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Salman Khan’s box office history starts with 1989’s With Maine Pyar Kiya. But if you watch his recent movies, you will see two distinct phases on the box office. If you talk about 2010-2017, you will see a super hit, blockbuster Salman Khan. Every year, great hit. Dabangg, Bodyguard, Tiger, Dabangg 2, Kick, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Sultan, Tiger Zinda Hai. But it ends in 2018 to 2023. And Salman’s magic starts to fade. Like Bollywood, Salman’s sun sets. And good days go away Race 3, Bharat, Dabangg 3, Radhe, Your Most Wanted Bhai, Antim: The Final Truth, Kisi Ka Bhai, Kisi

Ki Jaan. If you haven’t heard any one of these movies, it’s okay. I haven’t either. That’s why we didn’t do opening day movie review of Tiger 3 as we did not have much hope from Salman and we usually focus on movies with social or political messaging. Salman was a very stiff, overconfident, and same-formula person… he thought going shirtless will entertain audience Story, VFX, slick action. What does all this mean? Before Salman’s fan club falls on me, I will tell you that Tiger 3 is looking different. It is rocking. There are fireworks in the box office

and in the theatre. Whose idea was this? Tiger 3 is breaking Pathan’s collection in just 3 days even when it was released on Diwali day Tiger

3 has become the highest grossing Diwali release. And this is the state when Salman didn’t even open his shirt. Okay, okay, I won’t give any more spoilers. There is SRK cameo in Tiger 3. If you think it is a spoiler, then don’t watch this episode. Today’s episode is not just a Tiger 3 movie review. It’s a Bollywood review. Because now, it seems that slowly, slowly, slowly, Bollywood is coming out

of the ICU. Trying to do something new, something better Offbeat movies like Phukre 3 and Oh My God 2 are also earning 100 crores. People are going to theatres… instead of boycotting movies on Twitter, people are now debating on who is better Salman VS SRK People are fighting on this. Instead of propaganda movies, popcorn masala flicks are succeeding. People are back to watching movies. I did not have high expectations from Tiger 3 but in some ways it was worth it And just like SRK’s Jawaan, Tiger 3 also has a messaging for people So why do

people like this movie? Let’s see. Acting? No, this is an out-and-out action flick. Don’t expect great acting Storyline? What’s new in a spy movie? It’s the same thing. There are rogue agents, super villains, the country is in danger, a terrorist attack is about to happen, a hero comes and saves the day. Have you watched Mission impossible? That is the idea The soundtrack is decent. But no, not a superhit song like besharam rang. There are some interesting dialogues. But again, people are not going to watch the movie for that. Action! That is it. My goal was

to see if Bollywood can improve itself. We have said this in our previous reviews. After watching Brahmastra, Adipurush, Tejas, one loses hope if Bollywood can make an action flick? But after watching Jawan and Tiger 3, I feel that Bollywood can try to match South movies. Interestingly, Tiger has stunt coordinator Chris Barnes who has worked in movies like I Am Legend, Jokers, Spider-Man, Avengers. And action director Mark Scizak who has worked with Christopher Nolan in Dunkirk and Dark Knight Rises. So you can understand the level of involvement and the way in which action has been taken.

The biggest problem of Bollywood, we have repeatedly said here, they think that story writing, stunt coordination, action direction, VFX – ignore all that The hero will do something, will move a little, people will clap. But that time is over now. Tiger 3 is full of action, every 10 minutes, you will get action from all over the world, from St. Petersburg to Istanbul. And good, high-quality action and stunts. James Bond, Mission Impossible, Fast and the Furious. These are mindless action movies, with no story. Tiger 3 is going down that same path. Don’t look for logic in

this movie. Watch action, enjoy Again, Bollywood has understood that unity is strength. SRK’s amazing cameo when he comes to save Salman bhai from a jail in Pakistan. There’s a scene of Jai and Veeru, both of them are sitting on a motorcycle and chatting. There’s a great chemistry between the two. And the chemistry reminds me, Katrina is not a damsel in distress. She is a former ISI agent Zoya, who falls in love with Tiger and leaves ISI. But at the start of the movie, we are told that Zoya is a double agent? Did she use her

love in this way? Did Katrina use Salman again? Well, Katrina has given excellent action sequences. Everyone will come to see her Editor, mute and edit this part – but where does ISI get beautiful agents from? Deepika, Katrina, not fair and lovely. But if you want to talk about acting, Emraan Hashmi has played a big role in Tiger 3. He is a rogue deputy director of the ISI. He wants to take away the Prime Minister’s post. He wants to humiliate India. He has personal enmity with Tiger. Emraan Hashmi has slipped into a negative role. He was

a serial kisser and now he is a serial villain. Villains are becoming more and more popular. Watch John Abraham, Vijay Sethupathi and now Imran Hashmi. Class act If you’ve seen franchises like James Bond, Mission Impossible, Fast and the Furious, you’ll find every other scene here, unfortunately, copied. But why are you looking for originality and logic in such movies? That’s what’s happening in Hollywood. It’s all about slick execution. So if you want over-the-top action, slick execution, then Tiger 3 is for you. I’d be happy with that. But the unexpected thing that I got in the story

line of Tiger 3, a big truth that I got to see. And a 300 crore mainstream movie, Sallu Bhai’s movie, you’ve tried to put a serious message. So kudos to Aditya Chopra for that. Whether or not Tiger 3 is more accurate, Pakistan’s politics has been shown well in Tiger 3. Why has there been no peace between our two countries? In today’s date, neither Pakistan’s people nor most of the politicians want war or bloodshed. It is true that people were fooled in the name of religion and nationalism, but people have understood that They are also saying

that let’s first improve our condition, we will ask for Kashmir later. They also know how the army and politicians have looted the country and how they have made it hollow. And they are also ready to change, leaving aside the feeling of revenge But is the ISI and the Pakistani army ready for change? When we understand that the ISI, army and general public are different, then we will be able to do long term collaboration and co-operation Whenever good ties were attempted by politicians, the ISI deep state conducted terror attack… Read about the Agra summit, Kargil war.

And this bitter truth becomes an important storyline of the movie. So, Tiger 3 is not a revolutionary movie. But if you want to see it from the perspective of an action movie, it is a slick, well-packaged movie. And you will get action every 15 minutes. And the movie also gives the message that India and Pakistan can work together if the army and ISI are removed from the way. See, in the end, I will say that Bollywood is stuck in the middle of mediocrity. There is no debate on this. And because of this mediocrity, in the

last two years, a lot of hateful and poisonous movies have been born. These movies have made the most profit. Hate and propaganda was winning on the box office. We have made a full episode on this topic, with full fledged data. But now, we can see a ray of hope. The movies that made us versus them, that made religion and nationalism themes are flopping badly. Take Kangana, Vivek Agnihotri, or Akshay’s movies. They are flopping again and again. And movies like Pathaan, Jawan, Oh My God 2, Tiger 3 are becoming the flavor of the season again. But

will Bollywood be able to take this trend forward? Less focus on the hero, more focus on action, VFX, storyline, plotline. More collaborations, more humor and action, more experimentation with new topics? Ultimately, you have also involved Pakistan in this film. How long will you keep doing that – find something new And finally, of course, less nepotism, more focus on talent. Will Bollywood be able to do all this? Will it be able to get out of this mess? It’s an attempt. Whether it will be successful or not, even Tiger and Pathan can’t tell us right now.

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