Rooted Beauty Review – Trying Roven from Grove Collaborative

hey guys so I just purchased some rooted
beauty clean beauty from Grove
collaborative and I think I just want to
do a review video pretty much all about
rooted Beauty because I have enough
products to do a review
this is supposed to be a brutally honest
review of rooted Beauty feel like for
right now I can put these down but
rooted beauty is sold by Grove
collaborative you can find them in the
grove search bar or you can head over to
the Rovin tab which is in the top left
corner of the website I’m unsure where
else rooted beauty is sold all I know is
Grove collaborative but like this video
isn’t really about Grove collaborative
but I can put details in the description
box if you want to know more about it
because I love their eco friendly
mission but this is about rooted Beauty
I’m going to be reviewing the rooted
Beauty purifying facial towelettes so of
course the main purpose of these is a
makeup remover the rooted Beauty
purifying the puffy eye gel I am all
about buying specialty skin care for the
under-eye to be honest I actually don’t
deal with puffy eyes it’s just one of
the things I’ve been really blessed with
and I hope my luck on that does not
change so it might be kind of hard for
me to give you the deep huffing results
but I can let you know on how its
moisture content is if it’s hydrating in
all the right ways can you see it it’s a
small it’s super small the nourishing
body lotion it came in two cents but I
chose the oat milk and I think it’s just
so sweet like every opportunity I have I
just smell it because I have been
waiting to use it until I film this
video but this is it is so good and then
the last product is the sensitive
soothing mist with chamomile and
calendula alright I’ve never really
tried one of these products I think
they’re so silly and dumb and ridiculous
and unnecessary to anybody skincare
routine but all of that me told me like
I needed to buy it to review it for this
video now when anybody talks about clean
Beauty a lot of times people kind of
just X out because they already assume
it’s really expensive and it’s true when
you do shop when you do shop Grove
collaborative and the Rovin tab and you
do look at those products some of them
really do have high price points but
rooted beauty is actually much lower so
this is affordable clean beauty and I
can get on board with that I have no
problem trying you know expensive
products but I just don’t think it’s
fair to only stick to those because not
all of my viewers can afford that and I
understand you don’t want to put toxic
chemicals on your face near your eye
like so I am very excited to hopefully
love and highlight rooted beauty my skin
ID I will leave in-depth details in the
description down below but I have medium
to dry skin and for the most part my
skin isn’t super sensitive however
Ruta beauty does have a lot of things in
different versions like I know these
wipes they can come in purifying or they
can come in sensitive
I didn’t explore that further because I
don’t have a personal issue with that
how many times can I say rooted Beauty
in this video just enough to get really
really annoying
I’m sorry welcome to my bathroom I’m
having a hunched over because I don’t
have a countertop tripod I don’t even
have a ring line I have this mirror
sensor and I can tell already it’s gonna
be annoying that I would have to
constantly tap it but I do like you guys
to really be able to see my skin in this
so you know bear with me it’s evening
time I just do got done filming a
workout challenge video I put on some
makeup not too much
and I did sweat so we gotta get that
grime off and so I pulled one of these
out and this is actually being currently
used so I have this one and this one I
have one in there because to be honest
I’ve actually been actively using this
product now I don’t use it all that much
my mom loves these and oftentimes these
are one of the options to get a free
gift when you spend X amount with growth
collaborative so I kind of have none of
that I’m just gonna use it right now and
tell you that I do love these I just
love these more but my mom is trying
both of these and she loves this more so
if you have oily your skin go for feels
all good I just don’t like this kind of
residue on my face so let me get this
clean so let’s break out the D puffy gel
box of course can be recycled and I
actually already peeked at this and it’s
per day or night so I’ll just put it on
right now
woah it’s filled pretty much to the top
and the little hole there I think is
what I see here smells very light which
I like not noticing a cooling effect
like aloe vera can
because like the deep puffing and it
really is letting my finger glide over
it has been applied now we got this mist
use day or night it’s honestly thinking
is just putting this on the bottom
throughout the day I shook it I think I
could change it it probably doesn’t
matter here we go I rub it in I feel
like you don’t need to but it really
spritz me nice and good in the face I’m
springing more it smells very strong at
first it comes down my nose now that
it’s kind of calmed down
it’s a little smelly like I personally
don’t care at all about that
my nose is weak I just don’t get
uncomfortable by that I can see some
people not loving the smell last but not
least it’s body lotion and I’m
definitely going to apply this all on my
body off-screen but that’s more like
patreon okay if you guys think I’m like
the most annoying the product review
person out there I am
oh this rubs is really nice this is
instantly clear I have quite a bit of
arm here it’s not really getting caught
up in it like I’ve
certain motions do it’s buttery but not
oily and it’s able to like easily be
smoothed out so it’s not like you have a
chunk of lotion here and you’re having
like scream pick up the arm
good morning I just woke up washed my
face brush my hair nothing is like no
hate um when I woke up like I was
feeling my arms my legs and they were so
smooth telling you I’ve never had a body
lotion work that good like I mean like
my skin is soft and like since are like
now rubbing myself it’s so good now let
me check though my face it looks normal
compared to when I wake up where I do
summers have some prints here it’s
almost like he gets too hydrated or
smashed in from my pillow just did the a
gel and then the facial mist and
instantly I feel woken up I love the job
I know this is like this is a good time
using that but I’m telling you it went
on so smoothly I didn’t have any word
that I was tugging on my under eye skin
and it’s weird that I actually kind of
like the facial mist I don’t know if I
just got woken up it’s like spray myself
in the face but I literally just did
like I was just on camera 60 seconds ago
pretty good going strong
day 14 it is time to break down all of
these rooted beauty products
let me show you some pictures of me
before I started this video
as you can see I pretty much always had
pretty good skin now I took some
pictures of myself this morning
I promised you guys before after visuals
so here they are side by side I know if
I stare at it too long I can nitpick
every single detail and probably hate
both versions of myself but it just
doesn’t seem like there’s much value in
that so let’s just break down the
products in a brutally honest review the
purifying facial towelettes
I haven’t tried a lot of other brands of
makeup removing wipes so I’m not the
best to review this I personally don’t
think this would be very strong on a
full face of makeup and you’d find
yourself using like 1 to 2 wipes and
maybe that’s normal maybe that’s not I’m
somebody that I still love Innisfree
makeup wipes a lot more but if the
Innisfree makeup wipes make your eyes
blurry like my mom’s then you want these
because my mom still loves these I still
love and recommend the purifying
de-puffing a gel if you want to up its
deep popping factor you can store it in
the fridge I know they also sell makeup
fridges on Amazon I’m not for sure
people really have counter space for
that but the influencers do and they
really like their makeup fridge so I’ll
link that down below if you need to
research that for yourself but a little
goes a long way
it goes really smooth and it glides over
so you’re not tugging at any of your
under-eye skin the one thing I would say
that set me back and doing this review
video is that usually I wake up and I
put on moisturizers with SPF this is
good if you’re looking at a lot of tech
like me or you’re going outside like me
cuz I’m a tanning girl I know it’s bad
but I have a pool and no matter what I
will be exposed to the Sun so I feel as
if you need to definitely be making room
in your skincare routine to add SPF
moisturizers in the morning and maybe
make this second in priority like I said
I don’t really deal with a puffy face
and I have a jade roller for that so I
think I’m just going to implement this
into my nighttime skincare routine and
because I’m only applying it
once per day it’s going to make the
product last longer
I liked the sensitive soothing mist and
you think that I am giving you some bull
because I’m an affiliate which I
disclose at the beginning and I feel you
because you can get a spray bottle fill
it with water spray yourself in the face
and that will wake you up but I had a
different experience on why you’d hear
me out I went out in the Sun just a
little too long okay I’m a little
ashamed I started getting heat rash now
in some video footage you might see some
spots along here that are deeper just a
weird pigment issue I got to deal with
that but right here it looked like a
flaming hot cheeto there were bright red
spots and I was so bummed out because I
don’t know about you but when I get heat
rash it takes 48 hours for them to start
to fade I tried something different I
sprayed this on my chest and that heat
rash right here was completely gone
within 12 hours
so yes I’m still going to laugh at
people who buy like rose water to spray
on their face but something about the
ingredients of chamomile and calendula
calms your skin this is a summer
essential to me at least last but not
least not look cool it is the nourishing
body lotion in oat milk Oh milk super
super sweet I still love it I cannot see
other people kind of backing away from
it because of the sweetness but I love
it and I still stand behind it being
very shea butter II not too oily it is
perfect for when you get out of the
shower and you’re trying to soothe razor
burn and like replenish your dry skin
and because you’re doing it right when
you get out of the shower you have a few
minutes before you’re putting clothes on
or sitting down on your couch and
whatnot because this needs to soak in
for about two minutes but then it will
stay when I followed this routine I went
to my couch has lots of fabric II
friction to it that my cats love to
scratch and afterward when I stood up I
felt my butt and it was still being
we still had the shea butter within it
it didn’t rub off that was all a weird
long explanation and it comes to their
price points I’m somebody that I am okay
with spending a little bit extra for
good skincare especially clean beauty so
I will be purchasing all of these again
I would recommend probably these two to
a friend and then I would in
conversation throw in the comment of how
this helped with my heat rash just in
case and this one would be probably if
people just naturally struggled with
having a reaction to their makeup
removing wipes then I’d be like hey like
if you’re just gonna keep trying new
things at least try this and see because
you are less likely to have a reaction
to clean beauty products and it’s okay
if you want to challenge it or ask me
questions down below I understand but
I’m glad that I like it actually
because this for some people can be a
never-ending journey finding the right
solutions to their skin I’m so glad it
worked for me okay that is really it
thank you so much for watching I have
some more products that I want to try
but of course you can always leave me a
suggestion down below like this video if
you liked the review and the format and
all this and that really helps me out
learn how to improve my content
subscribe if you want to join the fan
Bamm because we are AB amity BAM cute
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course have a main channel that I also
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free entertainment there you go and yeah
love you mean it bye guys

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