Roamler Review – Immediate Cash from Your Phone? (Yes, for Some)

Is Roamler really a way to make immediate cash from your phone or is it a waste of time? My name is Mikael and many viewers have asked me about this app. So therefore I decided to check it out myself and in this Roamler review I will show both pros and cons, all the details and give you an inside look, so you’ll know exactly what to expect to find out if this is the right opportunity for you or not. So let’s start by going over who can join Roamler because this can be a little bit confusing.

But first of all, Roamler is an app so as you can see on the website you can download it both with App Store and Google play. So it’s available for both Android and iOS devices which is definitely great but who can then join well if you go to the website you can see in the top corner you can choose different countries. And you see the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Ireland, UK, Belgium, Germany, Italy, and then International. So it looks like you can join basically from all countries. But if you go to the FAQ section you

can see where can I use it and then you see it says also the countries that were on the website there. But it also says a few

others like Sweden, Poland, Turkey, and Chile. So if you visit one of these countries and have that language added then you can perform tasks there. So it’s a little bit unclear exactly which countries but according to the FAQ section these are the countries it’s currently available in but does seem like you can actually also download it and join it from other countries for example. Especially if you are traveling.

But how many options and tasks you will get access to will depend on the country you live in. So let’s go over the type of tasks you can usually do and then I’ll give you an inside look so you can see exactly how it works also. So the type of tasks can do also can vary from country to country. But I want to go over that here on the website before showing you inside because inside I can just show you a limited number of tasks that are just available for me here now. Here it gives

you a better overview of the type of task in general you can find so you see for example there’s something called Product and service checks. And this is basically where you can go to certain locations it can be something where you just need to go and take some pictures because they need to have something checked. One of their clients wants to check an exhibition they have a products or the pricing or do mystery shopping and do small tasks like that. These can all be like that. This is location dependent, so you need to go to

certain locations to do this. And this is one type of task you can also do these ratings and reviews and this is something that you can actually do in some cases even at the comfort of your home. So you see you can write a review and for products is different information about these tasks that you can do and then there’s some others you see these are more for like professionals. So you can also get this type of task and of course how much you will get that will depend on how many skills that have required.

For some of these they pay a little bit higher. So you see merchandising for example that this is something that you can also get access to or sales. And this is basically, because clients they don’t want to hire a bunch of people themselves so they use Roamler as a middleman. And then they just have a force of workforce of people like like you that can go and do these different tasks and and that’s you know they take a cut but you know that’s for you it’s an easier way to get in direct contact with a

lot of different clients. And you can also do that with Technical Services you see it can for example be something from like TV and internet a smart home electrical task or something like that you need to do. For this of course you need to have the skills. So this is not something everyone can do. But there are also tasks that anyone can do but let me now then log into the app and then you can see inside how it looks. So I have now logged into the app and it’s fairly easy to see you can

see I just have some different tasks that are showing. And the reason I showed you the task on the website is that it’s limited right now because of my current location. But you can see for example there’s some TV mount check and you would see what I would get this is in Kronos. So this is the equivalent of something like 50 dollars that you get for that the exact fees you will get a salary you’ll get will depend on where you live, and the task, and what skills are required and all that. But this is

how you do. But what you I would recommend you to do is to go to this like location again, it doesn’t make sense right now because from my location to show you, but this is how you will then just go there and then you can find all the tasks close to you. Because if you have to chase around well for some of the tasks it kind of does make sense because you can make enough money to make it worth it. But if it’s for these smaller like mystery shopping things like that it’s only relevant if

you’re just in the neighborhood in my opinion. Because if you have to walk around for that or take public transportation or drive and you get gas and things like that, then it suddenly won’t really be worth it. For some of these other more like sales and marketing or merchandising or technical tasks then it might be worth it. But this is basically just how you do it. You just go here you click the tasks you want to do you read the exact descriptions locations all that the requirements and then you can apply for it once you’ve

been approved. You just need to go do the task and then you can get paid here inside Roamler. So let’s talk about how you can then get your earnings out. So the only payout option they currently offer where I’m located at the time of recording this is PayPal. So you see you just need to write your PayPal email address and then you can get paid. So there’s not like a high payout threshold or a long wait or anything like that. I do like that but of course it’s only relevant if you have a PayPal account.

But PayPal account is free to create so if you want to use Roamler, you need to make sure to also have a PayPal account. But this is basically all there is to it. This is all you need to use the app. You need to use the app of course to find the task to make sure that you read the task, apply for it and provide the proof that you need to provide. They will describe everything. It all depends on the task you do what you need to prove that you’ve actually done the work and then

once it has been approved you will get paid. And you can take it out via PayPal. So to sum it up, I think Roamler is an interesting gig economy app because you get access to all these kind of small gigs. And usually I’m when I see apps like this it’s only these like mystery shopping type of tasks you can do. But it’s quite interesting that they also offer these for example sales and merchandising and technical tasks. If you have those skills, some of those tasks can pay quite decently. But of course always consider the effort

and all that that is required and the money to go to these locations so you just need to choose carefully. And also there’s no guarantee how many tasks you will get access to so it’s not something you should expect to do for a living or anything like that. But for some extra money it can be an interesting option. And if you have the right skills you can also build it up depending on your location. But if you for example prefer just always being able to earn from the comfort of your own home then I would

recommend you for example you use some of the top get paid to sites instead. I’ll leave a link to a list I have that on my website or you can also to choose to create for example your own online business I also have more information about that that requires a lot of effort before you start earning. But then it also has a huge long-term earning potential. So all that depends what you prefer. I will leave links to both below so you can check that out. And I hope this video helped you and if it did

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