Rolex Datejust Midsize Steel White Gold MOP Diamond Watch 178384 Review | SwissWatchExpo

A mid-size Rolex Datejust for those that are 
unaware, that is going to be a 31 millimeter  
size. So it’s right in that sweet spot for 
the ladies. A little bit too small for a man,  
but it is a gorgeous piece. Is this the reason 
that I chose this piece was because of how  
beautiful it is. Not only does it have 
the mother of Pearl dial they’re unique,  
they come from the oyster shell. There are no two 
that are ever going to be alike. This one does  
have subtle hints of green and purple that kind of 
reflect through. Of course, you’ll get the grays,  
the whites and the, uh, some purples actually are 
coming through on this one as well. Uh, again,  
all unique. You’ll never find another one 
exactly what this same kind of texture  
pattern and color scheme. If you will, again, it 
does come from a natural ingredient. Of course,  
this bezel is going to be the full diamond bezel 
and every diamond that you find from Swiss watch  
expo came from the appropriate manufacturer. 
In this case, every diamond on this bezel,  
as well as the smaller diamonds in the 
six o’clock hour marker came from Rolex.

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