’s not even a double Deuce they can’t mess that up so to speak like they’re literally making the movie their own to the point that it’s like they don’t even go to the double dece it’s the roadh housee I like how it’s

embracing this Southern Gothic flare damn this one’s right on the beach that’s why you want to pay to clean it up add is some property what a great place to have a bar oh my God I love that have a strawberry margarita just sitting on the Wind you

get a black coffee doesn’t drink yeah we don’t have that hey this place is a disaster hey oh he’s got a black eye I think at night it shifts I’m guessing CU in the day it’s chill I know who you are Atwood D in big fan man is

he like a former fighter I’m assuming that’s what we’re going to find out is like a legend of instead of bodyguard one like an actual yeah cuz he hasn’t said cooler yet be blind to you don’t have to be blind is the first line ah good catch wow

they just started this kind of like a random fight that that fence needs to be wider guys jeez I think that’s that actor that got the audition where it like leaked during the pandemic that he was like living in a small apartment the cast director made fun of

start so I’m happy for that guy working with Jak chall that’s great okay mini boss it’s such a beautiful place and these guys are just ruined oh hey who let go go I’m not hey come on chill chill out chill out oh Billy oh my God 30 seconds

all we need to hit the this guy you want another black eyy another Billy right yeah there’s some thirsty customers waiting for you I can handle these gens oh who the are you Mr Smiley Mr smiley yeah we had this idiot grin since I walked in oh he

took notice of him can I talk to you guys outside for a second I got some work to do it’s actually really hard to break up very hard show all right strong knees those are your bikes out there right yeah M are red one on the right answer

so casually oh wait what wait got him outside I just wanted to get you outside so I could ask you and your friends to leave the premises I we’ll leave after I can kill you sure before we start do you have insurance you medical insurance your coverage good

like you have dental cool hey Frankie yeah is there a hospital nearby love it is it like too far is it close about like 25 minutes I’d say like depending on the traffic what time of day this guy shut the up how is he in the game you

don’t have to do this man I you don’t you don’t have to lose you’re going to lose in front of all your friends oh they’re not here to just watch oh well that’s hardly fair life’s not fair oh my slapped slapped you are you all right what oh

my God he’s slapping him this was good choreography the out SL there’s like anime camera work here let’s call this a draw draw it’s kind of like a win man didn’t hit the guy yeah like we win together you know F you ooh man I’m going to kill

you wa W wao yeah oh we’re never going to get our adults in Cinematic Universe hey Frankie you got a car I could borrow I do yeah but not for them come on these guys need medical attention I don’t give a I’m going to sue you I’m going

to sue you this I like this take this is funny I just love how like dejected and lacad isical his whole attitude is so neutral dislocation he’s giving the prognos thanks for the ride man thanks for the ride he’s so differently Zen but it works so great she’s

in this Suicide Squad girl yeah R catcher too before you go she’s the doctor still doctor thank you for all the new patience you’re welcome I just love when my ears packed full full of irresponsible idiots that way the normal people with real emergencies have nowhere to go

oh she’s not as gravitated towards him right now he’s got to earn it in this one that’s not something you’d care about being a rage fi C who likes to hurt people for fun technically I hurt people for money you’re bleeding old wound pain don’t hurt so you

like to f wait you ever win nobody wins a fight no one ever wins a fight he said the line he said it he sh it it’s not infected but I’ll need to search for this oh no no no no no thank you it’s my fault I want

to pay for it self- punishment it wasn’t his fault you must to remember must have done like a weighted kettlebell abs for months like they’re so bulpus got a beautiful spot here Frank imagine having a drink right there with some special you could even get married here I

like that this road house represents something that actually looks hopeful like you’d want to fix this fix this yeah we don’t have to wait till the third act to see it come together we see what hope there is why is it called The Roadhouse The Roadhouse one one

word yeah that’s a joke it’s a road house but it’s called the road house get it is this movie called the road house I saw that there was a house B for sale at the marina so I thought maybe i’ go check that out it barely floats it’s

mine it came with with the bar but I highly advise you sleep with a snorkel okay also watch out for the crocodile the crocodile and heads up my uncle named the boat too The Boat House the boat flashback yeah yeah oh right I knew this was UFC cuz

he did this at UFC 285 like he actually filmed this oh yeah that whole phot and a half ago totally forgot about that I was in the movie I forgot about the real world introducing the Challenger l so he really is like a hasb been what do you

like kill a guy in the ring or something yeah I’m curious they’re going to slowly do flashbacks I should put something on don’t worry about it I got Brothers where’s Jake’s Gyllenhaal’s ass we have demands see we got tostadas breakfast burrito damn his abs are a character they’re

crazy they’re like in the profile of it’s insane how the depth thank you for the food it’s good to see like jillan all in a happy role like after prisoners and he’s usually just so like intense he’s playing a sad guy he’s sad he’s got a levity to

him I found your life story Death at the Double X by Martin Holly double dece the Intrepid Wade wo never met a scoundrel he couldn’t bring to Justice You’re Intrepid right honestly I couldn’t tell you it’s it’s four zeros feel like I’m watching a weird cut scene in

a video game he’s about to buy his armor hey get out of here all of you found it really interesting that they keep calling this they’re just drawing attention to the fact that road house isn’t need a western but they’re doing such a meta way yeah I think

when you make a remake that’s one of the directions to go yeah self-awareness sees him where’s your dad the bookstore was actually at my mom’s idea and where she oh she died last year you should join The Madam Webb crew that’s all it takes I’m sorry to hear

that happened only here it always happens on a beautiful day o that’s a dark line plot twist Dalton killed the mom third act reveal hey D smell you later Carl how does he know his name was there like a town me or something how does everybody know my

name that’s just how it is around here man I mean it’s a it’s a gossipy sort of Island oh he doesn’t like that he prefers discretion he’s a man of subtlety let’s finish this I got half a sh get go shave on a boat hold off on that

shave till we get the shorts pretty rough relax Captain assure me it’s going to be smooth sailing smooth sing I mean smoo sing what I heard is that you’re all bunch of scared of some bouncer it was Dell he wasn’t sure how to handle it let me talk

to this genius Dell then you can’t he’s still in the hospital he’s got a concussion sorry it’s fine it’s fine let’s keep the wrist nice and loose okay sounds good okay perfect you can go ahead can someone just tell me or remind me whose idea was it this

is so stupid you’re all supposed to have this job done I still think we can scare him off what did I say I said keep it Loose okay this guy’s such a dumbass yes it’s it already introduced it’s baffling tell me about this bouncer oh well it’s kind

of strange you know he acts all nice and like Mr Roger or something but then man he holds on he beats the living out of you so really interesting guy overall oh he’s dead Barber dead let me talk to you for a second oh he’s blame the captain

why is it attract these kind of this guy got a knife under his shirt wor red this such a peaceful place handle it takes it out you just take a big step back and pop me in the face you can do it they don’t have the rules here

you actually po the face what now what’s up pop him in the face whoa nice CH brought a concealed knife in here and that is a no no I mean Dalton can never leave yeah he’s got to like get out the root of the problem cuz it’s all

sorts of people once do leaves it would just attract people don’t forget to lift your knees with my Full Table guy GRE can’t just have this one guy he’s got to train him like he did in Road House this woman can’t afford to pay him $20,000 a month

yeah I don’t know what that place makes the land is worth it training montage yeah I need a see train o planks was a very short training montage I want to know what Jake gyll andol did to prepare man I like that it’s still hitting some of the

Beats but in a different way I do feel like it’s lacking something though and I’m not quite sure what it is yet like oh boy like it’s not as fun nor is this drama as dramatic enough for me to take it seriously you know like it’s just kind

of this weird middle ground that things are happening I care but not as much yeah Jake Gyllenhaal is really saving this movie a lot though yeah his his performance a lot is saving it yeah we also have Matt Conor McGregor yet and there are some choices that are

happening that I I I like a lot but yeah there’s I guess there’s like a personality touch that’s sort of missing about the movie it’s not even like a comparative thing I’m just kind of like there’s nothing really there’s something missing for me and I I don’t know

what it is yet at this what I’ll call you a cab no no boo boo no what what I’m Batman the action’s really cool though yeah yeah Doug Lyman there it is that’s what the shot that’s went viral did he kill this guy or was he like a

lose was he sh yeah did he get destroyed like I do like the B plot of the mystery of him po or you know your general unresolved pain so why I H make a good Batman unresolved trauma if you cause trouble to the wrong people you could get

hurt or Worse none of this is covered in my Fred the tree book you know that KS produce pearls and that they have ornate spiral shells yes everyone knows that one in every 15,000 produces a pink pearl sounds romantic unless you’re a conk is the conk gets a

bit of grid inside a shell which causes extreme irritation we see something beautiful how is that not romantic what are you guys talking about what’s the subtext here it’s a good line I like how they’re building that up little meat cute they got good chemistry wa wa W

that was a crazy shot what a great shotam that was impressive Dam how’d they do that that like splice my wow that’s a crazy shot man oh my God get out of the way of the truck truck’s coming about the truck we got wow that’s what it takes

to take down this guy throw a truck at him you’re a real pain in my ass okay he just sees him it’s annoy to see him I’m going to just shoot you I ask a question why all the fuss I mean I’m just some guy oh hell it

a’t you it’s the Roadhouse come on man that’s cool you often don’t see a good lived in detail like that glass crack first s throw through that was cool so you going to kill me now why would I kill you I just empty the gun well that was

stupid I’m just going to yes oh he’s saving him no he’s not he was trying yes was just like a crocodile there I’m so happy that get crocodile killed that guy wow the body maybe I shouldn’t have thrown the gun CLS hide their foot didn’t know that deliveries

by boat to the back of the Roadhouse and no it’s can you you’re Z no enhance it’s not a touch screen that’s right there is the back deck right of the Roadhouse so if you want to get deliveries by boat then it’d be a plum by luck why

you see this area by the Roadhouse it’s just not deep enough boats would running ground oh my God he’s becoming a full-on detective right now he cares about the town he’s invested is that a good bookstore yeah I like it yeah sure looked like you and that girl

were having a grand time in there get in the car boss wants to have a war with you who’s your boss Brent Brent that was such a good line reading you don’t understand how this works do you yeah I do but you have a gun tuck to your

waistband so it’s really not that intimidating is it I mean all I have to do is break your index in your middle finger and you wouldn’t be able to hold that gun technically you’d be able to hold it but you wouldn’t be able to fire it so it’s

really not that big of a threat is it he said exactly what he was going to do fing I love these little cowards very specific fingers see what I mean it’s really painful you’re you’re not like a piano player or anything are you you don’t have a gun

too do you I think I left it in the car tell your boss if he wants to talk to me I work at the roadhouse and I’m there every night friend is going to need a doctor now but good news is there’s a hospital it’s only 25 minutes

away this is like an Owen Wilson roll this movie is entirely how Charming Jill it all is it’s a leading man movie like it’s one man he and his friends terrorized us for months I just don’t get why he was so focused on the Roadhouse I mean some

of these guys they get real territorial who knows why these do what they do but if I were you I wouldn’t read too much into it you got Secrets lady so you think it’s nothing I hope you done those when he sleep over it well I did uh

a little UFC turned Rogue detective it’s Batman this bouncer is standing in the way of mying dreams and you’re here laughing as everything I’ve been trying to build is going down the train that guy’s hair is so slick back this is a prep call from is his dad

Conor McGregor I hope so didn’t sound Irish enough that would be great I think he hires Connor because of his a NEP lackies there he is yeah he gets the ass shot what an intro highest paid athletes actor of all time open some hello this is AEV call

from an inate where you hell I got a serious problem Florida hang on the giddiness it’s like Terminator oh god wow we just s this whole place on fire what a character in Dr cut away and everything’s on fire is Conor McGregor going to be a more magnetic

performance Than Jake Gillen I don’t it’s going to be a lot of that’ be expected a lot of screen nice boat exboyfriend but I know where he hides the spare key I’m kidding he lets me use in he’s a cop hope to go get mjos on the speedboat

to Cuba this is a totally Odd Movie I think that’s what it is it’s very all over the place but I’m enjoying watching it so I don’t know what I’d change I think you could use some self-awareness besides the every 5 minute reference to they’re not going to

find that guy’s body Crocs hide their food do they teach that in kindergarten around here this is why I warned you you obviously stepped on someone’s toes some guy named Brant who told you that you know him he comes from one of those old Florida families they buildt

most of glass key it’s all lining up detective work where are you from Montana oh he’s got PS on his forearm for Patrick suy oh really really I think so SC CPS I heard you got a tattoo in honor of him like for the movie is it a

nice place look I think maybe we should head back oh he is such an avoidant hides it with his Charisma I was just asking simple questions I didn’t I didn’t realize this was a date what’s wrong with you he’s so trapped I know what happened and you know

this is a date oh God they’re both so hot it’s true good work casting now grab singular RAB play the xylophone like that guy earlier just off the jillen Hol ABS yeah I heard an interview he got a tattoo and I that’s cool the character oh yes so

happy Conor’s playing himself oh he’s just a maniacal force of nature he’s a Mamoa he’s our Joker yes who put those B in me way who put those bikes in me way I’m back in the game it’s going to be a I feel like this could be a

huge turning point for this movie for about to have a charm off yeah I’m sorry who are you I got a message for you from your father what what is this message boom this is where I’ll store my stuff and that master bedroom up there is mine says

you been things up he asked me to lend a hand how would my father know he’s in a prison your father has spies everywhere well you can tell my father he’s got this Dr so where’s this bouncer we uh let’s take a minute you can’t go and shoot

this guy in the middle of town square you understand that right he won’t shoot him so if we’re if we’re going to kill this guy he’s already dead once KNX is on the job it’s over I’m going to try to do this uh the easy way one more

time is that okay you thank you thank after that you can set it all on fire man he’s just like in his own world so in his own I love that they let con Play Con they’re like let’s just unleash him pull him back and unleash him you

have a few questions about the other night need you to come with us sure are those rented cops like what are those the uniforms of cops there his abs are bigger than his chest he got I’ve never quite seen that before and they’re so like def like literally

pastes it’s not even like he’s overweight he’s just like he’s that are pushing past his chest that’s strange they’re crazy to find for like being 3D and most people call me Dalton sir most people call me big I’m not going to do that there are a few ways

this can go I can arrest you for what it doesn’t matter we’ll lose the paperwork we’ll find it someday likely the very same day you get shanked in the yard that way it will be ironic it will make a good song get him out of the car get

out car what a light k you have a Death Wish son father yeah I’m wondering now there’s a witness but is it family what do you think you’re doing Dad come on Dalton he’s my father the man you talked about Ben Brent his father is Gerald Brent my

dad used to work for him he put a lot of money into glass key on the fleet of charter boats that rent tours they both have different haircuts I think this was additional photography is in prison and I guess now my father works for his son you have

to leave glass key this is becoming convoluted lot going on lot of family High drinks a lot of pieces he still don’t know what he wants to build a casino I’m assuming yeah I’m like like what’s happened at the roadh house exactly we haven’t been to the road

house in a while so this is the uh equivalent of the mechanic shop but that poor little girl Charlie out the back quick I could go for a tuna sandwich no crust we haven’t seen the Roadhouse start to improve yet that might be an element that I’m missing

I guess I it’s like I think this the action in this is really consistent Jake Gyllenhaal is really consistent but the scenes when there’s not any of the action happening I guess are like really fluctuate between kind of just very neutral to occasionally somewhat funny you know yeah

and I feel like there’s it’s there’s there’s kind of like an energy and a charm that’s sort of missing I feel like Conor McGregor’s bringing that same can I have a vodka I’m Ben Brent Brent let me guess it’s your turn my turn tell me to get out

of town like your buddy big no I get the impression that you can’t be threat I wish you could be but I I’d even bribe you if I thought money would really how much are we talking no seriously how much we talking no I’m only making here you

are fighting this guy he’s your friend and then this happens right here yeah he’s done he got carried away me he killed the guy so I guess my question is why right it it can’t be just some competitive thing you you’ve won the fight it’s good tensing you

just keep punching and punching and punching why why don’t you just stop grass Blues Blue Grass I really like that last line P why don’t you just stop like that ties in the mystery of him and the exposition where we’re going and that was genuinely like scene between

two people yeah like actual tension there yeah that was a solid and this guy has been like a joke the whole time so I don’t think I took seriously yeah and he didn’t have a touch of his drink like I really like the details there yeah the villain

finally feels like a villain yeah maybe the last hour like the strong part make it hurt as much as possible what are you doing at I play Lads let’s go it’s been a while since I’ve been clubbing I mean Conor McGregor is a performer yeah he knows it

come on yeah I was wondering what the music would be for this sequence like once it all came to a head yeah yeah suddenly suddenly a lot of things are really starting to click yeah in the last 10 minutes I’m back in hey beautiful I’m n Let’s Dance

KN I hate this song calm the down hey hey hey hey we just I’m all I’m all oh hey oh I was a good Secrets it’s been a one for a bit I it’s just too crazy you can’t do clean all this up it might be in his

own head after wouldn’t he seen that YouTube video again hey man he my favorite I like that it’s the a ticking talk buildup yeah it’s about you know I got sent here special just for you I like all the life happening around them yeah watch me P your

face well I guess I’m going to lose then a don’t be like that I got a tip for you don’t let no one get this close o oh they sold that so well oh there he is the world’s most notorious figh at D oh damn this is cool

oh the music too to compliment it this is great oh that was a great spinning shot and then behind the Barb that was beautiful oh oh oh my God he’s getting messed up oh my god oh yeah whoa that was that was nuts these last 20 minutes have

been like really good incredible for the last show and this fight has been incredible there’s something wrong with you me too they both have that like shark eyes that was insane growling the B play oh man what a sequence that was a cool full sequence top to bottom

that was incredible from him showing up with the villain actual conclusion of the ABS don’t make sense the actual conclusion of like the mystery worked leading into that fight which was bananas he also like believes he deserves to be punished yeah the eye contact he’s just staring at

him as getting pel that was CRA I was really taking like this serious stuff seriously right you know there was I was feeling the drama of it I was like oh start click yeah it shifted br’s had a money and he’s borrowing from Shady guys and when he

doesn’t pay them back they’re end him that guy so what you’re leaving now I told you from the jump you should have hired that other guy why though are you really that afraid yes I am afraid more than you could ever understand he’s afraid to embrace the killer

within him I think he’s afraid to just like let go yeah and like just he killed the guy with his bare hands KN didn’t kill the bouncer most of our guys are pretty banged up Mr knu hey not safe in there that’s me where’s the little girl that

the little girl and her her father ambulance took him him to the hospital I get out of there took him to the hospital oh they tried to stay they live here with these people too little girl I’m assuming the little girl tried to stop it and stayed in

and inhalation or whatnot I’m saying this looks like it happened at night well remember we we saw them come in oh yeah yeah yeah before our 20-minute stint the other movie ago this is getting dark so you got a little message sure did was that your idea she’s

a cute girl she’s kind of stubborn but like you go swimming in the pool Dalton funny thing is I was already leaving we finally scared you off huh H not exactly just as long as you’re scared I just broke the hyoid bone in your throat probably also collapsed

your trachea oh my god I’ve always wanted to do that it’s equalizer ring him and then a cro comes in from the pool no it’s strange somebody else asked me if I was afraid today I am afraid I’m afraid of what happens when somebody pushes me too far

exactly cuz I know what happens next save him he’s M killing people he’s taking a psychotic things escalated now he is The Equalizer drive he is equalizing where’s Brent okay I’m going to be honest with you man they don’t tell me much I over heard some of Brand’s

guys talking and I guess there’s a meeting at Harvest key Brent’s getting some of the money that he needs for something it’s at 500 a.m. which I think it’s early for a meeting am I right I’ll see you thank you for normal violence that could easily be too

comedic but it just works for me he so good he’s like Pitch Perfect I don’t know if he annoys people or pulls people out but for me I think he’s just right that was Dynamic South Wall yeah exactly still a UFC advertisement yeah oh my God he’s lost

his mind what I just let him go like full on psychopath just let him get in a cooler just a murderer now he’s a cooler I love yeah oh he’s a cooler great catch I hope that I hope that’s the intent he’s a cooler now it’s becoming like

some Neo Noir art housee action film Everything’s changed since Billy Magnuson came in the bar Everything’s changed okay but now he’s got to be a crocodile and hide his body uh cuz that’s what he’s Leed about the keys I hope the movie commits to he’s like becoming a

vigilant detective bad past killed somebody regrets it vigilante my bat oh yeah you’re going to be short one Sheriff’s boat oh my God who is this guy I love it I’m loving this I am I’ve completely changed my whole tune on this entire movie did you just kill

him oh no he’s already dead I killed him hours ago is that my gun yeah sure is he’s going to make it look like the cop killed him your boss and brand really pissed me off oh my God this is why they got Jake chill night crawler drilling

hole I’ll tell him it was you oh okay there’s a real possibility you won’t remember any of this anyway when you’ve been fighting as long as I have you know the power of a concussion oh my God real whack can really knock the short-term memory out of you

something about how it takes a memory couple minutes to get to the long-term party brain I don’t know anyway you and I been talking for oh what’s that over there oh William how can I help you yes hi I just thought you should know that there’s a dead

body in suspicious sheriff’s deputy stranded on harvest ke can I get a name number my man what a turn it was like ever since that barsy this movie’s just been like progressively getting so much better beautiful escalation halfway point of this is like changing everything for me Sally

they have her want his money the money you took oh yeah I did take it you told him I took it if my daughter means anything to you you’ll help me get her back he wants the money by noon or he says he’ll kill her he bullshitting yeah

don’t buy him okay let’s get the money how long will it take here I don’t know I hit it it’s going to take a while oh that’s my V buddy hey you must be the ex-boyfriend I’m just looking for the key I’m a cop you idiot don’t worry

I’ll bring it right back no hey you’re not going anywhere man okay F okay you got 2 hours come here money’s not on the boat if that’s what you’re looking for oh yeah and you were supposed to bring the money with you br’s going to be disappointed that’s

okay I’ll just tell him you took it oh yeah nice nice work might as well take them all out he wanted to make sure she wasn’t there mhm so where’s my money I don’t see Ellie anywhere guy looks pretty comfortable for a guy who just had his daughter

kidnapped there’s no kidnapping dumb ass oh double cross you actually believe that Ben took my daughter we are Partners about that I did kind of take her what ooh another double crop I’m trying to build something you keep on pushing me just pushing me and I just it’s

like I’m just like I’m going to have to have Sam here hurt you oh no M the music C it’s just so insane I do know one guy is’s going to be pretty pissed about this whole betrayal thing I just some cop what the hell is he doing

oh that sound design was cool oh wow that overexposure was she actually taking yeah she’s said double double cross yeah I was making sure maybe like maybe he’s bullshitting hey whoa whoa that was a cool effect oh least you got the window open thanks for that helping out

is Connor going to literally be a shark you’re going to die murder him wa love how they like how they managed to blend that into a one shot the CG is super insane so impressive move I’ll just destroy Road House myself oh she he’s going to come up

on the reef maybe he can convince Conor McGregor to fight for the Roadhouse I want the team up at the Sentry W oh man our own little octagon who T you shapes there’s so many cool shots yeah I feel like the main reason to make this movie was

he had a vision for how to do some hand toand fight scenes yeah I they hired the UFC fighter C his eyes out whoa the hell that was an insane stunt even with the CG blend that was nuts like where did the human body stop in leaping over

to a boat come on oh the Poetry wow these very specific cameras they shot with wow he’s alive and on the roof of the building he wanted to destroy appreciate this boy for constantly having his his like body exposed whoa tried to Harpoon him fishing oh it’s back

everything worked for all God me off this son of a man that man loves driving through stuff oo amazing cam work these extreme close-ups are awesome oh what the hell po actually works when they use it be nice be nice be nice he said be nice they work

in there oh my god oh oh that’s cool the musical instruments going Pi’s Out Of Tune sounds to me oh God I’m doing that concrete oh jesz oh there so many deaths already in this fight you’re going to kill me now I thought we have to be friends

for oh that’s what I was saying oh that is such a dope whoa amazing camera work yeah this Fight Cory has to be studied like this is incredible you must have a moment where you’re like I’m doing a fight to with Conor McGregor yeah right that POV oh

right in the same spot that is punishment kill him kill this guy doesn’t die doesn’t die maybe yelling at him isn’t the smartest thing I wouldn’t bring attention to them what does it take to shut you up you killed the son oh as he’s leaking oh my god

wow grab I want to eat one this franchise should be the new stars born just remake it every every 20 years plot new famous new celebrity new fighter it’s time for you to go Dalton you were never here I got you covered you’re a good man go oh

she’s an undercovered cop this whole time it’s not so bad yeah no it’s fixable fixable there’s a truck in the bar that is correct but as soon as this is clear and we it’s going to be good as new how they get rid of the bodies cops are

C they took care all the cops are just so dirty sheriff took care I mean they are pretty dirty so dirty come on move it hey are you guys open today yeah we’re always open it’s too bad to kill off knock could use a knock spinoff yeah maybe

a prequel how we got there hope he left the money to the bookstore and to the bar split it hit it in their basements or something I don’t know if they have basements he needs the money and you got the 20K it’s going to go a long way

for his medical care yeah hey you’re alive you’re just going to just going to ride off into the sunset all here the Greyhound sometimes the hero stays makes his own little Homestead I don’t think I’m the hero in this particular story Charlie so maybe you’re not the hero

I got news for you you ain’t the villain either you’re the supporting character character with ambiguous morality it’s actually the prequel to Southpaw now he becomes a box there’s the tree wow that was a crazy directed film The Action itself yeah I just wish the first hour of

the movie ma like the drama scenes match the energy of the second half the second half and the fight’s over yeah I feel like there was like 10 minutes that could have been shaved in the first hour somewhere or just something with the toner P it was it

was like it was really making me wonder like am I not going to like this movie ultimately um but yeah I I think once we got Connor in it accelerated cuz he’s insane he’s like an injection of energy that the movie definitely needed cuz it was hinging on

Jake gyllen all’s performance entirely which he was carrying but I needed more I wasn’t here going like oh I need you know the The Original Roadhouse mov like you can’t you can’t replicate that Masterpiece no and don’t try plain and simple and I think that Roadhouse movie works

because it’s like sometimes so bad it’s mcregor sometimes so bad it’s good sometimes it’s just good good yeah and somewhere in between you know but it had a consistent like entertaining personality and that’s to me all you really need for a Roadhouse movie I think if you’re going

to do this and so that was like the one part that’s why I kept getting like um stuck on it cuz I’m like I don’t need the same plot I don’t need the same script I all that stuff I like this whole UFC background thing I like how

he’s a little bit more like dejected and ashamed and more sad he’s not you know a god what is this what is happening at the hospital oh nox lives shot he’s got his and he exits he’s got such a specific one he exits as he joined brilliant beautiful

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to see it when people do end up buying the shirts thank you Royal rejects see you guys soon but the I would say like the last hour of this movie really clicked for me a lot uh when it when we do get to the bar when Carl McGregor

shows up and when we get the Billy Magnuson actually being a villain that turn where he doesn’t just feel like he’s an impotent like waste like and I get that as a villain like you have someone that’s like ah daddy issues and like I didn’t do enough but

once he turned actually like menacing yeah and I like that Dalton just decides to embrace going like full dark cuz that the movie the first one kind of nods to like him having reluctance to kill right like the whole like throat rip is him like I had to

do it this is like 11 like they were like you had to do it and then it turns his character into someone new yeah yeah yeah um I I I I like Jake Gyllenhaal a lot man uh he’s a very Charming guy here the physique that he has

here is bananas like I’ve never seen abs like Tom Cruz has that short guy physique where his abs are like crazy cuz there’s only so much room he like 60 well yeah but like this this is like Jake Chenal is like 6 foot so to have that much

of a protruding like that’s what was he doing yeah I know it was like looking at a sandwich or something I don’t know what was going on there yeah it was like bricks like rock climb and his physicality like obviously Southpaw training he he trains like I I

love his articles in menal and stuff when he talks about how much like training means to him it’s something I interviewed the dude like five years ago and we actually talked about training quite a bit because we were doing a comic book show and like the the antithesis

of that is training like I was trying to be like guy I’m not just this nerd like let’s talk about other stuff to try to get him to talk about his whole career instead of just one thing and the joy the guy had as soon as you mentioned

like anything physical he lit up and it shows here like why he’d want to do a role that would be this is an opportunity for me to have the best dieticians the best nutrition the best like live this life for six months and it that’s why I think

the movie worked when it did was he clearly wanted the physicality of dton he wanted to play in that space to fight one of the greatest UFC fighters in the history of the sport let him get more physical than I think he could have in any other way

well the opportunity to do a fight scene Conor McGregor like I would have like so many out-of- body experiences like looking at the face this is Conor McGregor yeah you know I mentioned in the review I I’ve been in the space of him twice and once was just

out at a restaurant and talked briefly and then another time I went to Ireland and he was training in the place I was training and uh the dude’s energy is like you’re around a lion it is so terrifying like when you’re at a zoo and you see a

line and you’re like that glass is keeping me alive being around Connor is like oh I could die if something goes wrong and it was really cool to see them capture that energy in a movie because you know a lot of times athletes turned actors it doesn’t translate

a lot of times the dialogue stiff there were a couple line readings that I didn’t love but like overall his presence was so much more important and he did act well like overall like overall it was a it was a welcome part of the experience but I was

really so happy that they captured like how terrifying it is to be around the dude and when you read interviews or if you hear him when he’s not in character he’s this like I’m trying to find a piece within the animal that I am like he’s always like

he’s got that trying to find a way to direct this energy and he’s always about like what it is to have martial arts be the art as well but he’s like this this animal and like this movie felt like Jake represented when you have it under control Conor

represented when you lose control and then by the third act Jake had lost control so I I kind of like the moment where the boat slams into the thing of like oh he’s like Conor like these these these guys are running parallel and it was it was a

symbolism I would have liked more of sure I feel like that’s a thing that it could have used and I think that’s where the movie’s kind of at odds with itself of where to like lean in cuz the action I think Doug Lyman really knew here’s what I

want for the action scenes and part of me was wondering like if he wanted to do this movie just because it was an excuse to experiment with the action scenes it felt like it at times like you know when you see like Michael Bay with ambulance also starting

Jake chilling hole where he’s like I got drones in LA yeah cuz it’s a little it’s like aot the the first hour the scenes fall a little bit flat for me uh you know and I’m like was that great where’s that Doug Lyman like you know personality you

know he he’s done like all kinds of movies Edge of Tomorrow Mr and Mrs Smith swingers I believe uh and uh the first born first fight in movies I’ve and and those movies are entertaining when there’s not action happening right and this movie to me I’m like I’m

missing the entertainment Factor for some reason H only in that primarily in that first hour it would it would fluctuate sometimes it was like relatively engaging and admittedly like I the first The Roadhouse to me we went into that original swayy one hearing like it’s a classic and

in my mind it became like an instant classic like that was undoubtedly one of my favorite reaction videos we’ve ever filmed here ever like hands down so this movie had a lot to live up to in five days hard yeah we were like just changed my life okay

actors I like and know and love in the present day now let’s watch the next version you know and immediately try not to compare it right it was a little it was a little bit challenging so to I wasn’t really comparing plot points I was really just comparing

why was that original working so well and what are they kind of missing from here and I think this movie at times wanted to really be taken very serious and the S and the weight of the drama it it really would sometimes just be kind of uh uh

slowing things down it was slowing the movie down I also think it rested a little on the weight of the first one where it was like okay the first one had a bunch of cool bar music scenes we got to show the bar music like there were things

that felt like they did it for the sake of the first one yeah didn’t know if it wanted to be like a remake or do its own thing the story didn’t do the first one so I was like why are we showing the bar musicians so much cuz

I know that was a Trope but I did like the literal love letter of like PS his arm cuz like they did dco together I read that he wanted to have a tattoo that represented him and I like that there were Love Letter moments like some of the

dialogue but that would have been enough they didn’t need to have so many elements that felt like it was beholden to the first yeah that’s what I loved when he just was like like this is so different I I love this because yeah the a part A lot

of those plot points that they’re aping from The Original Roadhouse works so well because of who Dalton is in that movie and is a very different dalon he’s like I need a master being like a taiichi Kung Fu Warrior I’m also banging people and know I’m the I’m

a cooler uh I’m leading this bar like there’s that great bar speech that classic bar speech and ‘re talking like we’ve held R it’s just 5 days ago for it is so magic what he accomplished but it’s like yeah I get why people love this movie and and

and and so when you’re pulling over scenes from there and put it here I’m like well but if you’re eliminating the elements of what of why that worked there because it’s everything around those scenes that make those scenes work suddenly these those scenes are just going to be

like okay yeah that’s kind of reminded me of the other one so this movie was actually working on its best when it was when it doing yeah when it was doing its own thing is when I thought it was working on its best and it was when it

was being a Roadhouse remake or just or or like halfheartedly trying to do its own thing but kind of at odds like I love the stupid ass henchman guy oh my God that guy was amazing and he he was KNN from the first that I remember yeah I

don’t know new thing he was awesome I also think it’s interesting that the entire First Act I was aware that I’m like I really like jessco Williams I really like Danielle melter I really like Billy Magnuson but I never was able to be like I’m as captivated by

their story as Jake Gyllenhaal and like the casting is good and the people they put in those roles like those are all people I would seek the work of so when I saw this cast I was like oh greatest hit what I enjoy right now but I definitely

think there was a magic missing with the the blend of them because of the First Act trying to be more like the old one yeah so I was like do are are you under the impression you’re you’re trying to take out like the so bad it’s good or

the cheesiness of the original and because then at times it would seem like it would lean into the cheese so that’s why I thought the movie was a little bit at odds with itself because to me the Original Roadhouse doesn’t seem like they ever intentionally did cheesy that’s

what was magical of and that’s what’s so hard to replicate in 2024 you can’t intentionally you can’t you can’t just intentionally do that you know let’s make a classic yeah so it’s like you got to really Embrace are you going to be like this balls to the wall

thing are you going to be this like ruthless he’s going to go like you know Ryan Goss and drive and just start murdering people at the last hour you know what are you doing here but I think if we had this not as a Roadhouse remake if you

look at the pieces of the whole those succeed exactly mostly yes yes um and I I I did I was able to eventually separate myself from the from the original and just watch this and I’d be like yeah I still feel like some of these scenes are a

little bit of a bore but the action scenes again in um the the I love how Doug Lyman chose to capture with this like following the movement I’ve noticed that’s kind of a thing that’s happened in a lot more action movies and I and I thought he infused

a lot of these neat blends with like POV shots that were very effective a little gimmicky but damn the gimmick would work on me uh when that boat came at me I jumped out of my seat yeah sometimes it was it was just stunts you know I was

like yeah not even like fist fights uh like and the choreography was really good and and the choreography was elevated by the impressive camera work and the sound design of people getting hit and stuff like it felt like bare knuckle boxing and I really I really enjoyed it

for those action scenes that were that that were here so I I I like the movie I do I don’t love the movie and I think I think the look like I I only saw the trailer once so I didn’t really remember what what happened I remember the

trailer being like this is going to be like a freaking like roller coaster of a fun time and the the movie itself seemed like it wanted to be taken a little more seriously at times yeah I I think I would have shaved off 10 minutes of and I

never feel this way about movies mus like more plot but I would have shaved off 10 minutes of like one of the plot lines just kind of move into like one set of henchmen or like a little l or like 2 minutes less bookstore 2 minutes less of

that henchman group like just a little cons because I really think Conor McGregor has a captivating that I wanted more but I don’t know if I would have added I think that was the right amount which is other things were a little too much because he was the

right amount Jake Gyllenhaal is obviously a movie star for a reason but I definitely found that in the First Act I was like mainly Enchanted by the charm of the character he was portraying not really his own story but then the payoff worked it just didn’t feel like

by the time we got there like we needed that boost that Connor required so there was something to the the pacing of the First Act that I think it was the blend of tones they accidentally found in the first roadh house they had too many tones in a

modern movie that not necessarily we’re trying to replicate it but I think we can look back on 1989 or 91 or whatever the year that came with like 20 tones worked because we have this like oh what an insane thing they made yeah now 20 tones were like

what why what’s going like cuz some of those tones were too serious I wonder if in 20 years by the time we get to movies in 2044 or if this will feel cheesy in the same way cuz it’ll feel like a bygone era of like wacky yeah well

I never like laughed at anything for how ridiculous it was you know what I mean and and I don’t need the movie to be that like we if a movie decides to be more serious as long as it if they’re going like that’s what I mean by why

that I think that moment really clicked for us at the bar with the who magn Magnuson uh when he when he confronts Jake Gyllenhaal at the bar with the footage like that’s a very tense scene and I’m engrossed in this I’m like this shit’s working finally you know

the the actual drama is working right yeah and and like you know we went from like equalizer to equalizer 2 which equalizer 2 decides to become this like heavy drama yeah this was like we loved equalizer 2 you know and so to me it’s it’s not that because

they tried being a little bit more serious um I think their tones were just too disperate what’s this on R Tomatoes this bad it’s doing bad well it’s like fresh but like not great like 68 or something like like just survived fresh but it’s not I don’t know

if it’s made for it’s not made for Rotten Tomatoes yeah I think it’s like 7B 68 R in the M something around there it’s doing that like you know it’s a roadh house it’s not Road House yeah also I love that we literally didn’t grow up with it

but we’re both like road but here’s what it made the classic like everyone has the same tone when they say road house and we have not earned it yet but we totally say it the same like we act like we saw it at age three and it’s so

it’s Roadhouse and this one I think we’ll have an audience and I think I’m I’m glad to see you know I think this movie will have the clips you look up yeah I will watch the out of that last fight yeah the F the fights I think people

will look up the two fights with Conor and Jake I’m watching where is like Original Roadhouse you’re going to look up the lines you’re going to look up the you’re going to look up uh monologues you’re going to have you’re going to look up the action scenes you’re

going to look it all up and I mean if there’s one thing you’re going to learn that the doctor is actually his wife I didn’t know that swayy actually married her really that’s amazing I mean see I researched I’m probably good just know this movie it gave me

what I wanted is uh I’d give it like a b it’s in like in all in all ways it’s a b movie that’s sometimes accomplishing a b movie but it’s also a B for me like it’s not quite an a like as good as the performances were there

were moments that didn’t work but it’s not a c it’s not average like to me the stunts the performances the magnetism the the delivery of a new Dalton the the chances it took goes above average I I I think this lands at like a four star like a

B for me maybe three and a half probably four yeah I think the interest of where their hearts are really at and in terms of the action scenes and and con and making Conor McGregor uh you know like just pulling him over here was so smart cuz it’s

like they they’re not trying to sell you on he is this character like we know it’s Conor McGregor camera everyone knows he Conor McGregor we’re not going to hide that fact just put make him Conor McGregor yeah and I think that was a great call but it wasn’t

it didn’t pull me out to so much to the point like I was always aware I’m watching McGregor yet he was effective in the movie experience and you know me who that reminds me exactly of Arnold in the beginning Arnold like Terminator in earlier Arnold okay you don’t

they dubbed over him his first movie like it was just Arnold for the sake of that literally naked Conor McGregor reminds me of naked Arnold DET Terminator like theat just let him go and let him be him and look how good like by the time Kindergarten Cop rolls

around like Arnold’s a really good actor I’d love to see Conor like I don’t think he’s got 10 years left fighting in I’m on a PS5 but if he does want to pursue this it’d be cool to like he’s not bad I think he can improve and he’s

not a bad starting point some people should never act I think Connor brought something special yeah yeah it’s like because we’ve seen Conor because Conor McGregor is he’s a performer you know like all the promotional stuff that he’s been doing when like uh with with when it comes

to fight like who can he learned another language to tease Jose Aldo enough that he beat him in 15 seconds he learned another language to make fun of him in his home turf so you could feel that there was a bit of like cuz CU using dialogue is

completely different than improvising and doing a guideline and performing with a crowd so at times I felt that there was a bit of a restraint in his voice yeah where I’m like oh there’s like kind of something that’s holding back a little bit not like an intentional like

oh this performance is subtle like but you could tell there’s not as as com yeah yeah yeah and like the repetitive dialogue and you’re performing and and I noticed it when it was one-on-one when he had a crowd like or a fight scene he did great cuz then

it was like I’m fighting a guy but like him with mey Magnuson I was definitely like okay we’re learning we’re he’s still like playing a character and doing a scene but I thought he was still like just fine enough right and and I do think he has room

to improve and I’ve seen like the Conor McGregor documentary that was on Netflix and like he’s not just you know a maniacal Irishman like that’s what I was saying about like his Persona versus he can be a very like serious smart hardworking intelligent philosophical guy even when he’s

quiet and calm he’s terrifying yeah exact I I would love to see that version of him really brought to the screen that’s not just relying on the the smile the charm yeah yeah because I the part that I endeared me to Conor McGregor was more of that documentary

that I saw cables man that guy speaks in like poetry at times and and I think they showed his potential of what he can be as a as an actor and uh yeah I just love watching him and Jak Gyllenhaal square off so this was a I I

had enough fun with it but but no but you can’t like I I thought that this movie would just like aim to be like a really fun movie like like Fast and Furious tone or some yeah uh some some were more that kin and um that’s why they

cast The Fast Five villain and I would have fine I would have that’s where he’s from I could place it could not place it yeah see um and I and I wish that and there some like Doug L was like trying to make like a semi Michael Man

movie at the same time that’s ijit he wanted to go get Mojitos in Cuba on the speedboats so I I I feel like this was still a streaming movie I do too and I and I know the rumor is that they offered him one budget if they wanted

theatrical a higher budget EV straight to streaming I don’t know how true that is it’s just a rumor but I do feel like if it was a smaller budget cutting a few minutes and releasing this in theaters it would have done better because this movie with a crowd

would be insane yeah I would love this movie with a rock as crowd yeah yeah needed like a little punch up on personality in the script and a little punch up on editing and some of the other scenes but for the most part the thing you show up

for with the fight scenes delivered like never it never got to the point where I was like oh yeah I can’t really enjoy this action because the other scenes were like not not Jing enough for me the action itself and then the last I guess we I’m so

caught up in that first hour but the last hour really worked for me but you’re like well the last hour would have been even more if if like we got there quicker if if we got there in a way that was like this is already so much fun

yeah yeah but overall like a be for me I think uh I’m curious what everyone else finds in it because like I said this isn’t a movie for critics this isn’t necessarily something it’s going to be for everyone but let us know in the comments below what this

was for you uh we had a great time Road House is hard to follow but uh on its own merits had a great time let us know below please like this video please subscribe please share all those things much love reject Nation Ro house Michael B Daytona Beach

listen I’ve seen your picks all right I’ve seen you out here going to conventions and whatnot you seem like the kind of person who would plan like a busy spring break itinerary you would probably do a lot of nerd stuff but I have a feeling that you got

a wild side and I want to see what that wild side is like my friend you got to come out here sometime all right we got to go hit the town Michael B we got to go Forge bonds that will never be forgotten in a hangover style hij

Jinks my friend I know that you’re hard at work on your channel Omni media spelled with a one instead of an i in the Omni part of it it and that everybody should go check out your channel And subscribe to it and watch your videos and sit through

the ads but you know what life’s not just about your thriving business as a reactor and commentary provider life is about getting out there and just staying out there for a while until you were out there long enough that you could say that you did it and then

you go back inside and continue what you were doing which is being a prolific reaction icon my friends so hey you know treat yourself once in a while that’s all I’m trying to say Michael we love you stay productive up your channel shuts down

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