Samsung Galaxy A12 Unboxing & Review – Good Budget Smartphone?

the samsung galaxy a12 now admittedly 
it’s been a while since i explored the  
budget side of the smartphone market and i 
don’t know if that makes me sound like a bit  
of a snob but there was some reasons 
why i started buying flagship phones  
that being said the samsung galaxy a12 has 
impressed me and somewhat underwhelmed me  
so let’s take a deep dive into the 
galaxy a12 in this review and unboxing  
and see if it’s the budget smartphone you should 
be spending your money on in 2021 stay tuned
what’s up guys welcome back to tech it easy so 
the samsung galaxy a12 it’s been a bit of a roller  
coaster but a kind of fun one so let’s start with 
the unboxing a couple of things that jumped out  
at me straight away there is a wall plug charger 
included in the box yay then something else which  
i thought had kind of gone extinct now wired yes 
wired 3.5 millimeter jack earphones i mean wow  
but they also kind of suck but i guess it’s nice 
they included them they do have a microphone on  
them which is nice and if i think back several 
years from now they are tons better than what  
you used to get with

smartphones now wall plugs 
and chargers aside the galaxy a12 itself really  
impressed me immediately i was shocked just how 
big it was and then the camera arrangement on the  
back looked like something seen on a more flagship 
phone and we will do a camera test for the samsung  
galaxy a12 later on in the video of course the 
galaxy a12 is going for around 150 pounds and i  
actually got this one for 140 pounds on amazon 
so naturally the back of the phone is plastic  
i’d love to see glass but i certainly wouldn’t 
expect it at this price point and i have to admit  
i do like the rugged feel to it so a few other 
things about the phone itself before we move on  
the back has this nice textured grippy back which 
gives it a nice rugged feel as i mentioned i am a  
fan of that the volume button is on the right 
side along with the power button which also  
doubles as a fingerprint scanner something that i 
do think is a big selling point for this phone as  
fingerprint scanners were something that was sort 
of reserved for more flagship mid-range phones  
it’s not an under display fingerprint scanner 
but again i wouldn’t really expect it to be on  
a phone at this price point i think it’s really 
nice that they included a fingerprint scanner  
at all really nice to see being brought down to 
the budget smartphone lineup now quickly moving  
back to the a12 camera setup it is a pretty huge 
camera bump but surprisingly when i use it on a  
surface it’s actually not rocking around too much 
so not really too bad there but i guess the icing  
on the cake here is the audio jack something else 
i thought had long since gone and i guess it’s  
quite a nice touch from samsung there lastly we do 
have a front-facing camera in that sort of v-shape  
a little distracting but you quickly get used to 
it then it does have a mighty large chin which to  
be honest i wasn’t really a fan of it does make 
the phone a lot larger than it necessarily needs  
to be all in all though excellent design for such 
a cheap phone any other thing i’d mention is that  
it’s really quite weighty so you really don’t want 
to be dropping this on your face in the evening or  
anytime for that matter so ever since i saw it 
i’ve been itching to do a camera test with the  
galaxy a12 and i was really excited but then i got 
shot down i feel like the quad camera setup on the  
galaxy a12 was just a bit for show don’t get me 
wrong the camera specs do sound good we have a 5  
megapixel ultra wide camera a 2 megapixel macro 
lens 48 megapixel main camera and a 2 megapixel  
depth camera they all sound good on paper but when 
you actually get down to testing them i don’t know  
what you think but i’m not particularly blown 
away by them even the 48 megapixel didn’t look  
that great colors looked very washed out and there 
is this horrible sharpening on the images which  
really doesn’t do it any justice macro lens is a 
nice touch so in the right situation you can get  
a nice shot but nothing that will blow you away 
again now i do sound kind of negative here and for  
the most part i am but really when you think about 
it the utility that you get out of these cameras  
isn’t too bad for a budget phone and i know i 
keep repeating myself by saying for a budget phone  
but it is actually at quite a low price point 
and for what you get as a package it’s really  
not that bad at all just having a macro lens and 
a wide angle lens and a normal lens to choose from  
really does give you some nice options with this 
phone so it’s gonna be perfect for snapchat and  
anything like that or just documenting your 
daily life now unfortunately things don’t get  
much better when we get down to the video there’s 
absolutely no stabilization when it comes to video  
recording which makes videos look absolutely 
horrible if you’re on the move that being said  
1080p 30fps that’s not bad at all some would 
say that that is quite bad but i would say it’s  
not half bad for a phone at this price point but 
again the video quality isn’t going to blow you  
away much like the photography so my advice on the 
camera phone is try and stretch your budget a bit  
again if you’re looking for something that’s more 
geared to a creative setup possibly even something  
like the pixel 4a and potentially go down that 
route for much better video and picture quality  
now let’s get back to the display so here we 
have a 1.65 inch full rectangle lcd display  
with rounded corners with a resolution of 720 
by 1600 or hd plus if you like now the screen  
actually looks good and it feels good especially 
when you’re looking at it indoors but when you get  
outside it’s not quite doing it for me and that 
is made worse by the viewing angles i did pick  
up that you really have to be staring directly 
at this thing to get a good all-round experience  
again and i will say it again you do have to take 
in the a12s price point into consideration here  
i actually think despite its drawbacks it’s 
a really nice screen to have on a budget  
phone again tons better than what budget phones 
would have shipped with three to four years ago  
all in all it will be a nice screen for watching 
movies and videos so long as you’re not outdoors  
on a sunny day then you might actually struggle 
with it now the thing that really drove me away  
from the budget side of the smartphone market was 
their ui and how choppy they felt more often than  
not they’d get really laggy and really slow very 
quickly and the galaxy a12s kind of changed my  
mind on that it’s running on one ui 3.1 using 
a mediatek mt6765 helio p35 to drive the phone  
and to be honest it’s really not all that bad i 
haven’t really noticed any lagging it certainly  
doesn’t feel slow and that will be thanks to the 
three gigabytes of onboard ram that you get with  
this model and i should mention the 32 gigabytes 
internal storage which can be expanded up to  
gigabytes via microsd card there is also a four 
gigabyte model with 64 gigabytes of storage  
if you need a little bit more space and even a 
six gigabyte version with 128 gigabytes of storage  
for a lot of you if you are looking for a budget 
phone though i do think that the three gigabytes  
of ram will be enough for you if you’re just 
looking for a phone i think it’s safe to say  
that the galaxy a12 goes past the point of basic 
functions but it’s not say a galaxy note 10 plus  
now whilst we’re talking about the ui and just 
before we finish up i want to quickly talk about  
gaming so to test this i downloaded asphalt 9 
wish to be fair is a pretty graphic intensive game  
for a mobile device and i have to say it 
actually ran a lot better than i thought it  
would it’s certainly nothing in comparison 
to say my note 10 plus again and nor would  
i expect it to be but the game does run fine 
every now and then there was a slight glitch  
and i have to admit the loading times were quite 
long but really if the phone can handle this game  
i’m pretty sure it’s gonna handle a lot of other 
mobile games too that being said when it comes  
to things like fortnite mobile and other similar 
games i think you may struggle if you’re sort of  
a serious competitive player so bear that 
in mind when you’re picking your phone  
lastly the media so when watching videos as i 
mentioned earlier on the display it’s actually  
quite pleasant but what i haven’t talked about yet 
is the speakers so they are rear-facing speakers  
but they actually get quite loud they don’t quite 
have the bass to them that i’ve heard in other  
phones but they’re certainly going to be fine 
for most use cases so when you’re watching your  
favorite youtuber and if you don’t have one yet 
you can always subscribe to me you’re going to be  
able to hear them quite nicely probably recommend 
people if they can get their hands on one stay  
tuned and let’s talk about it some more so guys 
that was the samsung galaxy a12 as always let me  
know in the comment section what you thought of it 
i know in my review i sounded fairly negative but  
really honestly it has actually impressed me 
and i think for anyone looking for a phone  
at this price point it’s a great buy 
just before you go please do leave a like  
and subscribe to the channel if you’re new around 
here and hopefully i’ll see you in the next one

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