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coming to get you bobber
sabrina is the 2018 horror movie
directed by rocky soraya and it stars
christian sugiono luna maya and sierra
gianto this is the third movie and what
we call the doll trilogy and i can see
why they say that sabrina is a loose
sequel of the doll too because when i
watched it there was some confusing
parts but also told me that yes it’s
kind of a sequel but it’s kind of not a
toy manufacturer and his wife are
terrorized by a demon after her orphan
niece tries to call her late mother
spirit you know how i said that the
first two doll movies were almost a
direct rip-off of the conjuring and
annabelle well in this one
yes there is some of those themes in it
but it now seems like sabrina is ripping
off his own movies because the movie
itself was almost a rip-off of the first
two movies and then you can see a little
bit of child’s play in there too you’ve
got the sabrina doll it’s now a little
bit bigger
a little bit more detailed as well it’s
probably the best it’s ever

looked um so
it’s kind of copying child’s play it’s
also a manufactured doll too so there’s
not just one of them there’s hundreds or
thousands of of however many sibling
dolls there are there’s not that many
positives guys i’m going to go through
them quickly to be honest because
there’s a lot more negatives than there
are positives now one of the positives
for me which came out of the blue was
there was a game that they played and
the film the little girl played to bring
her mum back and it’s called charlie
charlie i’m sure you guys have heard of
it i completely forgot about that game
because it was quite popular a few years
but she plays charlie charlie in the
film and i think that was a nice little
touch because
it’s quite creepy and i remembered it
being quite creepy in real life when
people tried to play that game it’s kind
of like a seance um but the little girl
plays charlie charlie and i thought that
was quite creepy as cheesy as this says
i thought it was quite smart the little
girl’s got a
a spirit detector app on our on our ipad
or our phone or whatever
and the way that they utilize the app
and the film was pretty decent you know
if you had to pull out any positives
then this is obviously one of them but
she’s going around in the dark i don’t
know why she’s going to burn the dark
but she’s got our tab and she’s walking
about with this spirit detector and it
just shows you
the room like a camera um but it detects
although it’s all the crap um i think
that scene uh was probably the best in
the movie this is where we call the
movie a semi sequel because we’ve got
the return of a couple of characters
you’ve got mira returning from part two
and you’ve got larys returning from all
the movies uh she’s a psychic woman and
now maida lost her daughter kayla and
the doll too and she mentions kayla and
sabrina so she all she did have a
daughter called kayla and she did die
i don’t think they made it clear but
they should die because of the sabrina
doll i don’t know because anytime she
sees that sabrina doll in this movie she
doesn’t get freaked out she doesn’t get
scared she’s just like oh i said
brilliant doll she’s actually happy to
take it on board
so what how much of the doll 2 comes
across to sabrina i don’t know and i
don’t think they actually confirm that
either so that’s where it got a little
bit confusing but confusing sorry
because i’m like okay is this a direct
sequel or a semi sequel they should
really make up their mind because it
didn’t really make that clear at all i
don’t know if you can call this a
negative or a positive but they had a
higher production value for definite
um but i think when the director is
given more money it seems like he
squanders the money on things he doesn’t
need to
i’m not going to give this a compliment
but it also seems like an evil dead
movie because you’ve got sam rainey
who’d done
within the woods he got a little bit of
money so he remade that and called it
evil dead and then he got a little bit
more money for evil dead so he sort of
remade it and made evil there too
it’s a similar similar thing happens
with the doll you’ve got the doll
it probably was a little bit successful
and i think it was pretty good to be
honest so rocky sarah the director got a
little bit more money for it so he made
the doll too almost an identical movie
to the doll but with a little bit bigger
budget and then they got a little bit
more money for the doll too and thought
i’m going to remake it again or do
another one and call it sabrina so it’s
similar to the evil dead in that aspect
obviously nothing like the evil dead
movies but the way that they make these
movies it’s almost like they get more
money they make the same movie a game
with a higher budget and that’s all
sabrina is it’s almost like a remake of
the doll and the doll too something i
didn’t like about any of these movies
was the run time the first one i think
was the shortest one but the [ __ ] the
second and the third movie the almost
two hours long you could cut half of the
movies out and you wouldn’t miss
anything i just thought they were way
too long and unnecessary when you go
back to the story it’s almost a non
story it’s like scenes
put together to make a two-hour movie
and it’s like what they’ve done with the
doll too they had so many ideas or re
ideas in this instance that they didn’t
really know where to go with it so it’s
almost like you get a 15-minute build up
of a random scene
and then it cuts to another scene
that as an ending
and you get like 15 minutes of this
horror scene and then it ends then it
goes to another scene and it just does
the same thing
for two hours it wasn’t confusing it was
just stupid when it comes to the jump
scares again this is probably the worst
one for the jump scares
the jump scares just hit you randomly
with no build up and nothing and then
when the jump scares happen you don’t
get scared because they happen every
five minutes
you get no build-up of scares you get
nothing you just like you step back and
go there’s a jump scare coming and it
and you’re like
paying me to watch this film and just
when i thought the ending couldn’t have
ended any worse we do get the true
ending after maybe an hour and a half
worth of an ending and it ends almost
like a martial arts movie where
lariss ends up fighting a demon martial
arts style
um that’s all you really need to hear
about the quality of this film now
the doll
from 2016 that was decent that was
watchable and i watched it to the end
and i thought it was really good whereas
the doll 2 was not terrible but
watchable sabrina i had to watch over
three nights because it was that bad i
watched like 25 minutes of it then i
watched an hour and then i watched the
rest of it it was just hard to get
through and it almost felt like i said
like an ending every 15 minutes so it’s
almost like i was watching episodes of a
short series
it was that bad guys i wouldn’t
recommend sabrina to anyone to be honest
the first movie i would recommend the
second movie i would watch because you
watched the first one but sabrina i
would avoid at all costs before we wrap
up guys
i did hear that they’re doing the doll
three and in fact i think it’s coming
out this year now i don’t know if that
means they’re just ignoring the events
of sabrina hopefully if they go back to
the kind of original series and the doll
series then maybe i’ll be interested in
i saw the poster for it and i thought it
looks a little bit like child’s play so
they’re probably going to rip off
something else but i’ll probably watch
it just for the fact that i watched all
the other movies and hopefully
and i’m praying that it’s a lot better
than sabrina but if you’ve seen this
movie guys leave your comments down
below let me know what you thought of it
i’m not going to do
a ranking for the doll movies i thought
i was going to do it but there’s no
point and i’ll tell you them right now
sabrina is the worst
the doll too comes in the second place
and the doll comes in at first place
that’s all i can really say but as
always guys leave a comment down below
and i’ll see you soon bye

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