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Hello Movie Lovers, Welcome to the no spoiler
review of D Boss’s Roberrt released simultaneously
in both Kannada & Telugu as well.
Roberrt is directed by Tharun Kishore Sudhir
starring Challenging Star Darshan, Devaraj,
Jagapathi Babu, Ravi Shankar, Ravi Kishan & Asha Bhat.

Amazon prime video has acquired the streaming
rights of Roberrt and it will be available
to watch in the coming days.
Coming to the story – As seen in the trailer,
Darshan can be seen in 2 shades in this movie
The classy look of Raghava & the boss of
the masses Roberrt.
Why does Darshan becomes Raghava from Roberrt?
What is the relationship with the Kid?
How does it all connect with multi-villains forms
the story.
Without wasting any more time, Lets talk about
the positive & negative aspects of the movie:
1. Roberrt is a straight forward revenge action
drama movie with all the mass elements of a commercial cinema.
2. All the songs composed by Arjun janya are
excellent, There is one for divinity – one
for friendship – one for the mass audience
one with peppy dance beat & lastly one with
the love track.
3. The new ragad beard look suits for Darshan
& its spectacular to watch Darshan dance moves

in Baby dance floor ready song.
4. After Pogaru, Roberrt being the second
big movie getting released during this Pandemic,
I believe people had a lot of expectations
including me, Also since it is being directed
by the Chowka movie director Tharun
Expectations grew higher but the story takes a dip in the
second half as it is become a routine revenge
story especially when only the heroine gets
to know the flashback as shown in many movies.
5. Comedy track is decently laughable and
the climax fight by mixing 2 shades of Raghava
& Roberrt deserves an applause for sure.
6. Mass dialogues is a treat for the DBoss
fans but adding a social message mid of a
flashback sequence could have been avoided.
Overall Roberrt is a power packed action blockbuster
this MahaShivaratri giving a treat for the
D Boss fans especially the interval fight
scene being the highlight but for the rest
It is yet another revenge drama packed with
mass content which is worthy for a one time watch.
But Tharun Sudhir we expected more from you.
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