Roland Jupiter XM Unboxing – Review – Parte 1 |

Hello guys, welcome to Egitana’s channel, I’m Fábio Jablonski
and today I bring you the Jupiter-XM, a great little Roland synthesizer, let’s see what’s in the box, come with me!
So guys today I bring you the Jupiter-XM, it is another Roland launch of the Jupiter series.
The Jupiter series comes since 1978 bringing classic sounds that marked an era and defined musical styles,
today we have Jupiter-XM here is a compact form of Jupiter,
so we’ll see what’s inside the box, now let’s do an unboxing !
Here comes Jupiter, the box with, let me see what we have here, we have the source here and some streps,
we have the instruction manual and the guarantees here.
Let’s open the font here, the original font.
Look here this is the Jupiter-XM it is very compact, it is light and at the same time it is very resistant you can see that the finish is in a very solid metal
raise at the same time, the knobs and faders are of high quality with premium materials .
Jupiter it is a totally independent synthesizer, you don’t need any cables or wires for you to connect it, not even the power supply.
You have here midi, bluetooth and you have an input here for batteries

that you can take it anywhere under your arm.
And you have here the complete production environment, a whole universe of sounds constantly expanding
with updates as it is customary now for Roland to make their devices, they are upgradeable and compatible with each other.
So about input and output we have a wide range of options here
we have USB memory and a computer output, there are headphone outputs, we have two XLR outputs,
two jack outputs, a combo microphone input with separate gains, we still have an auxiliary input,
two more pedal inputs and here we have midi in and out.
The Jupiter-XM is an ultra portable and totally independent idea machine.
The Jupiter-XM comes equipped with the most recent sound source launched by Roland. Here we have a complete collection of legendary
analog synthesizers transformed into a digital version with the faithful reproduction of Jupiter-8, Juno-106, SH-101
and a plethora of other sounds that marked the era and defined musical styles.
It is a compact synthesizer but it was very well worked on the sound part, you have a lot of resources here
and a very high quality let me show you a little bit …
We can make sounds with several layers, with acoustic sounds,
synthesizers and some sounds of batteries, all passing through an intelligent arpeggiator that the Jupiter-XM brings.
Another thing that caught my attention on Jupiter is that you can mix acoustic sounds with those of the RD pianos,
you have synthesizers here.
You can use internal batteries for hours, you have internal speakers where you can hear the sound,
you can play audio through bluetooth, you can also control the software from Ipads or computers through bluetooth midi.
So you have total control here without even using a cable.
I think it is a great choice for your set, as it is a unique sound and with a very large connectivity,
compact, as I already said is compact and with very great firepower.

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