ROBOCOP (1987) MOVIE REACTION!! First Time Watching! Full Movie Review

citizens of the reject Nation it is time to watch a movie I have wanted to see forever that I’ve never seen and Greg has seen as a child I did the math I saw it on VHS between the ages of four to six Craig’s never seen it that does not count you’re still seeing new colors this is RoboCop yeah we’re constantly these movie circles where people are quoting it and I was telling you I’ve been wanting to re-watch it because I never know the references the the buy that for a dollar I don’t know why

RoboCop would say that you said it the other day and I didn’t know it was from RoboCop until you said it yeah I was like yeah apparently it’s a Robocop I don’t know what it means I hear this movie’s actually deeper than cool machine that kills people and a definitely four-year-old Greg would never have picked up on any of that it’s just a little Nuance Greg trying to figure out the meaning of life so this is gonna be my purpose of my rewatch today try to recall this MB be like oh okay this is the

deeper meaning and after dread and the nude red it felt appropriate to dive into another thing that got a recent remake that went the other way though yeah

where people didn’t love the new one as much but I’m excited for this one let us know in the comments what else you want us to watch We’re digging this action movie for Ray we’ve also got a bunch of stuff coming up and hit that subscription Bell that like button hit all the YouTubey things and as always thank you to the fine folks at prepper who make this

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three minutes and we’ll give you the world I’m Ron Berger that’s tick tock’s logo too power failed causing a brief but harmless period of weightlessness for the visiting president and his staff we’ll be back interesting opening Santa come down and talk to one of our qualified surgeons here at the family Heart Center we feature the complete jarvik line extended warranties financing qualifies for health tax credit and remember We Care this is her comedy this snarky every policeman knows when he joins the force that there are certain inherent risks that come with the territory ask any

cop he’ll tell you he can’t stand the heat you better stay out of the kitchen fascinating identified this man Clarence unofficial Crime Boss of old Detroit Red from That 70s Show at Foreman I know that forehead anywhere fight to save the life of Officer Frank Fredrickson good luck Frank this has to be like it’s comedically I know it’s a satire I had no idea perfect transferring in from Metro South nice Precinct yeah pretty good he’s got a Killian Murphy thing about it does the eyes are intense get your arm and suit up share that line

get your armor and suit up what brings you to this little Paradise it’s me man I think ocp’s moving a lot of new guys up here what a bunch of morons they’re gonna manage this department and their white asses a lot of butts a lot of white asses yeah try to get a Meda back after you’ve been jammed well I’ll tell you what we should do we should strike uh-oh and I don’t want to hear any more talk about strike police officers don’t strike can you imagine a cop strike yeah then who’s gonna beat down

the strikers the billy clubs don’t worry they’ve got funding whoa roundhouse kick standard cop procedure women can’t punch this Mary Sue what is this woke from the 80s man this guy’s gonna be your new partner Murphy meet Lewis Peter Weller is making sure to get all his brooding stairs in there before they were moving from him do not blink because you will not have eyes soon Ed 209 ran into a serious delays at cost overruns the old man ordered a backup on Heaven 95th it’s a lighter fire under Jones’s ass there’s a great editing to

this the pace is wonderful so moved yeah and the coverage is great sixth position Works what about this police thing what’s the problem their Union’s been pitching ever since we took over filtered things around I didn’t realize how much of this would be a commentary on 1980s Corporate America is this is that what they’re doing it feels like at some point it feels very Frank Miller yeah old Detroit has a cancer the cancer is crime Detroit’s very different now oh yeah yeah ask Eminem yeah I think it’s time we gave something I love how self-congratulatory

this room is so proud of everyone and themselves top of the food chain here thinking about we should do something for the little people you know building the city we have gambled in markets traditionally regarded as non-profit hospitals prisons space exploration all for profit now every one of those we believe in efficient police force is only part of the solution we need a 24-hour a day police officer oh they build the RoboCop of course they do why would the police station the corporate at the police stationery plug them in plug them in laughs corporate interest

Greg oh they control the police okay holy what is this oh actually it does look slightly familiar to me and they built it which is cool like that’s a thing that’s what Peter Weller’s gonna oh my God whoa It’s like claymation stop motion Holy balls this is awesome oh sweet it’s like Miniatures I think yeah the enforcement Droid series 209 is a self-sufficient law enforcement robot 209 is currently programmed for urban pacification but that is only the beginning okay zucchini is going to help us simulate a typical arrest and disarming procedure this is gonna go

great use your gun in a threatening manner pointed at Ed 209 yes sir I mean that’s a huge handgun s to comply oh my goodness it’s roaring 10 seconds look at them squibs they just killed a guy look at how I got it it’s so violent oh he’s just embarrassed that’s why you need a human in the suit yeah epic I’m very disappointed I’m sure it’s only a glitch your temporary setback could cost us 50 million dollars in interest payments alone perhaps you aware of the RoboCop program developed by myself at security Concepts as it

can go see against just this sort of thing I love how they’re not concerned at all for the person who died nope it only that they’ve just their new Financial loss structured the police department and placed Prime candidates according to risk factor I’m confident that we can go to prototype within 90 days not expect a full presentation in 20 minutes and that guy just lost the contract just moving on so fast ah the cold disregard for life too bad about Kenny huh life’s in a big city Amen brother that’s what happens you live in a

city volunteers oh he’s a cowboy Yeehaw my son Jimmy watched this cop show TJ laser and his laser guy does this every time he takes down a bad guy and you don’t want to disappoint Role Models can be very important to a boy true what a weird building of chemistry yeah right I’ve got a kid want to meet him it’s like the little exchanges they have you’ll find the money so he always plays angry people he’s very angry for decades he’s been playing angry people is that what Peter Weller’s voices he voices Batman so I

think it just lives there it just wanted a guy who sounded like a robot you’re like a dual wielding he is a cowboy oh so he was a badass cop before he was a Robocop who else you’re gonna get oh clearance my legs man I came up he’s Expendable come on Clarence just toss him on the cops car can you fly Bobby oh he’s gonna toss him on the don’t see about what red from That 70s Show it’s not good for you what a fun score yeah it’s very peppy and Lively Central this is unit

154 we’re located at Van by The Old Mill in sector 3D Now where’s that Backup backup is still unavailable maybe we shouldn’t be a radio it yet so loud like a like a megaphone we are now here come shoot at us see the millionaire criminals and the poor criminals all have no respect for life it’s a great equalizer there’s some great camera work in this that I was not expecting really curious who shot it because it hasn’t stopped moving but it’s not shaky at all it’s also edited like a comedy like there’s so many Cuts

but they really work I got time to pissed mind to find zip this up are we watching a movie or uh this is a kind of pre-cut scene see I actually looked at it oh she got distracted by his big thing yep I like the way they build it he moved I like how they built the world through the media yeah it’s really interesting Dead or Alive you’re coming with me oh I know that long I’ve heard that line too yeah let us take over from here Emil y no oh that guy your ass is

mine uh yeah the little boy in me is getting a slight flashback right now oh is this a moment yeah where’s your partner other one was upstairs she was sweet this guy’s got some Style you probably don’t think I’m a very nice guy buddy I think you’re slime he’s scary yeah he is he’s really scary yeah cops don’t like me so I don’t like cops oh he’s all yours oh damn they really commit to the Practical effects here oh Jesus Christ wow how’s this live I know he’s like 1980s oh man Fun Zone whoa crazy

makeup that is rough okay let’s get out of here yeah my brain just remembered like the rapid fire yeah I didn’t remember the gore yeah that was intense I just remember the rapid fire that was rough it’s actually a really well done character setup he’s got a son yeah we know that from a line of exposition they really make you hate these villains yeah and they’re like maniacal so they’re interesting and they’re evil yeah you want him to go and you care about him with very little screen time they’ve established like corporate greed world and

the media as a problem how is he a still alive there’s no way he got shot in the head and dismembered with shotguns I mean I guess fitty got shot in the face but not in the head like right in there they’re right in the brain that’s where he controls his impulses so when he’s at RoboCop he won’t have him he’s lost like Limbs and stuff gotta pressure 60 pounds pressure the place was right next to the hospital couldn’t shave your nose here Peter Weller come on Peter let’s get some blood drawn type in frosting

six units this pressure’s dropping okay yeah oh there’s this kid I was at the shower watches yeah I really have to tell you blood pressure I’ve got 40 pill all right whoa crazy shot will she still love you when you’re could you be a robo husband more Robo than man okay clear like really effective let’s go okay why is makeup from older movies so much better they cared and took time this is where budgets used to go they were like unsettling too you know oh yeah now I’m like nauseous that’s that’s a lot all right

I think that’s all we can do just call it what’s the time anyone notice he has a hole in his head you guys he got shot I think you shot the attempted that head he gets from the head I think oh cool is he gonna come back through yeah POV has a Robocop sauce oh that’s so clever I thought we’d read on total body prosthesis now lose the arm okay we’re gonna blank his memory anyway oh he’s trying to release forms and he joined the forest he’s legally dead we can do pretty much what we

want oh my God I love how they just treat him like he’s a product yep he could crush every bone in your hands all right attach it to his shoulder good thing you lost an arm yeah we just took that other one off for funsies great Exposition character development through the POV this is fun oh yeah it is celebration of the success of him too the eeriness of treated him like a child yeah we get the best of both worlds fastest route is Reef with modern technology has not good memory and a lifetime of on

the street law enforcement programming it is my great pleasure what a well-structured movie RoboCop oh that’s for you go Robo ah great reveal that was Geniuses that’s a great handle on perspective with her shots yeah I wonder who shot this I think he’s exceptional what’s really impressive about it to me too is that as much of it as it feels like an 80s movie It Feels So lived in that I don’t feel a distance with it being dated yeah this is 40 years old almost and it doesn’t feel like that yeah because a lot of

times that datedness can feel like oh I’m kept apart from it but yeah I feel like more submersed in it like whether it’s dialogue or like Flavor like they’re so good yeah it’s about official ocp business get lost hey this is I take my order from ominous sounds of those footsteps this is so cool what is this cops can be replaced oh they wanted to go on strike too because they were afraid of artificial intelligence this is what happens you should have gone on Strike Boston Dynamics never watched this movie when you’re at rest you

will sit in the chair yes I understand you can check his exact location at all times with one of these that sustains these Organics you it’s kind of nauseating what are your Prime directives serve the public trust protect the innocent uphold the law I will commit that to memory huh oh classified ah you can see your robocops like that they didn’t tell him he’s just in there awesome what are they gonna do replace us I love that he’s still in there by the way he flips the gun it’s really weird because it’s cool but so

up oh yeah it’s haunting and like evil but like awesome go get him boy got a lot of layers something tells me the sequels were just like this robotics made it cool yeah no commentary yeah we don’t want you to think too much I know this tune uh the strings of the 80s he says shoot Somebody’s gotta buy that for a dollar I don’t understand it I love that it’s a one-line cut away like we’ll never have got text with me now move oh my God this is RoboCop superhero origin story two drop the gun

you are under arrest what if you shot his mouth that’s what I’ve been wondering but it’s so small Maybe oh that’s 400 pounds right there he’d be dead just from then oh yeah head off thank you for your cooperation good night oh then it comes back around maybe he does say it because he heard it yeah I doubt it maybe it is like a superhero it really is yeah saving the city let the woman go you are under arrest that was amazing that was awesome Madam you have suffered an emotional shock I will notify a

crisis center we will get you on a couch with only twenty dollars a month that was so badass through the dress thought he was doing one of those years shoot through the like the movies when they like shoot them in a spot where they won’t kill them yeah kill the other guy through the address that was awesome I only knew shot this movie is exceptional it is really great the satire the comedy the action it’s all perfect it like interweaves like in a brilliant way and the tones all work I think if I was

a kid I would just see it as an action movie I’m kind of glad I yeah this is great where the hell do you think you’re going keep him talking okay Miller don’t hurt the mayor I’ll give you whatever you want says can RoboCop ever run yeah I want some fresh coffee and third I want to recount he wants a recap and I want a new car and I want the city to pay for it all what kind of car Miller 35 years later he would run for president what Plum Punk speakers what a perfect

night to for a robo cup Crazy Craft a thermograph through the wall yes RoboCop who is he what is he where does he come from this storytelling device of the media is so impressive genius stay out of trouble more fighting in the Mexican crisis today when American troops participated in a joint raid with Mexican Nationals against Rebel rocket positions in Acapulco the Iacocca invented the Mustang so it’s great commentary in Corporate America smart you haven’t dismantled your MX stockpile my border that’s it Buster no more military aid crazy see they do like media the commentary

breaks yeah they like push their products during like medium warmonger uh it’s crazy there’s like a real commentary on the media that hasn’t quite changed today no it’s got worse yeah vice president Bill I’d love to but uh a date couple models coming I I’d buy for a dollar ah okay so it is just the same again just the thing people say in this city making a real name for yourself and security concepts with robocon you try interesting perspective shop who is the one is the stock market in front of them while they pee what’s

what’s that you know he’s got this killer rep but it’s a smoke screen space he’s lost his teeth the guys are put well now we know why would you be so stupid to have this conversation in public ever I remember when I was a young executive for this company I used to call the old man funny names Iron Butt boner once I even called him uh-huh is that what you guys do to me yeah you can draw like boner over here bastard creation of yours I had a guaranteed military sale with Ed 209 who cares

if it worked or not the old man thought it was pretty important I love watching movies with two actors I definitely know from something that I could never place for I know and I won’t tell IMDb you you were the wrong guy don’t mind oh why does it feel like there’s sexual attention there’s so much you better pray that I don’t know lean monster of yours doesn’t screw up you think they’ll stick their Robo devices on this yeah there’s got to be a third act so yeah but I thought it would just be with the

bad guys I feel like Robocat can take out Red Foreman pretty easy so maybe that is a fair boy a human head on a robotic body yeah I was just looking at the design of the shoulders how clever that is oh the PTSD mind cannot tell the difference oh that’s cool you see a little bit of fragmenting of like what he sees somehow goddamn Rebels yesterday great do you think the peripherals would catch that pretty bad at their job end of the lifeline is he going on a Revenge Mission no RoboCop nightmares stop wait a

minute I don’t know he just left just left it’s you trying to stop Harry for chat gbt right listening to us this day will come where’s the AI version of Robocop that’s what I want to see who’s the modern filmmaker that’s gonna make this satire commentary because we got a lot of AI stuff but not in this snarky way I feel like you could remake RoboCop today with AI yeah yeah which is right yeah everyone wants that RoboCop remix but I think Terminator should be like an AI comment that’d be fun Murphy it’s you you

really don’t remember me do you excuse me I have to go there isn’t art to acting where your mask is on oh yeah such an art to it what did you say no fall safes yeah this all started with you you activated it with your nightmares walking down the hallway now fill it up on number seven I’m a good shot I could hit you in the eye from here they cast these villains really well yes that’s a piece of I like to believe they’re they’re hiding but believable I bet you think you’re pretty smart huh

you think you could outsmart a bullet he is complying what do you say we find out huh drop it hell yeah Dead or Alive you are coming with me excited every time it’s cathartic I hear that right there more context foreign whoa that was awesome oh that guy’s dead that that was dead yeah he’s real dead explosion of the gas station with an actual stunt guy that was so cool yeah you could see him standing him amidst the fire too yeah wow he’s he’s gliding through no steps maybe it’s actually got a stabilizer image wise

it could because when we see we don’t it’s true area that could be a violent weapon I enjoyed that middle finger moment if those known associates it’s flea foreign oh my God he’s got his whole thing the whole gang the whole gangs Revenge mission he’s got really pretty lips it does they cast well uh oh damn that’s a mind right there yeah the movie’s also a tragedy it’s so sad our lead is dead great transition to memory yeah can you do that Dad what happened in there all right this is so sad I really have

to tell you something oh my God she was saying something sweet wasn’t you yeah oh there’s a little smirk at the end of that oh they cut it right before the smoker like oh was she divorced him or some yeah man where is Clarence He’s the bad guy from blade I think he’s in one of the blades everyone’s just like they hate this guy get rid of him how you doing oh how do they know each other you do it okay oh dude dude please please don’t kill me all right hello buddy boy dick Jones

here ah hired a hit you don’t feel so lucky now do you whatever he’s paid you I’ll double it right now five goes on it’s an old story The Fight For Love and Glory hubbab Corporate America working with this bad guy that’s too bad you seemed like such a nice guy I got the muscle you shove enough of this Factory so far up your stupid whop ass Frankie blow this his head off can’t can’t come on Sal the tigers are playing two nights I never miss a game he is great he is so good he

is really captivating I want to buy some cocaine I’m low on batteries do you have cocaine the most 80s thing ever is a dust of cocaine and RoboCop walking through oh my shoes targeting targeting it takes a breath too I like the over the shoulder yeah yeah Boogie you are under arrest you have the right to remain silent you oh yeah wait a minute I’m protected man I’ve got protection you have the right to an attorney oh his own rules right now JP’s the senior president anything you say may be used against you God is

all going to record yeah I might need it later oh yeah there we go it’s crazy how much character they gave RoboCop yeah book him what’s the charge say it say it he’s a cop killer Oh I thought I was gonna say murdering Murphy yeah I thought he was going to list all that the lawyers will have you out in 24 hours just don’t say anything else she really screwed up he did say your name I just got access to the camera though right there is a tracker on him oh but that homeboy is gonna

have his big mother effort yeah that’s gonna be a fight there’s got to be someone that can fight robocopics there’s no one that could Stakes you are under arrest Chuck eating and abetting a known felon sounds like I’m in a lot of trouble oh product violation oh crazy is that the classifier yeah okay insurance policy called direct before senior officer both CP results in shutdown what oh so now he’s in control Corporate America no accountability okay I had to kill Bob Moore because he made a mistake time to erase that mistake no oh that is

scary so monstrous oh oh damn he’s actually damaged this does that like hero and villain being the same entity but in a really good way oh his eyes thank you cool awesome oh you gotta be me Rockets robo-roll a very good aim on this thing the super close-ups really work for the emotion oh it’s actually like disconcerting to see RoboCop all front and running I’m like okay oh the eye is so cool oh it was not designed for steps his big enemy stairs my one weakness how’d they get him up here push him down the

stairs oh become its friend robocon earn its Trust it’s okay they’re there I don’t know they treated like it’s an animal it’s a little baby oh come on foreign Peter Weller we have orders to destroy it oh see the capture the criminals the exact same thing it it’s not an it wow surprisingly great at raising Stakes too yeah jeez like all the odds are against him right now I feel so bad for him so bad they say you do a Superman movie like he’s you know impenetrable but we’re finding those where’s your lady cop friend

she know to be right there is that all just coincidence maybe she saw him rolling modeling walks out in a suit I I am so surprised by how truly fantastic not gonna lie people were like this movie’s deeper than people giving credit and I was still like I was like yeah maybe sure whatever Robo guy yeah no this is like a four and a half Stars that thing is still alive I don’t know what you’re talking about the police officer arrested you the one you spilled your guts to see how they did yeah allergy nasal

is pretty uh Clarinex yeah he recorded every word you said his memory is admissible as evidence you involved me you’re gonna have to kill me admissible good word we’re gonna need some major Firepower got access to military weaponry we practically are the military oh this movie’s got some things to say same privatized military and privatized police are a problem Greg corporate interest May hinge on those beliefs in a system that works yep cool Robo guy but this Robo guy yeah did you bring the gun the precinct was deserted half the forest didn’t show up for

work today my God he just sounding like a dude now yeah they’re humanizing them your gun you asked for this I brought you some food oh thank you I’m not hungry oh this is a sweet boy I love you RoboCop you got my heart oh he’s unscrewing his head oh we’re gonna see a maskless what’s underneath where’s the sun in my they moved but oh my God it that’s what they meant by the freaking Guardians Guy what’s his name yeah I never got that reference you’re very much Society it is a gray bar Hotel not

bad they let me keep the shirts they let me out of jail for free damn they’ve all got let out what do you got through Clarence whoa whoa watch this demonstration is this the same warehouse where Murphy was born I was gonna say I love the synchronicity of her being with him again for the end against them but in the same place yeah is it the same spot oh it’s kind of creepy with his mask yeah human face move that way I still care about you I’m just uncomfortable yeah dude what are you doing don’t

tell them where you are those fierceness in his eyes if they aim on that kind of Cannon could not be easy the last thing I forget to dissociate with this movie is that it’s surprisingly moving yeah it’s like actually like it gets you in the field surprisingly okay anyway a little little skip there right into the toxic waste no he’ll be back as a super villain in the sequel he’s the joker now ace chemicals oh my God what’s happening I thought he was just gonna be dead oh it’s melting oh man the 80s were different

what is happening he’s a Toxic Avenger well that was so gross they melted him that was so disturbing wow I thought it was just gonna roll out yeah oh man I thought everybody treats him like he’s the worst one of them all oh 100. oh the other side of his face is even worse what is happening this guy he came up in his Golem oh yeah you liquefied him I don’t know why this movie hates himself much this keeps picking on him they just liquefied him oh that’s what I was worried about God damn it

oh wow characters really get shot this one got blown up oh you walk on water my resurrected man that’s right oh yeah a little too late I mean yeah but at least he’s dead oh oh Terminator to take some oh my god oh can you get him oh oh right of the jugular you got way too I’m a mess they’ll fix you everything it makes everything dick Jones is wanted for murder these are serious charges what is your evidence yeah plug it in I had to kill Bob Morton because he made a mistake now it’s

time to erase that mistake I want a chopper now oh but protect they could it could override with a directive hey fire him can it dick damn good call right because immediately directives I don’t know what you meant by that yeah his arms were alone very poorly saved it for the end nice shooting son what’s your name Murphy again oh hell yeah damn talk about a movie that lives up that was so good that age is incredibly that is one shot I didn’t like it it’s in the last 30 seconds wow that was so good

it wow I’m actually like really Blown Away by it I I really went in going that I was kind of going in thinking that maybe maybe I’d be a little bored until they finally became I don’t care about anybody like free conceived Notions for some reason like ah baby it’s gonna be whatever yeah and then maybe it’s like over hyped and and but no that was that was a genuinely like phenomenal experience genius attire genius comedy in and out of universe like the way it addressed us and the action in the DP was like insanely

good I love the editing I love the way it was filmed I loved like the writing was fantastic that was so good I I’m kind of Blown Away by it because it does so much it’s got the social commentary of the political commentary commentary that’s relevant to even today that I wasn’t expecting yeah uh uh the the the fear of replacing uh that I mean obviously all the stuff about like Corporate America and whatnot and and Military and workers rights but but then it also like just had menacing villains and a really solid character in

Robocop and for some reason they’ll tip it did the t09 sorry he’s like a legend Phil tip it’s like one of the best visual effects artists my my knowledge on that is not the most wide but yeah that was probably my my big my biggest surprise was how much I cared about RoboCop because kind of like you could say Superman or kind of even like when we watch dread like I love dread easily one that’s probably one of my favorite reaction videos we’ve ever done ever on this channel um but one of my things about

it was I I never really fear for dreads right at no point did I think and I love the stakes escalating here yeah to the point where I was like how are they gonna make the villains worth fighting how are they going to make me worry about RoboCop but then by the end I was like are they just gonna rebuild him in part two like I thought he might actually die yeah and that’s impressive for a movie to make me worry about or lead to that level yeah I was I I really felt for Murphy

the character the the way how you know you’ll have like the superhero identity but then the person underneath who they really are sure with their first name right and I I didn’t expect to connect so much to Murphy because in all honest it’s like I like I like Peter Weller it was like reasonably Charming enough sure before he became RoboCop so the last thing I expected was so like it more whispered to evolve as a character with me foreign all right I thought we got our movie um and I thought like the main voice character

of the movie would be like what the movie’s talking about it would be the real it would be the real character I didn’t expect so much to care about RoboCop himself I thought he’d just be like an aesthetically pleasing guy and it was really neat but I I felt for him and and I thought it was tragic and and and uh yeah when he was getting like shot when like the bad guys are coming down and the cops coming down I’m like man it’s so messed up he’s already had such a terrible life but like

yeah they’re terrible for this guy Catherine Hardwick did the TJ laser stuff I don’t know any of these people Catherine Hardwick’s uh director of hurt locker and like oh James Cameron yeah that’s what I know whereas that’s your only identity to me that’s like a huge director she started on Point Break that’s huge did she do the first Twilight anyway uh was it her I don’t think that’s correct I don’t know I know the first I know the director of the first file I did Lords of Dogtown but I can’t place if that’s the same

director anyway she was like uh the laser crew the one who did 13. yeah I’m gonna look it up I’m gonna do the Cardinals I gotta know uh but yeah I was really impressed with like everything they were able to do with Nuance but also the commentary on so many different things never clouded the other like it had so many different tones but they never crossed over and made it like oh that’s invalidated that’s invalidated yeah and some of the visuals were like oh when he gets the mirroring of the the criminal shooting him to

death to the cop shooting him to death being a mirroring of the commentary on the whole movie and using some of the visual Aesthetics and everything was genius oh great point they literally cut to a side shot of more cops shooting him with the same uh angle as they did with the five bad guy and I thought that was genius there’s there’s a lot of re-watch ability sure that I that I wasn’t expecting to pick up on either I oh yeah there’s yeah definitely little I think the only thing I really remember was like a

flash of him getting shot up like when you were a kid yeah yeah yeah because that’s pretty funny as a child what have I seen the arm getting blown the hand getting blown off I didn’t remember that yeah it was so rough that was crazy but I don’t know I saw a lot of violence when I was younger yeah all players together it all blurs together after a while uh the movie was also very huh I don’t think we’ve ever even learned his first name that’s and he was so compelling who Murphy that was his

first name it wasn’t wasn’t Murphy I was assumed it was officer Murphy because Murphy was on his badge wouldn’t that be your last name like don’t you go by like you’d be Alba I assumed that it wasn’t like Murphy Brown no because it said it said Murphy on his uh on his name uh on his jacket yeah so I think we never even learned his first name oh interesting that’s just an interesting way to like that’s compelling me we don’t even know a full uh I mean I thought the I thought the movie also too

was what I loved about this kind of dystopian future and as we said a lot during the reaction so I’m trying not to just repeat everything we said but what I love about this kind of dystopian future is that it felt very tangible as well you know I I think from what I recall about the reboot of Robocop and and recall and like the total recall for the trailers I’ve seen of that is that it’s just so hyper CGI and so futuristic you know it’s like everything tries to become like Blade Runner all the sudden

or something like that yeah Fifth Element I would say you know and it keeps his hands and so here this is uh this this felt like very this felt plausible like this felt believable in in a lot of ways and I think the the way they did the shots too like there’s a lot of these great tracking shots here with like superb editing as well and it’s it’s like consistently menacing but it’s got that like real Twisted kind of sense of humor yeah you know yeah I was really impressed with some of the shots the

fact that POV worked in this so well POV rarely works for me I’m usually like that’s a gimmicky shot but they use POV in such an event of way when not only is he dying and then the reboot that narratively is great but then they were able to reincorporate that rebooted image to give us a POV of him to give us characterization he’s only showing this much of his face because you’re living with his view yeah which is genius the propaganda commentary oh my God the commercials were genius how they made the because it’s all

focuses on Detroit but the media gives you a sense of the world I also can’t believe it’s like it’s set in Detroit which is the American cart City and there were so many commentaries on like original car consumerism like Lee Iacocca is the guy that invented the Mustang which was huge for the city of Detroit Lee Iacocca school is a commentarian like consumerism to a level they’ve got the car that’s got 8.3 miles per gallon in a city that’s known for building gas guzzling cars when the gas guzzling cars went away Detroit crumbled like all

of that layers oh I didn’t know all that yeah so like that’s a genius commentary on just the American consumerism with corporate America with destroying the planet consumerism that’s a big part of the film that is a huge part of the film but yeah the car stuff was genius because if you don’t know you’re not distracted but if you do know you’re like Lee Iacocca Drop Like that’s crazy yeah this movie is deeper than he is crazy good it’s actually like really deep but it’s but it also is a very just entertaining film yeah at

no point was I not like enjoying the giddiness of a good action movie even while I was going like that’s so smart like some movies are heavy-handed enough that it leaves the action behind because you’re thinking and that’s fine for that tone but at no point did I leave the action movie while also thinking because you have to be like because I could also see how this thing spawned into a action franchise with a TV there’s like a live action TV series that I’ve never seen and then there’s the animated TV series which cannot be

nuanced it is in video games you know like I could totally see how RoboCop became that yeah based off of just what a Robocop is because it’s so cool because you see it’s so cool and all um but the but this first movie I kind of don’t even want to watch this I’m really scared I I don’t want to because I feel like it would just like upset me it’ll like Sully this it’s the opposite of dread where like the new one’s amazing and it makes the first one better I’m afraid this will be like

diminishing returns I think that’s exactly how it would go I’d be surprised if it I don’t know how you could possibly this is like a per it’s almost perfect I give this four and a half Stars which I rarely do like this is a very high this might be my favorite thing we’ve watched yeah I think my only thing is like I like the the lady I like she’s the reason I like her uh but they’re and I I care more about them when they were connected post to him taking off the map yeah that

those parts I did care about more but there was occasionally these things with the with this sweeter more like tender dramatic scenes that’s a little weird because they played odd instead of like natural like yeah it didn’t feel natural um and so other than like those little little things there’s yeah there’s not too much very tiny there’s very intermittent things that I would forget about that I’m like oh yeah yeah whatever that’s not that guy has really long arms they like gave him prosthetic arms to make the the depth of field look like he was

falling faster but instead he just had really long arcs oh the makeup was phenomenal God crazy makeup like what they were able to do with that like now High evolutionary look but like what they were able to do with making it look like he was plastered to metal and like how he was in the suit is so genius like I really felt like that was a Robocop did they pull that off in some ways it looks more impressive than high evolutionary yeah 87 in the face right yeah I mean still impressive but God damn this

movie was really cool yeah it was like it was like constantly unsettling but but always captivating yeah um yeah I loved it I really loved it I didn’t expect to walk away I thought this was I thought it was uh I thought it might have been a little overhyped the 80s is also like the height of like raw raw spend I didn’t expect things to be like it’s dangerous to live this way like this was a movie that we made now that like certain news channels would complain about like this is a movie that could

exist today with the same commentary that would be like oh won’t go broke and instead it was in the height of that era I watched Terminator one quite a lot growing up yeah um mainly because Terminator 2 is like arguably my favorite movie of all time I like this more uh but I’m not I don’t I don’t love Terminator one as much as I maybe I should I wish I felt a lot of it is just to like get determinated I don’t I’m not as in love with it I I like this morning Terminator one

this is like one of my favorite action figures by quite a bit I actually I I like this more than terminal one like the the action is not maybe the best sure like but that’s that was the thing is that’s not my main takeaway with this film because the action is relatively simple walks around but it’s all the emotional surrounding context around the action that makes it so interesting and and and and worthwhile and the cinematography makes up for the action for me exactly yeah like maybe no point maybe the choreography is the greatest yeah

because you’ve got a guy that only has so many hinges like what can you do like the fact that he even did some cool over the shoulders I was like that’s impressive whereas I would be like even Terminator Terminator two came out a few uh several years after this but Terminator 2’s action sequences I’m still like oh those are phenomenal yeah some of the best of all time yeah whereas here I wouldn’t say like the action figures are here are phenomenal but the the context around them are so good but every but every scene felt

so important I think James Cameron’s wife uh ex-wife is Catherine Bigelow and Catherine Hardwick is the one that directed Twilight and Lords of Dogtown I mixed it because I’m like there’s no way the person that directed Twilight also directed hurt longer like doesn’t feel right I think Catherine Bigelow Catherine Hardwick are dude for people yeah I think James Cameron’s wife is Catherine Bigelow uh I was just so bothered by that I’m like there’s no way she directed all of those things uh but yeah James Cameron’s obviously got an action aesthetic that influenced so much but

this influenced way more than I realized we said you know there were some lines of dialogue but also I do think you’re right there’s some Terminator moments here in this first oh yeah but this stabbing yeah I was like that’s like straight up what happens in Terminator 2. some of those frames are the same yeah this was so impressive this might be my favorite thing we’ve reacted to ever and I loved dread like this and Dread are my top two yeah I just love I love the mood uh throughout because the move was was changing

but ah that was I’m kind of I’m kind of I’m taking it back a little bit yeah that was that that is a wildly impressive film sometimes when you do these reactions it’s hard because like you know you’re on camera and you’re aware that like you’re watching something and sharing it and that’s harder to ruminate on like sometimes we film so I’m like okay my day’s on like and I leave but this is something I’m like oh I just watched a thing that I know I’m gonna think about I want to watch it again I

like found myself going if I set it during it like if this plays in the theaters I want to go see it 100 this is playing it like The Arrow or some like you know old movie theater I’d love that it’s so well crafted and the music’s amazing too and it’s it’s cathartic like yeah this was this was a surprising I I feel like I shouldn’t be surprised yeah everyone hyped it and it’s even better yeah yeah I think that’s a I think it was just so hyped that most of the time people do that

it’s it’s it can’t be delivered and I’m like it’s a 80s movie about a machine about a robocopy yeah also like an 80s movie it’s really hard to live up to people’s expectations of their age when they watched it like we weren’t 17 watching this yeah we were I mean I wasn’t even alive yet but we weren’t yet like in that era so I was really worried about people that love it just having Nostalgia because their parents might have showed them that’s what I thought it was a Nostalgia you know what I mean there was

no Nostalgia tied to this except for I’ve seen the figures of Robo but I was like but I bet it’s a little boring that’s what I thought I was never born not once not once I was bored I thought it was really interesting the entire time and and it does have more in its my mind and you can see like I can see I was the same guy made Starship Troopers I can’t wait to read essays on this like I’m excited to like read about it I don’t feel that often anymore where I’m like I

can’t wait to learn the things I missed before we go you want to just see what like the other robocops are rated yeah I was thinking about like how did they do really because this was amazing because what if like RoboCop 2’s all right what if like three is a sneaky hit like we just don’t know about it because two sucked like there’s like one more good one I heard one of them if I’m not mistaken a fun fact just popped into my head I heard one of them is PG-13 whoa which is like a

Telltale that’s a crime we need to how many robocops are there is that the show you were talking about why is there like 20 robocops I don’t know what these other robocops are Resurrection I don’t know the names Paige Fletcher does not yeah I have no idea oh 49 for the new one God damn oh damn oh my God nine percent on three nine oh Robert a Peter Weller didn’t even return for well after you get a 28 dude ripped horns hit one 28. only 40 people watched it from Rotten Tomatoes oh damn even the

audience score is terrible dude it’s got a 40 reviews for real critics 50 000 audience ratings 36 dude that is rough oh I I don’t know if I’m 101 I don’t think I don’t I don’t think we need it uh oh God 50 000. I mean regardless the asinine Circle should be placed under arrest maybe we skip two and go right to three yeah because I was like a really fun time okay Frank Miller co-wrote oh dude do you want to just watch three like because I don’t want to be sullied but if it’s this

bad maybe if we skip you know what I mean did Frank Frank Miller co-wrote two and three and they’re terrible oh because it’s so it’s the first one so Frank Miller he didn’t he didn’t co-write this one well this feels like what influenced a lot of his Comics so it’s interesting that wow dude nine we’ve never done a nine percent movie damn the Remake has better reviews but then either of the sequels the Remake has a better audience score and reviews uh God damn that is crazy but I mean still nothing still not great what

about it Samuel Jackson Ooh Jackie Earl Haley oh I love Abby Cornish maybe we should just skip to the remake I mean three in the dream it could be funny but it’s just a remake it looks like it’s such a reason look at how bad that image is that image is just my suit is so cheesy yeah look at how much again red visors he’s just wearing a Power Ranger suit he’s just literally like I think rope but like this came out like what 10 years ago yeah I I think it was one of the

first trailer reactions I ever heard and I remember being so hyped for it no at 10 years ago Greg plays to the kind of audience member that oh that’s so funny like oh you got the sweet slick version of Robocop guys it’s so edgy he’s corporate branded he’s got the C on his chest and it’s like this the fact that it exists is kind of the what RoboCop stands against the fact that there’s three of them and shows Corporate America made a show an animated show and a sequel yeah that’s I mean I’m down man

that was uh this first one’s Immaculate though I cannot believe how good that was I don’t know if I could sit through those other two that just sounds awful that does sound rough all right I don’t know what these other robocars the animated films are like what are they well it’s like I don’t know live action what is this action sci-fi the rated R hour and a half MGM television what Robocop and cable find refuge in the temple of a techno-religious order they’re just making stuff up all right well that exists what did they do

to report you ruined my favorite movie I love this so much stop making them she ruined up Jesus do you think we should do the 10 year ago I’m giving you a fun comparison yeah you think we should we do two and three or just which I think just skip two yes okay go right to this I I can’t do that too much yeah I love the okay yeah and that way we don’t have an association because it’s so much newer it won’t feel I mean it won’t feel connected yeah all right you let us

know yeah dear audience let us know if we should watch 2014’s RoboCop with the understanding it will not be as good uh we know what we’re getting into should we watch 2014 Joel kenneman Robocop let us know in the comments below if you enjoyed this journey as much as we did please do hit that like hit that notification Bell and hit that comment on what you want us to watch next I’m loving these action movies it has been an absolute blast so please let us know what you want us to dive into and we’ll be

back with some more goodness soon thank you for being here thank you for watching much love reject Nation we’ll see you soon foreign

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