Rolex Turnograph Datejust Steel White Gold White Dial Watch 16264 Review | SwissWatchExpo

Hey guys, welcome back to SwissWatchExpo. This 
is Jonathan and I have here one of the original  
sports watches. This is the Rolex 
Turnograph. This is basically what the  
Submariner was originally derived from. This 
is a Datejust line that I believe this one,  
in particular, comes from the late 80s’, but 
I love this dial and I love that this is not  
your conventional Datejust because of this little 
feature right here. So it’s a little friction fit  
bezel that allows you to not only play with it but 
essentially do time some stuff very conveniently  
in a 36-millimeter case. And this is white 
gold. This case is stainless steel and yeah,  
standard Rolex Datejust but with a 
twist. Get it at

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