Samsung Galaxy Book4 Pro 360 Review – Portable Productivity!

the Samsung Galaxy book 4 Pro 360 woo lots of words is a premium laptop with a thin design but very powerful components productivity and portability are huge factors for me whenever I buy a new laptop so with a price tag of $899.99 from Samsung I’m going to find

out if this can be your go-to on the-go laptop for productivity now this video is sponsored by delete me learn how you can lessen that data footprint online in just a few see how I haven’t gotten tired of holding this yet it’s so lightweight the model I have

here is the second to highest spec this skew includes Windows 11 home a core i7 155h processor 16 gigs of LP ddr5x onboard Ram which is soldered a 1 TB SSD and a nice 16-in AMOLED touch display it’s so pretty now this skew does not include an Nvidia

GPU that one is reserved for the higher price model in this model we get the Intel Arc integrated Graphics now this comes in one color it’s called Moonstone gray it’s very nice and busy it looks very professional and it does have very few ports there is HDMI on

one side that’s HDMI 2.1a there are two Thunderbolt 4 ports on the other side we have one USB 3.2 and there’s also one micro SD card slot and that is

just a little 3.5 headphone jack other than that you have power which is over here here there are

no additional ports on the back and that is due to it being a twoin one specifically you could use this as a regular laptop or you can use it in a tent mode or you can use it in a tablet mode so cool now this is a very

thin laptop at 0.5 in or 12.8 mm and it only weighs 3.66 lb keeping it really at a perfect size for a travel backpack or a tote bag actual dimensions are on the screen here now I appreciate that the laptop has a little Notch to make it easier

to open with one hand the display casing is incredibly thin but it does not flex and it is made with aluminum it is sturdy and designed well though there is a little bit of a wobble whenever you put it into position given the screen is so thin even

though it does not Flex whenever you’re moving it about I would still be really careful with it just for paranoia sake now I have a question are you subscribed if you are not already make sure to click it down below it’s very easy to subscribe it’s also completely

free and it’s the best way to support my channel and if you want to access some awesome perks and bonus content shannan Morris or just joining at the button below this video are the best way to keep these videos free and available on demand when you use

this for entertainment the display is a 3K Dynamic AMOLED 2x screen which is precisely 2880 by 1800 with an anti-reflective cating which is very similar to their new newest phones and it’s really gorgeous to watch 4K videos on it and it has this nice high 120 HZ refresh

rate the display angles look really excellent I can clearly see what I’m watching no matter which way I turn this thing it gets pretty dark which is useful if you’re watching something late at night and you’re trying not to wake anybody up in the full Peak brightness hits

400 nits touches also supported and the included S Pen actually works really smoothly now I don’t generally use a sty for laptop use but when I was using this in tablet or tent mode I found the stylist to be really great option for taking notes it also includes

Wi-Fi 6E there’s also Bluetooth 5.3 there’s some excellent AKG quad speakers with Dolby Atmos yes I said quad the speakers sound so excellent so again for entertainment this is a really really good machine the laptop is a 108p full HD so not necessarily a potato it’s on par

with other built-in webcams one of the nice things that you can do with link to Windows in the phone link app is turning your phone into a webcam now this requires a Microsoft account and the devices to be sharing the same Wi-Fi network but this is a very

cool perk and also since it is Windows 11 and an updated PC Microsoft co-pilot Microsoft’s AI is also included if you want to use that AI assistance now speaking of AI sometimes we just want more privacy we may want to lessen our foot print online not necessarily add

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digging more into the components of this model your Intel Core i7 155h CPU clock speeds at 4.8 GHz and the included 16 gigs of RAM and the 1 tbte SSD that’s m.2 PCI E Gen 4 by the way will be plenty for most folks now if you do

need more storage that micro SD card reader can support up to 2 terabyte cards if you want to though you can also access the internal components through some screw underneath the rubber feet and well if you’re like me and you have soldering equipment at home nothing is going

to stop you whenever you’re looking at those soldered components but beware avoiding warranties we don’t want that to happen and ssds can be upgraded that part is not soldered whatsoever the laptop itself does come with a ton of pre-installed bloat Weare tons of Samsung apps lots of software

so do a clean sweep whenever you get it but if you do intend to sync this up with your Samsung phone like your s24 Ultra for for example then you can use them interchangeably and you will be ready to go on this machine since this is also a

Samsung machine nox is included for security and encryption and the keyboard includes a responsive fingerprint reader built into the power button the full-size keyboard is really easy to type on the back lighting has three levels and it’s a pretty quiet typing experience now assuming that you don’t have

long nails like I do these tend to make any keyboard go clicke clackety we’ve got low travel thanks to the thin design some people might like that some might not I am loving the separate 10 key number pad on the side the trackpad is absolutely gigantic like this

thing is really big it’s it’s one of the biggest track pads that I’ve ever used and so useful for my needs as a video editor for example I was editing a a video from my sailor snubs Channel and having that big trackpad makes it really easy to scrub

through a video timeline I appreciate having these huge trackpads in laptops though I realized that’s a pretty Niche problem to solve now speaking of editing I am really really loving using that processor and I was very impressed that it ran my edit so smoothly it’s not powerful enough

to run Horizon zero Dawn with good graphics cuz you have those integrated Graphics you can tell the detail and the Shadows are kind of limited especially on the background but the CPU is plenty powerful to edit my YouTube videos you will see less than 60 FPS in games

this is not being sold or marketed as a gaming machine though so I was not really expecting it to look amazing now over the course of using this thing when I did a screen on time test I was able to get the battery to drop from 100% at

noon right right at 12:00 to dead at 5:00 p.m. in that screen on time test after streaming some 4K videos editing my own 4K video downloading some games lots and lots of power hungry Tas so General usage would get an even longer battery life with the included fast

charger you’re looking at getting 35% in 30 minutes it is a big battery though at 76 wat hour typical so with normal usage it’s going to last you a workday and it also comes with a 65 W charger in the box so this laptop really combines portability and

power for those that need it yes it’s going to cost you a few good doll hairs but if you need that blend it’s pretty compelling I very much enjoyed testing this laptop over the last few weeks I love trying trying out a machine that can do creative work

it has good battery life it’s super lightweight for such a big screen all of those things combined just make me a very happy camper

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