Rolex President Yellow Gold Diamond Watches Review | SwissWatchExpo

Penny with SwissWatchExpo. Today, I’m looking 
at two beautiful gold Rolex watches that I  
think would make an amazing his and hers pair 
for the couple that loves gold and diamonds.  
These are two Rolex President watches. The 
36-millimeters President Day-Date and the  
31-millimeter is the lady President or the 
lady Datejust the 31-millimeter version  
with a Presidential bracelet. And these both have 
incredible factory diamond bezels, diamond lugs,  
and diamond champagne dials. The 
36 one has these amazing baguettes  
at 6 and 9 as well as just having the typical, 
beautiful Rolex diamonds at all the other numbers.  
And the 31 just also has diamonds at all the 
numerals, except, of course for the date window at  
3. I think these are incredible watches for the 
couple like I said, that loves a lot of gold,  
a lot of diamonds, and just the classic 
Presidential look of the Rolex watch. I  
think this is a classic look that will never go 
out of style. And with this amount of diamonds,  
you really can’t say no. So definitely 
check these out at

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