Rolex President Day Date White Gold Blue Dial 118139 Review | SwissWatchExpo

So we’ve got an unconventional Rolex here 
and this is really unconventional for me too.  
So stick around. We’re gonna talk about it.
So that intro is making the girls laugh. 
But anyway, what I’m talking about here is  
that this is definitely an unconventional 
release from Rolex. This is the 118139  
that was first released in 2013. This is a 2014 
with box and papers example that we’ve got.  
What I mean by unconventional is that this 
is the Day-Date 36-millimeter in white gold,  
but it is labeled as a President and it’s 
not on the noticeable Presidential bracelet.  
This is an attempt at what, excuse me, many people 
were basically stating was Rolex’s attempt to be  
trendy, which is really, really cool because it’s 
different. Rolex is very conventional. They like  
to stick to the same colors. They like to, you 
know, do things that are almost predictable,  
but this was way out of the left field for Rolex 
throwing a leather strap on a bracelet watch.
I can’t talk today. Anyways, they released it 
with a few other color variations. They did one  
in a cherry color they called it. It was 
a cherry color dial, a white gold case.  
They had a couple of rose gold, and a 

/> couple of yellow gold. And this one,  
I did some digging into our past and what we’ve 
had from this line, this is actually the last one  
that completes the entire collection that 
we just got in, which is I think really  
cool because it kind of just cements the idea of 
how specialist actual watch is. And really you  
don’t hear about this watch a whole lot, and I’m 
pretty sure that nobody else in the watch industry  
basically has had every single model from that 
collection. It’s just crazy to me because it’s  
such a nice piece and it’s in white gold, 
and it’s obviously in my favorite color blue.
So anyway, we just got this in literally at I was off yesterday. I  
come back and I see this and I fell in love with 
it so I had to tell you about it. Anyways, give  
me a call or you know, Michael proposes on his 
videos too, that we do now have the ability to do  
WhatsApp, Zoom. We do FaceTime video calls, so I’d 
love the idea to be able to talk to you about this  
watch in person. So, you know, as usual, do what 
you need to do to get this watch on your wrist.

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