ROG Phone 3 – 144Hz GGWP Phone (Punboxing Review)

Today at MOBHouse Punboxing
We’re gonna be triggering a lot of
PC Master Race people.
Cause we’ll be fingering something with a
ROG Phone 3 for me
No worries
When I’m swinging in my Malaysian palm tree
Excuse me what you mean hello cannot?
You forgot I am the #Bangsawan big shot
We hit the jackpot
With this RGBeast of a phone
Al Capone won’t even challenge
It’s imbalance
Say hello to my little friend
Don’t pretend, man
That your money you don’t wanna spend
Being a #Bangsawan is definitely not easy
So I need to secretly play games sometimes
But it gets very hot ah
The phone
After a while
*Heavy breathing*
How to play like this?
You tell me ah
*Heavy breathing*
I really is very very angry
*BTS – Fire*
What is this huh?
When it comes out somemore got music one
This box is triangular
Like very interesting like that wor
I’m gonna open it with my
Chinese Kung Fu
Because I am Chinese and
I know Kung Fu?
We are going to open up the plastic wrap
Very fast very smooth
Smoother than when I hit on your girlfriend
We’re going to open up this box
And you will see that this thing very extra
Why extra? Because it’s ROG Phone 3 lor
Like that also cannot see ah?
Now we see this what is this?
It’s a case
In case you missed it
And we got an envelope
Wah not bad ah
This case like very thin like that
But the material feels very rough
Kind of interesting
Behind got like a lot of words ah
I don’t know you own self see lah
It is so light you can flip it like roti canai
Anneiiiikuan ma ka diu (like this only correct)
Now we open the envelope
Inside got what leh?
Got a lot of paper
But not the type that you can spend
But I’m a #Bangsawan
Any kind of paper I also can throw
Except the warranty slip
That one you keep
Warranty slip important mah
Your mother no teach meh
Next we have the key to your heart
Because your heart is your SIM
For your SIM card mah
Very very nice
Very shiny also
Next we have the power adapter
Which supports Quick Charge 4
And USB Power Delivery 3.0
It’s so fast
Faster than the trend changing
From bubble tea to yoghurt
Haih, kids these days ah
Why can’t just stick to one drink?
(Kopi ikat tepi is still bae)
Oh yeah don’t forget to use USB-C
For the chargers so your normal cable
Might not work
They also got give you spare plugs for your
Proprietary holes on the side
Because it’s important to have protection
When you play
In case you are like me
And you care about sound quality
This is the USB-C to 3.5mm jack adapter
They also got give you this very nice
USB-C cable that is braided and very tough
Because it’s made from Wonder Woman’s hair
And forged by Thor
Because he Naru-thor
Like to eat Ajinomo-thor
What else do we have?
Of course we have a fan, boy
Because you’re all ROG fan boys mah
But jokes aside it looks kinda cool
But hot damn this clip-on fan
Can send more air to your CPU and 5G chip
So you can lower temps by up to 4 Celsius
See us #Bangsawan
Please don’t be envious
Now we have the main dish
Cause it’s my first time
Play with this very powerful gaming phone
I’m gonna take it slow
Cause I have full control
You all always rush
That’s why no game lah
Wah this phone looks
Like a phone lor
What’s so special?
Cheaper than my graphics card what?
They say size doesn’t matter
But that’s just chatter for haters
Who can’t handle this 6.7″ long phone
Which will barely fit in your pocket
So you can rock it
Of pure gamer goodness
This ROG Phone 3 is more aggressive
And some may even say excessive
Than your basic device
The front is almost all screen with
Clean aesthetics and mean cosmetics
It is tough with gorilla glass on both sides
Pretty and shiny
With tiny black bezels at the top and bottom
With a RGB ROG logo at the back
To attack the fruit brand
Because they are so bland
On the right there is a power button
And volume rocker
On the left there is a proprietary hole
For pro gamers
To plug in a fan to stay cool
At the bottom you have a USB-C port lor
For the screen we have a 6.59″
Not 69″
2340p x 1080p resolution
144Hz, 1ms, OLED
Oh let’s not forget the Delta-E <1 color accuracy
And 25ms touch latency
See you can even go up to 1000 nits
In peak brightness
Or 650 nits outdoor readable brightness
With support for HDR10 and 10+
For those who love good audio
Here's two stereo
Speakers at the front that is quite power
In case you'd like to show off
And announce to the whole world
That you are now part of the
Republic Of Gentlemen
If you are worried about not having a
Good camera on a gaming phone
You are not alone
At the back the ROG Phone 3
Now has a Sony IMX686 64 MP
Main wide angle camera
An ultra wide 13 MP secondary camera
And even a macro camera
In case your one small
I'm talking about your children lah… Aiyo…
Jokes aside with pixel binning
You're gonna get pretty good low light performance
For a smartphone camera
The front camera also
Has been upgraded to 24 MP
In case you love to look at yourself
Never mind if you're fluffy like me
Got Meitu mah
Also they put in a bunch of features
That you probably won't use
Such as Free Zoom
Wind Filter
And Acoustic Focus
But it's okay, it's free
If you are hot like me
And need to cool down
When you are gaming
This phone got holes
At the back one you know
To help you let off some steam
When you nerd rage while gaming
Cause your teammate noob keep feeding lor
They should learn to be more efficient
Like the large heatsink
And 3D vapor chamber
That has 14% better thermal efficiency
Also, the heatsink is 6 times bigger
Than the last one
And you said size doesn't matter…
You know what else is big?
This 6000 mAh battery lor
Unlike your other bad-tteries
This one can last up to two days leh
Super satisfactory
Now let's look at the special features
And if buttons are too mainstream
Nothing else screams innovation
Than the AirTrigger 3 in this phone!
There are ultrasonic touch sensors inside
That will allow you to control actions
Just by tilting
In case you're always tilted while gaming
You can also slide, swipe and
Inner outer button detection…?
In case you are extra OCD
Here's the X Mode
That will allow you more control
Than your ex
Cause you can adjust and customize many
System parameters based on software or games
To optimize the performance of your phone
In terms of specs
This is the first time in the world
As ROG said for the 80th time
That you got the
Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus
7nm 64-bit octa-core processor
That runs at 3.1 GHz
Octa is eight
In case you didn't go to school
Octopus ma…
The GPU is the Adreno 650
So nifty
That you will run your game swiftly
For storage you have the 512GB
As for RAM
You have two options
12GB and 16GB
More RAM than most of you guys' PC
The Republic Of Gamers Phone 3 is very
Especially the Strix edition
Which is only RM2999
Then you have the two
#Bangsawan versions
Which is the RM3799
With 12GB of RAM
And RM4499
with 16 GB of RAM
Aiya just follow me and buy the most
Expensive one la
So that you can brag to people
And say you have 16GB of RAM mah
What do they have 8GB
*tsk tsk tsk*
How basic.
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